Fix: New Folders Not Showing In The Outlook [Easy Guide]

Is your outlook application not showing the new mail folders? If so, here is the guide to fix it. 

When you Set Up an email on outlook 365 or 2019, mail folders will start syncing from the web servers. Once the synchronization process is completed, you will see all mail folders on the outlook application. 

If you create a new folder on the webmail after the account, it will also be synced to the outlook application.  

But in some odd circumstances, Outlook stops syncing the new folders from the web servers. That’s why new folders are not appearing on the Outlook mail app. 

New folders are not showing in outlook

Why can’t I see new folders in Outlook?

In most cases, New folders are not visible on Outlook because of the syncing issue. Here are the reasons for that. 

  • Internet connection is blocking the connection.
  • The exchange cache isn’t Enabled.
  • The account is configured with the Pop3 server.
  • The application is out of date.
  • Subscribe to the Query folder in the IMAP server. 

How to fix Outlook folders not showing issues quickly on a computer?

Subscribe To IMAP Query Folders- 

When New folders are not appearing on the outlook IMAP account, you should subscribe to the imap query folders.

  • Open The Outlook Application.
  • Right-click on the Email account.outlook mail app
  • Click on the IMAP folders Option.New folders not showing on the outlook
  • Now push the query button.outlook query
  • Select the mail folder.
  • Click on the Subscribe button.subscribe outlook, New folders not showing in outlook
  • Finally, Press the Ok button.

 Use exchange cache mode- 

If you setup the any email on the outlook using the exchange server, don’t forget to enable the use exchange cache mode feature.

  • Please open the outlook application.
  • Click on the Files from the menu.
  • Go to the Account Settings >> Account Setup option.
  • Pick the Email Account on which the folders are not showing.
  • Press the change button.change account settings
  • Here, you need to Press the exchange server settings button.
  • Now put a tick on Use exchange cache mode.
  • Press the More settings settings

Once you come back to the account settings window, close it, and then refresh the outlook mailbox.

Disable the Add-ins –

Outlook add-ins sometimes cause the “Missing folders in outlook” problem. In that a case, you need to deactivate the ad-ins. Now restart the outlook application.

disable outlook ad ins
  • Open the Run Window. 
  • Type Outlook.exe/safe 
  • Press the Ok button. 
  • Once the outlook application, you need to click on the files
  • Press the Add-Ins
  • Click on the manage section, and press the go button. 
  • Now clear all add-ins
  • Click on the import button.

Restore The Folder from Back Up –

When folders are deleted from the outlook account, they will no longer be visible. So you need to recover them by using the PST file.

Outlook backup pst
  1. Open the outlook app.
  2. Click on the Files.
  3. Now click on the open & Export.
  4. Click on the Import/Export.
  5. Click on the import from another program or file.
  6. Now click on the next button.
  7. Select outlook data files.
  8. Press the next button.
  9. Browse the location for your outlook files.
  10. Now click on the next button.
  11. Finally, click on the import button.

Update the outlook app-

If you have made the above changes into the outlook account, but still, mail folders are showing in the outlook application. Let’s update the outlook app.

Update the outlook app
  1. Open the Outlook app on your computer.
  2. Click on the Files option.
  3. Press the Office Accounts.
  4. Now Click on the update options.
  5. Now hit the option called Office Updates.
  6. Finally, Press the update now.

Check Internet connection- 

You should check the internet connection on your machine; if the internet is not stable, the application will not be syncing to the mail servers. which may cause the folders are not showing in Outlook.

Re-setup the account- 

After changing these settings, if Outlook doesn’t show the email folders. go to the account settings and delete the current account from the app and configure it again.

  1. Click on the files on Outlook.
  2. Go to the account settings.
  3. Select the email account.
  4. Click on the delete button.
  5. Now press the add button.
  6. Fill in the information to configure the account.


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