Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Mac?

Apple mail is a fantastic email software that can help you manage all mail accounts from one place. Also, this application is compatible with every email service like- Gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol etc. So you can add any email into it and start having the best experience on the email. 

But sometimes, Apple mail on the mac have trouble connecting to the aol servers. When you open the mail application on the MacBook pc. It shows you one of the following errors- 

  • Unable to verify user account or password. 
  • Mail application keeps asking for the AOL password. 
  • The application shows syncing error. 

aol mail not working on mac

Why can’t I connect to AOL mail on mac? 

Generally, A mail application on mac doesn’t connect to the aol email because of the incorrect user account or password error. Besides this, sometimes, AOL mail is not working on mac pc because of the incorrect IMAP/pop3 or application related issues. 

  • The incoming/ outgoing server address is incorrect. 
  • Port no. is not assigned for the incoming/outgoing process.
  • Application is hanging or unable to maintain the connection. 
  • The network connection is dropping on your MacBook. 

How do I fix AOL mail not working on mac pc? 

When the mail app on mac can’t connect to the aol mail account, you have to make the following changes to make it work again. 

Verify the username and password- 

When AOL mail is not working on the Mac pc, and it keeps showing. “mac mail unable to verify account name or password AOL” error. It indicates that the apple mail app uses an invalid email address or password for the aol mail account. 

If AOL mail was working fine on the mac earlier, it is now showing the inability to verify the account or password aol error. The chances are that you had reset the aol mail password but didn’t update it on the mail application. 

  • Open the mail application
  • Now click on the mail option from the top menu. 
  • Now press the preferences option. 
  • Remove the password, and enter the current aol password
  • Now Close the preferences tab. 

Check the incoming and outgoing server settings – 

When apple mail on mac can’t connect to the aol server, it keeps showing you the account error or syncing error. You must have entered the wrong IMAP or pop3 server details. Due to this, AOL mail is not working on the mac. So open the mail application again and go to the preferences. Now check the account. It must be matching to the following settings. 

Imap server settings: 

Address: imap.aol.com

Port no- 993. 

SSL – Yes 

Pop3 server settings :

Address- pop.aol.com 

Port no- 995 

SSL- Yes. 

SMTP server settings – 

Address – smtp.aol.com 

Port no – 465 or 25 

SSL- Yes. 

If your settings don’t match the above settings, you need to edit them. In case if you get the imap.aol.com not responding error on aol. You need to update the username and password in the incoming email section. 

Remove & re-add the account- 

If aol mail is not working on the mac pc yet, you need to remove the aol account from the apple mail application. Now reconfigure it using the valid mail settings. 

  • Open the mail application on mac. 
  • Select mail from the doc. 
  • Click on the preferences
  • Pick your aol email address, and then press the remove button. 
  • Once the account is removed from the mail application, you need to reboot the computer
  • Now open the mail application again and go to the preferences
  • Click on the accounts section. 
  • Press the + button. 
  • Now add the aol from the list. 
  • Here, you need to enter the aol email address & password for your account. 
  • Press the sign-in button. 

Finally, your account will be added to the account, and it will start working fine. 

Internet connection problem – 

When MacBook is not connected to the internet, or it is frequently disconnecting from the wifi. You might have a problem connecting to the aol mail server. In such a case, you have to fix the internet to make it work fine. 

Update the mail application- 

Sometimes, aol mail is not working on the mac due to the outdated mail application. So you need to update the app on the mac by using the following instructions. 

  • Click on the apple logo accessible from the docs. 
  • Click on the Applications
  • Press the updates button. 
  • If you see any update for the mail application, press the update button. 

Finally, the application will be updated. 

Disable the securities on mac- 

Several times, mac can’t connect to the aol mail because of security issues. Probably, the antivirus, VPN or firewall programs are blocking the mail application or communication process. 

So you need to turn off all types of security programs on the MacBook and then retry to reaccess the mail app. 

After making these changes, aol mail will start working fine on the apple mail. In case if you are still dealing with the aol mail account. you need to install the aol desktop software on the computer. 

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