Netgear Router Not Working [Complete Guide]

Netgear router not working issue can search by both new and old router users. In the first situation, you are setting up a new router, and it’s not working. Another you have an old Netgear router, and it stopped working suddenly.

The solution to the problem has been divided into two major parts. First is the basic steps of troubleshooting and other core steps to fix the issue.

First, you need to apply the primary steps to fix the Netgear router. If the basic step doesn’t solve the issue, then proceed to core steps.

Primary Steps To Fix Netgear Wireless Router Stopped Working

In the basic troubleshooting of the Netgear router, you don’t need big tech knowledge. Sometimes small steps can start your Netgear router.

Why is my netgear router blinking orange internet problem?

Power Cycle Wifi Router, Modem, And Wireless Devices

Restarting the devices is the easiest and effective way to fix any type of router problem. Most of the time it works and starts the Netgear router.

Before making any changes to the router or modem settings, restart your Netgear router with devices in the following sequence.

  • Unplug the power supply from the modem and Netgear router as well.
  • Turn off all other devices in your home using the internet from the router and modem.
  • Now, wait for 20 seconds and plug the power supply only to the modem first.
  • Once all the lights on the modem are on, start your Netgear router.
  • If you can see the internet light green on Netgear router, turn on laptops.
  • Further, connect with wifi and check is ti working or not.

Rebooting all the electronic devices in the home is called a power cycle. The power cycle keeps devices update and working fine.

Clean The Ethernet Ports:

The router can not detect the ethernet cable due to the dust or broken pin. Moisture also forms rust on the connecting points on the ethernet port.

clean ethernet port, netgear router not working

So, examine the pins and clean them properly if something is blocking. You can use a brush, eraser, or isopropyl alcohol to clean it.

Check The Cable Connection

A Netgear router won’t work if the wire connection is not correct with the modem. A broken connector, damaged wire, as well as wrong connection port cause of Netgear router not working issue.

So, please verify the ADSL DSL modem is connected with the internet (WAN) port of the nighthawk router.

  • Check and replace broken connectors and internet wire.
  • Remove the connector and reconnect tightly.
  • Replace old ethernet cable with new to fix the issue.

Troubleshooting To Fix Netgear Router Not Working

Below are a few steps which need some technical knowledge. Remember your wireless name and password; otherwise, you have to reconnect all the devices again.

Check Internet Settings

Each ISP provider provides a different kind of internet connection type. PPPOE, Dynamic, or Static connection need different settings configuration on the router.

PPPOE internet settings work on username and password authentication. Besides it, static needs to fix IP address login and dynamic don’t need any settings.netgear router not working
So, first, confirm ISP settings from your internet provider and verify with router settings.

Update The Router Firmware

Firmware is responsible for operating router functions and security. If you do not regularly update the firmware, it may cause the Netgear nighthawk router to stop working.

Basically, the Netgear router can update firmware itself while connected to the internet. You can manually update the firmware by following steps.

  • Connect laptop with Netgear router using wifi or LAN cable.
  • Type on the browser’s address bar and hit enter.
  • The Netgear settings page will open on the same browser.
  • Go to the ADVANCEDmenu than the Administration or Settings and Administration.
  • Now click on Firmware orRouter Update.
  • Click on browseand upload the downloaded firmware. (Download firmware from Netgear Firmware)
  • The router will restart during the firmware update.
  • After updating the firmware, maybe you have to Setup Netgear router

Hard Reset The Router

Wrong settings or bad firmware updates can stop the Netgear router. A hard reset can restart the router. It will clear old cache memory, and you have to reconfigure it.

  • Unplug the LAN cable from the Netgear router.
  • Take a paper pin, press, and hold the reset button for 30 seconds.
  • Find the reset button or tiny hole on the back of the router.
  • After thirty seconds, release the button and restart the router.
  • Your Netgear router has become reset, now configure it.


After a hard reset, there is any red light blinking on the router indicates a faulty router. In this case, buy a new router.

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