[Quick Guide] Why I Can’t Login to My AOL Email Account?

When you want to access your aol account, you have to first open the login page of aol webmail and enter your account details and click on the login button. If you have entered your correct information, then the mailbox will open on your computer. Although the process of accessing the aol email account is as simple as that of other email service providers, some users still face many difficulties in accessing the email.

If you also can’t log into your aol email account, then this article will prove to be beneficial for you. You can fix these problems by following the guide given in it.

can't log into aol email

Why Can’t I access My aol mail on phone, tablet or computer? 

Most of the users are unable to access the aol email because of invalid login details. Often they enter the username or password incorrectly while logging in. Because of which aol server bans access to the account. If you are unable to access the account even after using the correct password. So there could be some of the following reasons.

  • Server is crashing or down- While maintenance is in progress on the aol server, the mail server may be down for a few moments. However, problems related to such servers are rarely seen.
  • Browser related issues- Sometimes cookies present in the browser can also cause server related problems. In addition, if your browser is too old, it will be unable to load AOL’s ssl certificate and security patches. Due to which you may have to face problems related to aol email login.
  • Account settings are incorrect- If you can’t log into aol email on the outlook account or other application. You have to look at the incoming and outgoing server settings. Most probably, the account settings are incorrect. That’s why the application can’t sync to the aol mail server. 
  • Security Related Issues- Sometimes, AOL users can’t sign into their account due to the firewall or antivirus issues. So you should replace them. 

How do I fix AOL Email login problems on any browser? 

So till now we have known the reason for not being able to access the aol account, now let’s talk about how to do it right. Here I am going to teach you how to fix aol email login problems in browsers if you are having trouble accessing your account in phone or other mail application. So you skip the guide and go down there you will find a guide for phone and mail applications.

Reset the aol mail password- 

When you can’t sign into the aol email and you see the message “Incorrect username or password”. First of all, you have to verify the username, if the username is correct, it means your password is wrong, in this case you have to reset the aol email password. For which the following procedure will be done.aol email login problems

  • Open the aol mail login page on the browser. 
  • Enter the username and then click on the next button. 
  • Now click on the forgot password link. 
  • Here you will see the recovery options, choose any one. 
  • Now verify the account ownership and click on the next button. 
  • Finally, you will see a window to reset the aol password. Enter a new password here, and then click on the aol mail password reset button. 

After creating a new password, go back to the aol login page and try to access your account. I hope your account will log in now.

Note- Passwords are case sensitive. So If you capitalize any letter, it will completely change the value. So type it in the same format while signing in. 

Check Browser Autofill Settings- 

Please manually type the password when logging in to your account, and then click on the Login button. If now AOL servers are allowing you to access your mailbox. So it means that the password which you have saved in the browser for your auto login is wrong, that is why you are not allowed to login to the account.

Use Incognito Window Or Another Browser- 

When you can’t log into your AOL email account, Please open the private or incognito window and then retry to access the account again. If account is working completely fine there.

It means, there is something wrong with the browser settings. so you have to optimize the browser and then retry to access the web mail

Clean the cookies- 

Sometimes, the cookies might be blocking the sign in activity. At such a point of time, you will be redirected to the same login page or another place. Apart from that, some users might get the aol blerk error code 1. At such a point of time, you have to clear the cookies. Here I am showing the instructions for clearing the cookies on chrome browser for demonstration. Just like that, you can clear the cookies on another browser. 

  • Open the chrome browser
  • Enter chrome://settings in the address bar and press the enter button. 
  • Now scroll down and click on the clear browsing data. 
  • Select all boxes and then press the clear data button. 

After erasing the browsing data, you need to restart the chrome, and then retry to access the aol mail account again. 

Check The Firewall And Security Settings- 

Some aol users are unable to log into the aol mail account due to the firewall or proxy settings. Most probably, The firewall or Proxy settings are blocking the primary communication path. due to which, Users can’t access the aol mail account.


How to fix Can’t login to aol email problems on the outlook or windows 10 mail application? 

If you can’t log into the aol email account on the outlook or windows 10 mail application. It means, something is wrong with the account configuration. Here are the guide for that.

Check the internet connection- 

First of all, you should verify the internet connection on the computer. Assure that it is working fine. So open the web browser and try to visit some websites like- yahoo, Facebook. if your computer can load those websites. It means, the internet is running fine. So jump to the next step.

In case, If you find the network related issues, please troubleshoot it first.

Check the user login details- 

Most often, aol can’t access the email account because of the incorrect username or password error. So you need to update the current username or password in the outlook application using the following steps.

  • Open the outlook application.
  • Click on the files and go to the account setup.
  • Select the aol email and then click on the change or edit button.
  • Here, you need to enter the aol email address, username , and current password.
  • After that, Next button.

Setup the aol account on the outlook using app password – 

If you have enabled the two step security on the aol mail account, then it won’t let you access the account on outlook mail through general password. in such a case, you have to generate the app password. now enter that password in the outlook. here are the guide to generate the aol live password.

  • Let’s sign into the aol account on the web browser.
  • Click on the account info and then go to the security section.
  • Here, you need to click on the generate app password button.
  • Now enter the application’s name in the text box and then click on the generate password button.

Finally, the app password will be shown on the display, you need to copy it and then paste it in the account settings of the aol mailbox.

Check the incoming and outgoing server information- 

When you enter the wrong server details during the account configuration process. The outlook application will not be able to sync to the mail server and it will keeps popping the incoming or outgoing login window on the page.

So you need to make sure that you have configure the account by using the matching the following details.

Imap server name-  imap.aol.com

Port no- 993

SSL – Yes

POP 3 server name- pop.aol.com

port no – 995

SSL- yes

SMTP server name- smtp.aol.com

port no – 465

SSL – yes

Reconfigure the account- 

If you have already tried these settings but aol won’t you log into the mail account on the outlook application. please delete the aol account profile from the outlook application. Now restart the computer and then reconfigure the aol mail account. for brief guide, you can visit: How to add aol mail account on outlook 2019? 

Why I can’t log into the aol email account on the iphone or android phone? 

Turn on  the internet-

First of all, make sure that the internet is turned on on the mobile devices. For that, your phone should be connected to the wifi. If you don’t use the wifi then turn on the mobile data.

  1. Go to the settings on the phone.
  2. Click on the mobile or cellular data.
  3. Turn it on.

Remove & re-add the account- 

For android users- 

  1. Open the settings.
  2. Tap on the mail or accounts option.
  3. Click on the aol account and then press the remove or delete account button.
  4. Now press the add account button.
  5. Enter the aol mail details and then press the next button.

for more details, you can visit: why is aol mail not working on android phone? 

For IOS Users- 

If you are using the iphone or other iOS device. please follow the techniques given below.

  1. Go to the settings.
  2. Click on the mail option.
  3. Here you need to click on the aol account.
  4. Press the delete account button.
  5. Now click on the add account, and then click on the aol.
  6. Now enter the email address and password, and then press the next button.

Finally, the account will be added into the aol mail.

Update the application- 

Sometimes, an outdated application might crash, while loading the aol mailbox. So you should keep it updated. In case, If you still can’t log into the aol email after updating the app. please install the aol official app and try to access your account through it.


Frequent Questions related to the can’t sign into aol email problems- 

Why does aol won’t let me log in on the chrome? 

Generally, such problem appears because of the cookies or cache issue. so you should clear the browsing data on the chrome. If that doesn’t let you access the aol account. please go to the browser settings and reset it. for brief guide, you can visit: why does aol won’t let me log in on the chrome? 

How to get into the aol mail without password?

If you have enabled the aol auto sign-in on the browser. then only it will allow you to login the account without password. Otherwise, you have to recover the password for login.

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