How To Sync AOL Account On Windows 11 Mail App?

AOL mail is one of the most popular email service amongst mid-aged Americans. They love it because of it’s simplicity. It has a very simple user interface. which is quite easy to navigate. Not only this, AOL mails are quick enough for email exchange.

AOL also allows you to sync your account on windows 11 mail app. So you can easily access your mail while offline.

If you also want to add your AOL mail account on windows 11 but don’t how to do it?

sync aol mail on windows 11 mail app

What is the requirement To setup AOL mail on windows 11 ?

Whenever you are going to setup AOL mail account on the windows 11 pc. first of all, you need to ensure that you have login credentials for your AOL mail account. if you don’t have it, you can reset the password. Also, you need to have access to the AOL mail settings.

Last but not least, don’t forget to connect the computer to the internet.

How To Sync AOL Mail On Windows 11?

There are two ways to synchronize AOL account on windows 11 mail app. you can use any one method to setup your account.

Method 1- Setup AOL account on windows 11 automatically-

  • Click on the start button >> apps >> All apps.
  • Now click on the Mail app >> Settings.
  • Press Manage Account button.Mail settings
  • Press Add Account button. Add Account
  • Click on the “Other Account” Option.Other Account
  • Here, you need to enter the email address, Name and Password.
  • Press Sign in button.

Finally, your account will be synced on windows 11 mail app. you may now send and receive emails from Here.

Method 2- Add an AOL mail account on windows 11 manually?

If you are unable to login your AOL mail account on windows 11 mail through method 1. Do not worry, please apply it on step 2.

  1. Open the Windows mail app. (Start >> Apps >> All Apps).
  2. Click on the Settings>> Manage Account And Press Add Accounts button.Mail settings
  3. Now click on the Advanced setup button.Account option
  4. Press “Internet Email” option.Internet Email option
  5. Please enter your email address, username and password.
  6. Choose the Account type As IMAP 4.
  7. Enter the incoming
  8. In the outgoing server section, please enter the following address ““.
  9. Now select the SSL Type as Yes.
  10. Finally, Click on the Sign in button.

if your aol mail is not receiving emails on windows 11 mail app. you need to check the incoming and outgoing server settings. also, check the login credentials.

Faq’s Related To AOL account synchronization-


AOL supports both types of incoming server. but I will suggest you to use IMAP4 server. because, it is quite easy to setup, also you will not have trouble during the syncing process.

What are the IMAP and POP3 settings for AOL Mail?

If you don’t know how to find AOL mail settings. Here are the list of incoming and outgoing server details that you can use during the account setup process.

Server Type SSLIncoming Server NamePort No.

Does AOL still support POP3?

Yes! AOL supports pop3 but you may have trouble during the account setup or syncing process. because, Pop3 servers have limited accessibility.

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