[Best*] Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Android Phone?

These days, A massive number of AOL users are reporting that their email is not working on android smartphones and tablets. If you go to the Down detector or other types of service reporting sites, You will see thousands of users have reported that aol mail has stopped working on android phones. Their queries are similar to these: 

  1. Why can’t I access the aol mail account on my android phone? 
  2. Why can’t my android phone can’t connect to the aol mail? 
  3. AOL mail keeps showing the Authentication or synchronization error. 
  4. AOL mail application is not responding. 

If you are facing any of these problems, you can fix them with the help of the techniques given in this article.

AOL mail not working on android phone

Why is My aol mail not loading on my android phone?

In most cases, AOL mail does not work on android phones because of the incorrect mail configuration. So you should inspect the user details first. Besides this, there might be several other reasons like-  

  1. Internet is not working on the android phone. 
  2. The application cache is full. 
  3. The app is crashing. 
  4. The account is not configured properly. 

To fix these errors, you have to make a few changes to the mail application and device. Right after that, your email will start working fine. 

How do I fix the AOL Mail account not working on the android phone? 

When aol on android stops working, you need to check the service status first. Make sure that the aol services are running fine from the backend. If services are running fine but still getting such errors on display, you need to remove the account and re-add them using the correct mail settings. 

Check the internet connection- 

When Android phones can’t connect to the aol mail server, you should start by checking the internet accessibility on the phone. In most cases, people use the internet through Wifi. So make sure that the smartphone is connected to the Wifi. 

In case if you are using the mobile data, please go to the settings >> sim cards & mobile data >> turn on the mobile data.

Remove & re-add the email account- 

If AOL mail on the android phone was working fine quickly but not anymore. You should check the login credentials. Probably, you have changed the aol mail password. That’s why you can’t sign into the aol mail account on your android phone. 

At such a point in time, you have to delete the aol mail account from the android phone and then re-add them using the valid account details. 

  • Unlock the android phone
  • Open the settings
  • Tap on the users and accounts. Users and accounts on aol mail , aol mail not working
  • Now Tap on the aol Option. 
  • Swipe up and click on the delete account or remove account button.Remove account, aol mail stopped working
  • If you see any pop-up message, touch the yes or delete option. 
  • Now reboot the android phone
  • Go back to the settings >> users & accounts
  • Tap on the add account option. 
  • Select the AOL mail service from the list. 
  • Enter the email address & password
  • Now tap on the sign-in button. 

Use The IMAP/Pop3 servers- 

Some people use the built-in app of Android phones to access AOL Mail. If you’re one of them, you’ll need to configure your account via the IMAP/pop 3 servers. For which you have to use the following settings.

Imap server settings: 

Incoming address: imap.aol.com

Port no- 993 

SSL – Yes. 

Pop3 Server settings- 

Incoming address- pop.aol.com

Port no – 995 

SSL – Yes 

SMTP Server Settings- 

Outgoing address- Smtp.aol.com

Port no – 465 

SSL – Yes

Enable the fetch Data- 

If AOL does not receive emails on an android phone automatically, you must have turned off the auto-syncing feature, So go to the Users & accounts again and Enable the auto-syncing for the AOL account. 

  • Open the settings
  • Tap on the users & accounts
  • Tap on the aol mail account
  • Now Enable auto fetch or syncing data. 

Now refresh the mail application; it will start syncing the data automatically. 

How To Fix AOL mail app not working on the android phone? 

If you are using the aol mail app on your android phone. And now it is crashing again and again or not opening. So with the help of the steps given below, you can fix this problem.

Force Quit the mail application- 

When the AOL mail app is not responding on the android phone, you need to Force Quit the mail application. 

aol mail app not working force close

  • Go to the Settings
  • Look for the apps, applications or manage applications. Once you need it, tap on it. 
  • Tap on the aol mail app from the list. 
  • Now tap on the force quit option. 

Now restart the android phone, and then reopen the android app. 

Check Internal storage – 

If the AOL mail app is crashing, freezing on the android phone, there might be a problem with the internal storage. The chances are that the internal storage is almost full, due to which, Apps are freezing. So you need to go to the file manager and delete some useless files to make space on the device. 

Clear the AOL app cache- 

Several Times, AOL mail stops working on the android phone because of the app cache issue. So you should delete the app data and cache and then retry to reaccess the mail account. 

Clear app cache

  • Go to the settings
  • Tap on the apps, application, manage app or application manager. 
  • Press the aol app from the list. 
  • Click on the manage data or storage usage button. 
  • Press the clear cache or clear data button. 

Once the data is deleted from the aol mail account, you need to open the aol mail app and sign into the account again. It should be working fine now. 

Update The application- 

If you’re using an older version of the AOL app on your Android phone, it may stop working after a while. And even if it is working, then you will face problems as authentication failed in it.

To get rid of it, you should keep updating the aol mail app from time to time if you are also facing any such problem right now. So with the help of the steps given below, you can fix it by updating the aol app from playstore.

update aol mail

  • Open the play store on the phone. 
  • Tap on the User profile pic,
  • Now tap on the manage apps & devices
  • If you see the AOL mail app in the list, please press the update button.   

Once the application is updated, you can open the mail app again and check the user details. 

Reinstall the AOL app- 

After trying the above steps, IF the aol mail app on android is not working, you need to uninstall the current application from the phone, reboot the phone, and then install the mail application again. 

Uninstall the app

  • Tap and hold the aol mail app.
  • Click on the details or manage the app. 
  • Now press the uninstall button. 
  • Now reboot the phone
  • Open the play store
  • Search for aol mail app
  • Press the install button. 

Once the app gets installed, you need to sign in to the aol mail account on the android phone again. 

So these are the tricks to fix the aol mail stopped working on the android phone; in case if AOL mail is not working on other devices, please visit: 

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