Why Is Yahoo Search Not Working On Browser Or Mail?

Yahoo mail search engine is completely different from regular one. It works in the mailbox only. When your mailbox is flooded with lots of messages, and you want to find some specific message or attachment. You can easily search that using the yahoo email search feature available at the top of the mailbox. No doubt, This tool is pretty fast. But sometimes, Yahoo mail search is not working for a few users.di yahoo mail search not working

Why is yahoo search not working? 

When you use an older browser that you haven’t updated for a long time. So it may have difficulty processing the JavaScript used in the webpage. Because of which yahoo mail search will not be working. Apart from this, there can be some other reasons as well which are as follows.

  1. Cookies or cache files are conflicting. 
  2. Adobe flash player issues or popup settings are disallowed for browsers. 
  3. Some extensions are blocking the connection. 
  4. Yahoo search is unable to function because of the app cache. 
  5. Remove the current account and then re-add it again. 

How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Search Not Working Problem On The Browsers? 

Clear the cookies- 

Whenever Yahoo email search is not working in the browser, you should start by optimizing the browser to fix it. Whenever your browser opens a mailbox through old cookies. So he is not able to download the mailbox completely, due to which the search feature stops functioning.

clear chrome settingsFor Chrome- 

  1. Open the chrome browser and type chrome://settings/clearBrowserData in the address box. Press the enter button. 
  2. Select all options and then click on the clear data

For edge browser- 

  1. Open the edge browser and edge://settings/siteData in the address box,  and press the enter button. 
  2. Press the remove all button and click on the clear button. 

Safari Users- 

  1. Open the safari browser and click on the preferences
  2. Click on the site data and then click on the clear data button. 

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Update the browser- browser update

When the yahoo search button is not working on chrome or any other browser. You should look for the browser update. So go to the settings and click on the about section. Now press the install the new update browser button. 

Remove the useless extension- 

Sometimes, the ad blocker or some other extensions might be blocking the connection. Due to which, yahoo search but not be working. So you should turn off the extension on your browser one by one, Now  check the functionality of the search button. 

If the search button works fine after disabling any one extension, you should remove that from your device. 


Enable the javascript & Pop up settings- 

The search button requires javascript to function. So if you have disabled the javascript on the browser. You need to enable it on the browser. Here I am sharing the steps to enable the javascript on the chrome browser. 

browser update

  1. Open the chrome browser and enter the chrome://settings in the address bar. Press the enter button after that. 
  2. Click on the site settings and then click on the javascript
  3. Here, you need to click on the sites can use the javascript option. 
  4. Press the add button in the allow site section. 
  5. Enter the yahoo url and press the ok button. 
  6. Now go back to the site settings, and click on the pop ups and redirects option. 
  7. Click on the allow all cookies

Reset or reinstall the browser- 

If you have already tried these settings but yahoo mail search button is not working on google chrome or any other browser. So go to the chrome settings and factory reset the browser. 

If that doesn’t work properly, you should uninstall the browser from the computer, and install the newer browser on your device. 

Slow internet connection- 

When you have a slow internet connection on the computer. You won’t be able to access the mailbox properly. So you need to check the internet speed. If speed is too low. You need to fix the internet speed after that yahoo email search will automatically start working fine.

Disable the antivirus- 

After trying these steps if you have already tried these steps but yahoo search is not working on the computer. You have to turn off the antivirus on your computer. And install a new device into the computer. 

How do I fix the yahoo mail search button not working on the android phone or iPhone ? 

When yahoo mail has stopped working on the iphone or android phone. You should check a few settings on the smartphone. 

  1. Please check that the internet is working fine on smartphones. 
  2. Clear the yahoo mail app data and cache and then reload the mail app. 
  3. Look for the app update on the play store or app store
  4. Uninstall the current version of yahoo mail app and then reboot the phone again. Now install the yahoo mail app. 

So these are the steps to fix yahoo search not working. In case, if you are dealing with the yahoo mail problems. Visit the yahoo mail settings for more help. 

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Frequently asked questions related to the yahoo searches: 

How to search the yahoo mail on the yahoo mail through subject? 

It is easy to search the emails on the yahoo mail. You just have to make a few changes into the account. 

  1. Let’s open the yahoo mail account on the browser. 
  2. Click on the search box and then enter the subject of your email. 
  3. Click on the down arrow button and then click on the subject button. 
  4. Enter the subject that you want to search and press the search button. 
  5. Finally, you will see the list of search results. 

What are the important search operators for yahoo advanced search  ? 

From:  search for email address and name in the form field of the mailbox.

to:, cc:, bcc: here, yahoo will start looking for the same words in the To, cc, and bcc. And show you the matching results. 

Before: It will show you the mail results before the entered date. 

After: when you enter the date in the after box. It will show you the messages in the mailbox after that date. 

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