How To Fix AOL Mail Not Working On Mac?

When you can you access your AOL account on the iphone but it doesn’t work on the Macbook. This could be a really irritating issue.  Because, At such times you cannot get new emails on your AOL account nor can you send it from mac pc. 

But have you ever thought Why an AOL account does not work on a mac pc and how can we fix it? Here is the complete guide for you to troubleshoot AOL account problems. 

AOL mail won't load on mac

Causes Of AOL Mail Not Working On Mac Computers? 

Usually, AOL won’t open on the Mac computer because of the internet, browser, mail app or server problems. Here are a few reasons for that. 

  1. Internet is not working on the macbook. 
  2.  Airplane mode is active on your device. 
  3. Proxy is active. 
  4. Browser cache or cookies problem. 
  5. Incoming and outgoing server problem. 
  6. Mail application issue. 

What To Do When AOL Mail Stops Working On The Apple Mac Pc? 

Check the internet – 

To troubleshoot your Ola mail account, first you should check your internet connection. Make sure your Mac PC is connected to the internet via wireless or Ethernet wire and you are able to access the internet. 

To check internet connection, you can try to access Google or any other website on your browser. 

If you are unable to access any other website, then there is an internet problem on your computer. In such a case, you need to fix the internet problem.

Check Login credentials – 

When you can’t access an AOL account on the mac and it keeps asking for username or password. You need to re-check the login credentials. 

Make sure that the username or password is correct. In case you are not sure about it, you need to reset the password.  

Now try to sign in your AOL account using this new password. 

  1. Open AOL mail login page. 
  2. Enter your AOL mail user id. 
  3. Click on the next button. 
  4. Press forget password
  5. Select the recovery option and Verify your account
  6. Finally, you will reach the password reset window, you need to enter your new password and click on the reset button. 

Check The Server status – 

If you cannot receive new emails on the Apple mail app, you need to check the incoming and outgoing server status. 

Be sure that the incoming and outgoing server details are correct. Also, if you are using your account through Pop3 server. 

You need to switch it to the imap server by using the following details. 

Server NameAddress SSL Port Number

Clear the Browser cache & Remove the Extension – 

If AOL mail is not loading on the browser, you need to clear the browser cache. Now reload the AOL mailbox again. 

  1. Open the Safari browser. 
  2. Go to Settings >> Privacy. 
  3. Click on the Manage website data button
  4. Clear All browsing data.  

Once you clear the browsing cache and it doesn’t work, you need to clear all add ons and extension from your browser. 

If none of these steps works, you need to reset the safari browser. 

Update the mail application- 

Sometimes, aol mail is not working on the mac due to the outdated mail application. 

So you need to update the app on the mac by using the following instructions. 

  • Click on the apple logo accessible from the docs. 
  • Click on the Applications
  • Press the updates button. 
  • If you see any update for the mail application, press the update button. 

Finally, the application will be updated. 

Remove & Re-add The Account- 

If aol mail is not working on the mac pc yet, you need to remove the aol account from the apple mail application. Now reconfigure it using the valid mail settings. 

  • Open the mail application on mac. 
  • Select mail Option
  • Click on the preferences
  • Pick your aol email address, and then press the remove button. 
  • Once the account is removed from the mail application, you need to reboot the computer. 
  • Now open the mail application again and go to the preferences
  • Click on the accounts section. 
  • Press the + button. 
  • Now add the aol from the list. 
  • Here, you need to enter the aol email address & password for your account. 
  • Press the sign-in button. 

Disable the Proxy & VPN- 

Several times, mac can’t connect to the aol mail because of security issues. Probably, the antivirus, VPN or firewall programs are blocking the mail application or communication process. 

So you need to turn off all types of security programs Including- firewall and proxy apps on the MacBook. After making these changes, aol mail will start working fine on the apple mail. 

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