How To Fix AOL Mail Error 604 Message Sent Failure?

Are you unable to send an email from aol mail and facing error code 604?

Well, this is a standard error message, which is often seen on third-party mail applications.

When you enter the wrong outgoing server information while configuring an aol account in a mail application (outlook, thunderbird, aol desktop), this application receives the message from the AOL server. Still, it is not able to send it. So, as a result, you get to see the following error on the mail application.

“the message was not sent because of an error aol.”

For the time being, The email you will be sent during such an error will be saved in the draft or outbox folder of the email application.

aol mail sent mail failure error code 604

Why does AOL error code 604 keep coming on the computer or mobile devices? 

Incorrect outgoing server address –As I have already said, when you enter the wrong details of the wrong outgoing server (port no, encryption, etc.), error code 604 comes. 

Verify the internet connection- When internet speed is frequently disconnecting on the computer or smartphone. You might get the “message was not sent because of an error. Aol”

Email address is incorrect-Along with the server information; you should not type the incorrect email address, password and username. 

Firewall or antivirus issues- When the firewall or antivirus is blocking the outgoing connection, you might get the aol sent mail failure error code 604 on the device. 

AOL server technical issues- When aol mail servers are crashing due to the over traffic or down due to maintenance, you may get the send mail failure error code 604 on the device. 

How do I Fix The AOL Mail Error code 604 on the phone or computer?

When AOL mail cannot send the emails through a third-party application, it keeps showing error code 604 on the device. First of all, you should open the outbox and delete all emails from there. Now follow the procedure given below to fix the “the message was not sent because of an error.”

Start with checking the connection- 

When you are unable to send email from all mail applications and are facing error code 604, then, first of all, you have to check the internet connection. The Internet is working properly on your computer, and it is not getting disconnected quickly.

Along with this, you also have to check the speed of the Internet, which you can check by visiting

Check the user id & Email address- 

Email address is made up of three parts. First is the username, second @ symbol, and third is a domain name. A mistype letter in an email id won’t allow you to send the email.

Often users type a comma (,) in the place of a full stop ( . ) in the email id. So go to the outlook account settings and then check these emails and user names in the outlook settings.  

  1. Open the Outlook application. 
  2. Click on the files and then click on the account setup. 
  3. Click on the aol mail account and then press the edit or change button. 
  4. Now correct the username and email address. After that, press the next button. 

Note- If you have already configured the aol account with the correct settings but still keeps showing the aol message delivery failure error. Please check the sender’s address. Most probably, you are mistyping the sender’s address in the AOL mail compose box

Inspect the server status- 

An update or changes on the Aol mail server can take down Aol services. The time and location of a down server may vary. You can check AOL Tweet or Google it about the Aol service down status.

This is the most trending reason for AOL mail error 604. So, wait and use your AOL emails later.

Check the outgoing server information- 

When you enter the wrong outgoing server communication path, the outlook application will be able to receive emails, but it won’t be able to send. So you should check the outgoing server path on your device. So go to the account settings on the outlook or other application, and assure that the outgoing settings match the following details. 

Outgoing server address-

Port no – 465 or 25. 

SSL encryption – Yes. 

If you have the send and receive the error, please visit: how to fix send and receive error on the outlook application. 

Firewall & Antiviruses are blocking the outgoing communication- 

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes users cannot send emails from aol because of the firewall or antivirus issue. 

Their security programs are blocking the outgoing communication path. Due to this, they keep getting “the message was not sent because of an error 604”. So make sure that the firewalls are blocking the communication path. 

  1. Press the windows +X button, and click on the settings. 
  2. Now select the update and security. 
  3. Here you need to click on windows security. 
  4. Here, you have to click on firewall and network protection. 
  5. Now check the list if you don’t see the mail application in the list. Then add it by clicking on add program.
  6. Finally, click on the ok button. 

If you are using any antivirus, go to its antivirus and ensure that the app is not blocked. 

Reconfigure the aol account- 

After trying the above steps, if you still can’t send emails from aol mail, please delete the current aol account profile from the outlook application. Now reboot the computer and then configure it again. For a brief guide, you can visit: how to add aol mail in the outlook 2019?  

After changing all these settings, the aol mail will start sending the emails from the Outlook application. In case if you are still dealing with the aol mail not sent error code 604. You need to update the mail application. 

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