AOL Mail Won’t Load On Google Chrome | How To Fix It?

Google Chrome is one of the favorite browsers of people. Because its interface is very simple and at the same time it is a secure browser. That is why many people use it for their email activities.

Although Google Chrome is compatible with all the email service providers today, sometimes you may face problems while opening your AOL account in Chrome browser. Due to which you may see one of the following error messages.

  1. Can’t open this page. 
  2. Cannot reach this page. 
  3. Your Connection is not secure. 
  4. This webpage is not available. 

If you are also not able to login to your AOL account in Chrome browser? With the help of the steps given in this blog, you can fix this problem.

AOL mail won't load on google chrome

Causes Of AOL Mail Not Opening On Google Chrome? 

Basically, AOL Won’t Load on google chrome because of the internet connection, Browser or mail server issues. 

  1. Your computer is not connected to the internet. 
  2. Proxy or firewall is on. 
  3. Browser cookies or cache problem. 
  4. Time & date is incorrect. 
  5. SSL Settings are invalid. 
  6. Browser extensions or java script is blocking the connection.

How To Fix The AOL Mail Won’t Load On Google Chrome Problem? 

When AOL mail is not loading on the google chrome browser, you should reboot your pc and then make the following changes to fix it.

Check The Internet Connection-

When you are unable to open AOL account on the google chrome, you should check Internet connection. Probably, your computer is not connected to the internet.

To test the internet connection, you need to click on the Network icon. Now click on the Wireless network and then click on the connect button.

Also, you need to check the Internet indicator light on the modem. If your router is showing yellow or orange light. It means, there is a internet problem from ISP side. so you need to talk to your Internet service provider to fix it.

Clear the cookies & browsing data- 

  • Open google chrome
  • Click on the menu button. 
  • Press the settings option. 
  • Select privacy and security from the left menu. 
  • Press the Clear browsing data. 
  • Now select all options available. 
  • Finally, press the clear data button. 

Remove the useless extensions- 

Sometimes, an adblocker/ VPN or extension might interrupt the secure connection. Because of that, you won’t be eligible to open the aol mail on google chrome.

If you are using any extensions like that, you need to remove them and then retry to open the aol website. 

  • Open google chrome
  • Press the menu
  • Hover to the Extension, and press the Manage extensions option. 
  • Select The Extension.
  • Click on the remove button available on the extension. 
  • Finally, press the remove button on the pop-up window. 

Update the google chrome- 

If the AOL mail page is opening on google chrome, the login or compose button is not functioning. You should update the chrome browser to fix it. 

  • Launch Google chrome again. 
  • Press the menu button.
  • Go to the help & feedback option. 
  • Click on the about google chrome

Finally, chrome will start looking for the update; if there is any update available, chrome will automatically do that. 

Update the auto-login details- 

If you can’t log into the aol email account through autologin details. It means the saved password has been expired or outdated. Because of that, you are unable to access the aol mail page.

So you need to reset the aol password and then update it on the auto-login settings. 

  • Go to the Chrome settings
  • Select the Autofill option. 
  • Choose the password section. 
  • Go to the saved password section. 
  • Click on the password section next to the aol mail URL. 
  • Press the edit button. 
  • Enter the admin password for the computer. 
  • Now remove the current password and then enter the new password. 
  • Click on the Save button. 

Finally, the aol password will be updated in the chrome autofill settings. You may now go ahead and try to access the aol mail website using the autofill settings again. 

In case if you are having trouble in the AOL password reset process, please visit: Why I can’t reset the aol mail password? 

Factory reset the Browser- 

If you have tried these steps, but AOL mail won’t load on google chrome. You need to remove the current Browser from the computer and then re-add them using the valid mail settings. 

  • Launch the chrome
  • Go to the chrome://settings
  • Click on the advanced
  • Press the reset and clean up
  • Click on the restore settings to their factory default. 

Reinstall the Google chrome- 

If you have factory restored the google chrome but still can’t open the aol mail. Please uninstall google chrome from the computer. Now reboot the computer and then go to the website. Download a new chrome setup from there and install it on your computer. 

Disable the Proxy Servers –

Sometimes, AOL mail doesn’t load on the google chrome because of the proxy server settings. Probably, you need to disable the proxy/ VPN settings.

To disable the proxy settings, you need to remove the current account. now setup it again.

Update The Time & Date –

If you are getting your connection is not private error while loading the AOL mail account. you need to check time and date settings.

Probably, the time and date is incorrect. that’s why AOL is unable to verify the SSL Connection. So you need to open AOL mail account on your phone.

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