How to Add Grammarly On Outlook Windows Or Mac Computer?

Grammarly is a wonderful tool. That doesn’t help you review the spelling, grammar & punctuation but also enables you to write an engaging & clear message. 

When it came into the digital world, people could use it through the website. 

As success seemed to be in their hands, they also launched this tool for different platforms so that you can integrate Grammarly into other important applications & platforms. 

If you want to integrate Grammarly to the outlook mail application on the windows or mac computer but don’t know how to do it?

Do not worry; here is the tutorial for that; you can follow the process given in this article to add Grammarly to the outlook windows or mac application. 

How to add Grammarly on outlook mail app ?

How to add the Grammarly tool on the Outlook application Windows computer? 

  1. First of all, you need to open the browser on your computer. open the browser in pc
  2. Go to the website. 
  3. Once you see the grammar homepage, you need to click on the get the add in it’s free button. get addins
  4. Now the Grammarly add-in tool will be downloaded on your computer. Once it gets downloaded successfully, you need to run it on your device.add grammarly for office plugin 
  5. If you are using the Windows 10 or 11 OS, click the Install anyway button.
  6. Click on the Grammarly Get Started button.Get started grammarly
  7. Select the Grammarly products you want to install; you need to ensure that the Grammarly for outlook box is checked here. 
  8. Click on the install button. select outlook service
  9. Now, wait for a while; once the tool is installed successfully, you will get the successful installation message, here you need to click on the finish button. installation successful

How To add the Grammarly tool on the outlook mac application? 

Grammarly tool is also available for mac pc applications. So if you want to add Grammarly into the outlook mac application, you can easily do it by following the process given below. 

  1. Open the safari or google chrome browser. 
  2. Go to website. 
  3. Click on the Get the add-in its free button. 
  4. Once the Grammarly setup is downloaded, you need to open it. 
  5. Enter the admin password and then click on the ok button. 
  6. Select the outlook application on Grammarly and then click on the install button. 
  7. Once Grammarly gets installed, you need to click on the finish button. 

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How to setup Grammarly in browser?

How to Use the Grammarly tool on the outlook 365 application? 

When you install Grammarly into the outlook application, you will see the Grammarly tab in the outlook tray. Now, whenever you want to compose a message into the outlook, You need to press the compose button. 

use outlook

Now write some text in the body of the message and then click on the open Grammarly tab available in the top home toolbar. 

Finally, you will see the Grammarly box on the right, where you will see the suggestions. If you want to apply those suggestions to the messages, click on them. 

Why can’t I see the outlook application in the Grammarly set up during the installation? 

Suppose you don’t see the outlook application during the Grammarly product installation window. There might be two reasons for that. 

  1. If you are installing Grammarly for windows/mac tools. That’s why it is not showing the applications during the installation process. You must install the Grammarly for the office add-in to get Grammarly on outlook. 
  2. If you don’t see the outlook app in the Grammarly for office plugin. It means outlook is not installed on the computer. Probably, you are using the student version of Microsoft Office, which does not include outlook. 

You have to install outlook first and then install the Grammarly app into the computer in that case. 

What is the requirement to use Grammarly on the computer? 

Grammarly is a very lightweight tool; it works online, so It does not consume much hardware; however, it has specific requirements to use on the browser or OS.

In Windows computer- 

You must be using the Windows 10 or higher operating system, which is incompatible with internet explorer. So you need to have Microsoft edge, google chrome, or Firefox browser. 

In the mac computer- 

If you want to use the Grammarly tool on the MacBook Pro or air, you must have a mac sierra or higher version of OS in it. After that, you should have google chrome 89 or safari 12.1 or a higher version of the browser. 

Faq’s Related to the Grammarly

Does Grammarly work in Mac Outlook?

Yes! Grammarly is compatible with the outlook mac tool. you can download it from official website.

Can you integrate Grammarly with Outlook?

Yes, you can integrate Grammarly with outlook. For that, you need to download the Grammarly Ad-On for office.

Is Grammarly Free For windows 11 computers?

Yes! you can use the free version of Grammarly on windows 11 computer. But free version have some limited features.

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