How To Setup the Yahoo Account On Outlook App?

Do you want to set up a yahoo mail account on outlook desktop or mobile app? If yes! It’s pretty easy to configure your yahoo account on the outlook app. To do that, you should have access to the primary account information like- login id, password, server address, port number etc. 

With this information, you can easily add the yahoo account to the outlook mail account. Want to know? Here is the guide for you. 

Setup yahoo mail account on outlook app

How To Set up a Yahoo mail account on the outlook mail app Via IMAP server? 

  • Open the Outlook application. (Click on the start >> all apps >> Microsoft office >> Microsoft outlook). 
  • Now click on the files tab. 
  • Go to the Account settings >> Account setup
  • Click on the add account button. 
  • Please enter your email address
  • In the advance section, Check let me manually set up my account.
  • Now select the IMAP option from the list. 
  • In the incoming server address, type 
  • Enter the port number as 993
  • Check the option called this server requires an SSL connection
  • In the outgoing server address section, please enter
  • Enter port number 465 or 25. 
  • Choose this server that requires an SSL Connection. 
  • Now click on the next button. 
  • Here, you need to enter the password
  • Finally, Click on the connect button. 

Finally, your yahoo account will configured on the outlook app. In case, if you are not receiving emails or getting imap or smtp error. you should configure the account via app password. for more details, you can visit: Fix not responding

How To Setup the Yahoo mail account on the outlook mail app Via pop3 server? 

If you cannot access the yahoo mail account on the phone or computer. It means there is something wrong with the user account or password. 

  • Open the yahoo mail account on the mail application. 
  • Click on the Files
  • Now click on the add an account. 
  • Please enter your yahoo email address
  • Now click on the Let me set up my account manually
  • Click on the connect button. 
  • Now select the pop option. 
  • Here, you need to enter the pop3 server address as – 
  • Port number- 993. 
  • Check the option called this server requires an SSL connection
  • In the server address, you need to enter
  • Now enter the port number as 465 
  • Now check the option called; this option requires an SSL connection
  • Click on the next button. 
  • Now enter your yahoo login or app password
  • Finally, Hit the connect button. 

So you have set up the yahoo mail account. Now you can go ahead and configure the mail account on your devices. 

How To Add Yahoo Mail account On Outlook Mobile app?

If you want to add the yahoo mail account to the Outlook mobile app. You can easily do it by using the login password or computer. Here is the guide for that. 

  • Open the outlook mail application on the android phone. 
  • Tap on the profile picture. 
  • Tap on the Settings icon. 
  • Now press the add mail account option. 
  • Here, you need to press add an email account
  • Click on Skip this account. 
  • Enter your email address and click on the next button.
  • Now enter your yahoo mail password
  • Click on the sign-in or connect button. 

Finally, your yahoo mail account will be connected to the outlook application. You may now go ahead and start using the outlook account on the Outlook mobile app. if yahoo mail is not receiving emails on iphone or android phone. you need to setup the account using the app password.

Faqs Related to the yahoo account setup- 

Does Yahoo mail use IMAP or pop3 servers? 

Normally, yahoo mail uses the IMAP servers. So if you will auto-setup the yahoo account on a third-party mail app, it will use the IMAP server. However, you also have the choice to configure your account via pop3 servers. To do that, you have to configure the account manually. 

What are the pop 3 mail settings for yahoo mail in outlook? 

Here are the pop3 settings for the Yahoo mail account. 
Pop3 server name –
Port number -995 
SSL – Yes. 

What are the IMAP and SMTP settings for yahoo mail? 

IMAP server name –
Port number- 993. 
SSL Requires- Yes. 
Port number- 465. 
SSL Requires- Yes. 

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