How To Reset Netgear Extender?

The Netgear range extenders are being used in the big houses, where we need to increase the range of WIFI signals. Generally, these extender works fine but if they stops working due to some glitch, you have to reset them to the factory settings and setup them up again. Generally, There are two ways to … Read more

Why Does My Netgear Router Keep Disconnecting?

Netgear router keeps disconnecting frequently

What To Do? Keep The router & devices within the 8 meters of range.  Check that your router is not dealing with the Overheating issue.  Turn off the VPN & Proxy servers on your account.  Update The Firmware on your device.  Reset the wireless router. Netgear routers are generally known for consistent performance. Once you … Read more

How To Update The Netgear Router Firmware Automatically?

Whenever you need to update the firmware of netgear router, it is very important to find the correct firmware version. If you don’t use the correct version, you netgear router may stop working. now some of you don’t know about how to update the netgear router firmware or find the correct version of it. If … Read more

Netgear Router Not Working [Complete Guide]

Netgear router not working issue can search by both new and old router users. In the first situation, you are setting up a new router, and it’s not working. Another you have an old Netgear router, and it stopped working suddenly. The solution to the problem has been divided into two major parts. First is … Read more

How To Do Port Forwarding On Netgear Router?

“Port forwarding on Netgear is the network process, through which you can send or receive data from one point to another directly. This traffic or data (we call it to the packet in network technology) will bypass the networking devices like- router, firewall, modem, etc.” Port forwarding mostly uses for CCTV cameras or gaming server … Read more

Setup Netgear Router With Modem Quick Start

Setup Netgear router is very easy now with the Netgear genie app. Netgear genie is an official Netgear application through which you can manage your router network. So, you can easily set up your Netgear router via mobile phone even don’t have a laptop or pc. Apart from the genie app, the Netgear router can … Read more