Why Can’t I Reset AOL Mail Password?

The process to reset the password in AOL email is very simple. You have to go to the AOL Sign-in Helper page and correctly follow the password recovery process. As a result, you will be able to see the reset password option on your account. But some aol users face trouble in resetting the password. When they click on the Forgot Password button, they face the following errors.

  1. Uh-oh… Looks like we can’t recover your account online.
  2. The password reset button is not responding. 
  3. Can’t load the AOL sign-in helper page. 
  4. Account verification is failed. 

why I can't reset my aol mail password

Why Can’t I reset my AOL mail password? 

When you can’t reset the aol email password through phone or computer, several reasons might be behind it. 

Recovery options are not available- 

When you click on the forgot password link, the “uh-oh… looks like we can’t recover your account online” message appears on the screen. That’s why you can’t reset the aol email password. It means you don’t have any recovery options. You have to talk to the aol mail team for the password reset process in such a case. 

You couldn’t verify the account- 

So many users are unable to reset the aol password because they didn’t verify the account successfully. When you attempt to reset the password, you have to verify the account ownership. To that, you will get the one-time password on the phone or email. (Whichever preference you will give during the recovery process).

But if you will not enter that code in the recovery form, there will be no chance to change the password for your aol mail account. 

Not getting verification codes – 

If you are not getting the recovery codes on the phone number. There might be two reasons for that. 

Phone number is not valid- so many times, users don’t get the code because they haven’t updated the recovery phone number in the aol. Due to this, AOL keeps sending them the code on an old phone number which you don’t have anymore. 

AOL servers are busy – if the phone number is correct, you are not still not getting the recovery code. There might be a delay from the server-side. The chances are that the aol servers are busy due to heavy traffic. That’s why messages are being delayed. In that a case, you should try to reset the password after an hour later. 

Account has been blocked- 

If you have tried multiple attempts to reset the aol password but can’t verify the account successfully. The mail server will detect it as spamming or suspicious activity. Due to this, your account will be blocked for 24 hours. In such a case, you should avoid the account recovery process on the aol mail account for the next 24 hours. 

Browser related issues- 

If Can’t open the aol mail recovery page or forgot password button is not functioning. It means there are issues related to the cookies. That’s why it doesn’t load the site properly. So, you need to optimize the browser and then make an attempt for aol password recovery. 

Reset the cookies- 

  • Open google chrome. 
  • Go to the settings. 
  • Click on privacy and security. 
  • Press clear browsing data. 
  • Select all options and press the clear data.

Update the aol mail account- 

  • Open google chrome. 
  • Go to the help section. 
  • Click on the about google chrome. 

Reset the chrome browser- 

  • Go to the Chrome settings. 
  • Click on the advanced settings. 
  • Press the restore factory default. 
  • Click on the factory restore to default button. 

Reset the network settings- 

If you can’t reset the aol mail password because of the privacy error on the Chrome browser. At such time, you should check that the antiviruses are not blocking the aol website. Also, the time & date/ SSL settings are correct on the pc. If pc is using the wrong time zone or SSL certificate, you need to update that. 

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