How To Add AOL Mail Account On Outlook 365??

Microsoft Outlook is a third-party personal information manager program. That allows you to manage your emails account, contacts & calendars without going to the webmail. 

Apart from that, when you connect any email account to the outlook application. Your mail and contact will be saved on the device. 

Due to this, you will be eligible to read the messages while offline.

The account setup process in the outlook 365 and 2019 programs is effortless. You can connect any email account to it and start managing them here.

How to add the AOL mail account on outlook 365 ?

All you have to do is enter the login information and choose the incoming and outgoing servers. 

Suppose you own an AOL account and want to set it up on the outlook 365 application. But don’t know how to add aol to outlook 365 or the 2019 application? 

Not to worry anymore, because this article is about how to set up the AOL mail account on the outlook application. Follow the techniques given in this article.

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How To Setup AOL mail account on outlook 365? 

  • Let’s open the Outlook Application on the computer.
  • Click on the Files option.Outlook app
  • Press the Account Settings >> Account Setup button available on the right side.account settings
  • Now press the New account
  • Please Enter your Email address.
  • Select the “Let me set up my account manually” option.
  • Click on the Connect address
  • Choose the Account Type as IMAP.imap account
  • Enter the incoming Mail
  • Type 993 in the incoming address port number section.
  • Choose the encryption method As SSL/TLS.
  • Enter the outgoing server
  • Please type your port number 465.
  • Choose the encryption method as SSL/ TLS.imap account information
  • Now press the Next button to add the AOL account.
  • Please Enter your AOL password.Enter your password
  • Finally, Press the connect button.

Once you successfully set up the account, your mail data will start synchronizing.

In case new folders are not showing in the outlook app., you need to check the IMAP settings.

What is the requirement to set up an AOL account on the outlook 365 App? 

  1. Login credentials- you must know the AOL Username, password, & AOL email address. If you can’t remember the login details, you can reset them. How to reset the AOL mail password? 
  2. Server Information- You need to have the information related to the IMAP/Pop and Smtp server. Which I have already shared during the setup process. 
  3. Internet Connection- your computer should be connected to the internet, and make sure that the firewall is not blocking the incoming and outgoing paths. 
  4. Outlook application- the outlook application should be installed on your computer.

How To Setup the AOL account VIA POP3 server? 

If you want to add the AOL account on outlook 365 via the Pop3 server. The steps would be similar to the IMAP server.

You must enter the following details into the incoming server during the setup process.

Incoming server name–

Port no– 995

SSL – Yes.

What is the AOL incoming Settings outlook? 

You are free to set up your account using IMAP or pop 3 incoming servers. Here are the outlook settings for AOL incoming server.

Server TypeServer AddressPort No. SSL Requires
Pop3 Server

Frequently Asked Questions Related To AOL account setup on outlook- 

Why Is AOL Mail not syncing with outlook?

If AOL mail is not syncing with outlook. You should generate the third-party app password from AOL webmail and then try to configure the account using it. 

Username & password- Assure that you have entered the valid user login credentials for the AOL account.

Server settings- Review the incoming & outgoing server settings and encryption settings.

For brief details, you can visit: How to fix outlook send & receive an error?

What are the Verizon AOL settings for outlook setup? 

If you want to add the Verizon AOL mail on the outlook application, you should try to add it using the AOL mail settings. If that doesn’t work, please these servers.

Incoming server- or (If these servers don’t work on the outlook application. you should try the AOL mail server’s information)

Incoming port no – 993 or 995

Outgoing server–

Port no- 465

If these settings don’t work, you should try to use AOL’s default settings. They will work on it.

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