How Do I Reset My AOL Email Password? [Complete Guide]

Recently, we got an email from an AOL Mail user, which was something like this.

Hello askprob team,

I hope you all are well. My name is Edward. A few months ago, I had to undergo minor eye surgery, after which the doctor forbade me to use computers, phones, TVs, and other smart devices for two months. Because of which I did not open my email, and unfortunately, I forgot my AOL email password. I called AOL mail to reset the password; they asked me for some fee that I can’t afford.

Can you help me reset my AOL email password?

So here we are to help him by writing a new article on how to reset aol mail password? If any of you can’t remember the password, can you create a new password with the help of the steps given below?

Reset aol email password

What is the requirement to create a new password on the AOL Email account? 

If you want to change the aol email password, you must access at least one recovery option. Otherwise, you won’t be able to change the aol mail password. 

Those recovery options can be in the form of one of the following. 

  1. Mobile number. 
  2. Email address. 
  3. Security questions. 

Here we are telling the process of resetting the password through these three recovery options. You can choose any of them.

How do I reset the aol mail password using my mobile number? 

If you can’t log into the aol mail account and want to change the password through the mobile recovery option. You must have that mobile number, which you have registered on the aol mail account. 

  • Open the web browser on the computer. 
  • Go to the
  • Press the sign-in button. 
  • Now enter the email address or display name. 
  • Press the continue button. 
  • Press the forgot password button. 
  • Now you will see the do you have this phone option. Click on the yes send me a code. Reset the aol mail password
  • Now check the phone; you will receive an 8 digit OTP. Enter the otp password
  • Enter that code in the verification window, and then click on the verify button.
  • Finally, you will see an option to reset the password. So, enter the new password and then click on the Continue button. 

Enter the passwordFinally, you have a new password for aol mail account. You may now go to the aol login page and sign in to the account through the new password. 

How to change the AOL Mail account Through the Email recovery option? 

If you don’t have the registered mobile number, you can reset your AOL password using email recovery. Here are the ways to do that. 

  • Open the web browser and go to the
  • Enter the email address and then click on the continue button. 
  • Click on the forgot password
  • Now you will see the mobile number as the primary recovery option; you need to click on the try another way to sign in. 
  • If you have to select the email as a recovery option. 
  • Please enter the code available in the email address and then click on the ok button. 
  • Create a new password for your aol mail account now. 

How to recover the aol email password without a phone number or email address? 

In case, If you don’t have a recovery phone number or email address with you. You can still reset the AOL mail password by using the security question. 

When you sign up for the AOL email services, they will ask you set up the recovery questions and answer if you had set them up at that time. You can use them for password recovery. If you answer them correctly, you will get the AOL email password reset window on the screen. 

Some Faq’s Related to the AOL mail password recovery- 

Why does AOL mail won’t let me reset my password? 

When you fail to provide proof of ownership of your account, the aol account will not allow you to reset your email password if you had not set the recovery option in your account. So, unfortunately, you will never be able to reset the password for this account. To know other reasons, you can visit: why Can’t I reset my aol email password? 

Why is aol password button not working?

In most the cases, reset button becomes unresponsive due to the cookies or cache issue. So you need to clear the browser cache and then refresh the AOL sign-in helper page. Now begin the password reset process; it will start working fine now. 

Why is my AOL reset password not working? 

The passwords are case-sensitive when you type any letter in the caps or small case. It will change the whole value. Due to this, whenever you are typing the password, you have to enter it in the same case. 

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