Why Is Yahoo Mail So Slow?

Yahoo servers are known for their quick response. Still, sometimes, Yahoo mail users may encounter a slow performance problem. 

When they open the Mailbox on their browser or mail app, it takes forever to download the inbox. 

But why does that happen? 

What causes the Slow performance issue, and how can we fix it? This article will discuss these issues. 

Also, I will share a complete guide to fix the Yahoo mail’s slow performance problem. 

What Causes The Slow Performance Problem? 

Usually, Yahoo Mail becomes unresponsive because of browser or internet problems. However, it may happen because of the heavy web traffic on the Yahoo mail server. 

Due to this, sometimes, you may also see temporary errors while loading the Yahoo account. Internet Speed is slow. 

Yahoo mail running so slow
  1. The browser is unresponsive. 
  2. Cookies are blocking the connection. 
  3. Proxy servers are active. 
  4. The browser requires an update. 
  5. Yahoo mail servers are flooded with heavy traffic. 

How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail So Slow Problem?

Solution 1- Test Internet Speed- 

When you can’t access your yahoo mail account, you should check the internet speed first. Make sure; you are getting satisfying internet speed.

To test the internet speed, you may go to Fast.com 

If the internet speed is too slow, you should power cycle the router & Computer once. If that doesn’t work, you must talk to your ISP Provider. 

Solution 2- Check Yahoo Server Status – 

If your internet speed is good but Yahoo Mail is still running slowly, please check the Yahoo Mail service status. 

Sometimes, Yahoo mail servers don’t respond due to the heavy web traffic. If you try to load the mailbox at that time, it may take forever to load to the mailbox. 

So you need to go to the Down detector and check whether it is down today. Here, you need to check the Yahoo mail service status. 

Suppose yahoo services are down in your area. You need to wait until the team fixes it.

Solution 3- Use Yahoo Mail Basics – 

When Yahoo Mail opens slowly on your browser, you should try opening it through the Yahoo Mail basics template. 

Yahoo Mail’s basic template is lightweight and has basic CSS. Due to this, Yahoo Mail loads on your browser way faster than a normal template. 

Solution 4- Clear Browser Cache – 

Sometimes, Yahoo Mail doesn’t load because of the cache or other types of browsing data issues. 

So, you need to clear the browsing cache and then refresh the page. Let’s see if Yahoo Mail is working fine now. For example, Here is the process to clear browser data on Google Chrome. 

  1. Open Google Chrome
  2. Go to Chrome://History
  3. Press Clear Browsing data
  4. Select All Data Type and press the Clear Data button. 

Solution 5 – Disable Browser Extensions – 

Sometimes, Browser extensions block the connection from Yahoo mail servers. Due to this, you may have performance issues with your Yahoo mail account. 

So you need to go to the browser extensions settings. And turn off all extensions. After that, refresh the page. Let’s see if Yahoo is working fast now.

Solution 6- Update The Browser- 

Sometimes, your browser is the reason your Yahoo! Mail is slow. When you do not update your Yahoo! Mail for a long time, bugs get into it. 

Due to this, it performs slowly. So keep updating your browser from time to time.

To update your browser, click on the menu and then go to the About section of your browser. 

Your browser will now automatically update itself. 

Switch To Another Browser- 

If you have applied the above techniques but Yahoo still needs to run faster on your browsers, you need to switch to another browser. 

Let’s say you are using an older version of a browser, such as Internet Explorer, and you should switch to Microsoft Edge, Google Chrome, or Mozilla Firefox. 

Now open the Yahoo Mail login page here and try to access your mail account. It should be working fine now.

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