[2021] Fix Netgear Router Blinking Orange Light Problem Immediately

We all know the Netgear router for its excellent performance. No matter which corner of the country you are in, you set up your Netgear router once successfully. So you will face very few problems related to internet accessibility.

Although the nether router is always ready to provide internet, sometimes you may have to face no internet connection.

At that moment, You will see a blinking or solid orange internet light on your Netgear router in such a situation. that generally happens due to few causes:

  • ISP servers are down in their area.
  • The wiring connection is not correct.
  • The router cannot detect the connection from modem.
  • Devices are conflicting.
  • The device needs a firmware upgrade.

These are the few objects due to which the blinking orange light problem begins on the Netgear router.

netgear router blinking orange internet light

How do I Fix Blinking orange light on my netgear router?

To fix the Netgear router not working problem, I have separated this post into two parts. The first one is a basic guide, and the second is an advanced guide.

Quick Steps To Fix Netgear Router Blinking Orange Light Problem?

Power cycle the network equipment-

  • Disconnect the Power cord from the Netgear wifi router.
  • Plug out the power cord from the DSL/ ADSL modem as well.
  • Wait for two minutes, and then plug in the power cord into the Netgear wifi router.
  • Now connect the power cable to the DSL/ ADSL modem.

After turning on the network equipment, you have to wait until you get the solid light on the router. If your Netgear router is showing the solid orange light. It means you have internet now.

Check the wiring –

the wiring issue is one of the most common reason for blinking orange light on the netgear router.so you should never ignore to check the connection between router and modem.

check the wiring

  • The modem should be connected to the WAN (internet) port of the Netgear router.
  • The ethernet cord or connector shouldn’t be damaged.
  • Clean the ethernet connector and switch with the help of an eraser.

Check the ISP issues-

Apart from the wiring, The ISP issue can also be the reason for the Netgear router blinking orange problem. So make sure that you can access the internet from the isp.

  • The modem should have green or blue DSL or link light.
  • Power off the Netgear router, and remove the ethernet cord from it.
  • Connect the ISP modem straight to the computer via an ethernet cord.
  • Let’s restart the computer and DSL modem, do not turn on the Netgear wifi router.
  • Wait for few minutes, now try to open any website on your pc.

If you can’t reach the website even after connecting the pc from the modem, there is an ISP issue. For that, you have to call your ISP service provider and urge them to fix the problem.

Advanced Guide to solve the Flashing Yellow or amber internet light problem on Netgear wifi router-

Perform Mac Cloning-

If modem cannot identify the router in the network. you will see a flashing orange light on the router. in that case, you need clone the computer’s mac address.

netgear router mac cloning

  • Connect your pc from the LAN port of the router with an ethernet wire.
  • Turn off the wifi on the pc, if enabled.
  • Now launch the web browser, and type the routerlogin.net or your router’s ip address.
  • Enter the login details to get into the Netgear admin panel. (you will find it on the Netgear device)
  • Click on the internet, look for the router mac address.
  • Press the radio button next to the use the computer’s mac address.
  • Push the apply changes button to save settings.
  • Let it save settings and reboot itself.

Examine internet settings-

Several times, netgear router has a flashing orange light due to the internet settings issue.

They did not have enter the correct ISP settings during the router setup process. which leads them to deal with the blinking orange internet light problem on the netgear router.

So, you should double check the ISP connection details by calling them and then configure your router.

  • Open the router Netgear router admin panel.
  • Click on the internet settings; select the connection type as Static connection.
  • Now enter the ip address and other required details.
  • Press the Apply changes button to save settings.

IP conflict issue-

If you have the ADSL Modem, It can conflict with the router. due to which, you have to deal with the netgear router blinking orange problem. In that case, you must have to change the ip address and subnets of the router.

  • Open a web browser on your pc connected with Netgear.
  • Type routerlogin.comon the browser’s address bar and press enter.
  • the Username is admin and password can be found on the bottom of the router. (‘Leave blank’ or ‘password’ becomes the password by default in few models)
  • Open the Netgear’s admin panel and click on the ‘advanced’ tab option.
  • Now click on the LAN setup option remove the current ip address under TCP/IP.
  • Insert ip address and subnet mask
  • Press the apply changes and restart both modem and router.

Upgrade the firmware-

After updating the following settings, if your Netgear router still has a blinking orange internet light, you should update the router firmware.

netgear router firmware update

  • Let’s Open the Netgear dashboard on the pc again.
  • Click the Advanced tab, and press the administration option.
  • Click on the router update option
  • Press the check button; Now, your router starts searching for the recent firmware.
  • If there is an update available, please press the update button.

Your router may take couple of minutes in updating itself; please do not touch the router during that time.

Factory reset the router-

Lastly, If your netgear router keeps blinking orange light after changing all settings, it’s a time to reset the router.

  • Keep your router power on.
  • Press & Hold the reset button on the router for 40 seconds.
  • Release the button and restart the router as well.
  • Now begin the Netgear router setup

Other Questions Related to the netgear router:

Why do I have a blinking orange light on the Netgear router ethernet port?

  1. Disconnect the cable from the ethernet port of the router.
  2. Now reconnect it with another port.
  3. Restart the router and computer(whichever device is connected via ethernet wire).
  4. If that doesn’t work, please replace the cable.

How to fix the Netgear router orange Power light?

If you see solid orange power light on the Netgear router. You need to power cycle the router first. If that doesn’t work, please reset the router.

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