Fix: My Yahoo Not Receiving Emails?[100% working Tips]

In the digital tech era, A glitch in your email system can be significant disruption. Not receiving emails on yahoo mail is one of those glitches.

There will be a time, when you will not be able to get new emails on your yahoo account.

So, it will be very important to get it fixed as soon as possible to stay connected with your world. If you don’t know to fix it?

Why are email not coming on my yahoo mail account?

Before we learn about why can’t I get new emails on yahoo mail account, let’s understand the route cause behind yahoo mail not getting emails.

  1. Spam filter issue.
  2. Emails are being blocked by Yahoo servers.
  3. Internet connection issue.
  4. Modem or internet issue.
  5. Yahoo servers are running on a glitch.
  6. Yahoo settings are incorrect.
Yahoo mail not receiving emails

Why I can’t sign into Yahoo mail account? 

How Do I Fix Yahoo Mail Not Receiving Emails Problem?

1. Remove Filters to Restore Inbox Access:

If Yahoo Mail isn’t delivering emails to your inbox, check the spam and trash folders. to do that, you need to Access Yahoo settings, navigate to Filters, and delete active filters to ensure smooth email reception. Here are the brief guide to do that.

  1. Let’s sign into the yahoo account on the mail sign in problems
  2. Press the little gear(settings) icon available at the right mail settings
  3. Now Click on the more settings link.Yahoo mail settings
  4. Click on the Filters option from the left side menu.filters on yahoo mail
  5. Now click on the Active Filter.
  6. Press the Delete button.Delete the mail filters

Note- Once you delete the mail filters. you need to move the existing emails back into the inbox. Otherwise, these emails will disappear from the account after 30 days.

2. Unblock Senders For Steady Communication

When you are unable to receive emails from a specific users in your yahoo account. you need to check the account settings. so you need to go to the privacy and security settings, here you need to check the block list.

If a sender is blocked, remove them from the list to receive their emails without interruptions.

Unblock the email account, yahoo mail not receiving emails
  • Let’s Jump into the yahoo mail settings again.
  • Press the security & privacy section accessible from the left menu.
  • If you see the sender’s account in the blocked list, Press the Trash icon next to it.

Now request the sender to send you a fresh message.

3. Optimize Inbox Sorting

Ensure you see the latest emails first by adjusting sorting preferences. In the Yahoo mailbox, click on the sort option, then select “Date: Newest on top” to organize your inbox efficiently.

short by
  • Open the Yahoo mailbox.
  • Click on the sort option accessible from the top of the mailbox.
  • Now click on the Date: Newest on top option.

4. Disable Email Forwarding for Clarity:

If emails are still missing, inspect forwarding settings. Disable forwarding in Yahoo Mail settings to eliminate potential complications and secure your account.

yahoo mail forwarding
  • Let’s Go back to the yahoo mail settings.
  • Click on the mailboxes from the left pane.
  • Press the yahoo account from the list.
  • Press the Disable forwarding option.

If you haven’t enabled the forwarding, But still it was enabled. There is a possibility of strange activity. So you need to secure your yahoo account from the anonymous person.

5. Check The Service Status-

When you are unable to find new emails in the yahoo inbox or other folder. Before troubleshooting further, confirm Yahoo Mail’s service status using tools like Down Detector.

Monitor user comments for insights; if there’s a widespread issue, wait until services are restored.


Yahoo mail problems

6. Ask a sender to your reply on your email-

If senders are not entering your email address correctly, you won’t be able to receive the emails on the yahoo account from them. For an easy process, You can send them an email, and ask them to reply on the same on the same email address.

If you are receiving the reply without any delay, it means, they were mistyping the your yahoo email address. That’s why emails were not coming into your inbox.

7. Resolve Browser Issues for Seamless Access

Address Yahoo Mail problems arising from browser issues. Test in incognito mode; if issues persist, clear cookies, reset the browser, or consider using a different browser for optimal performance.

  1. Trash the cookies and browser data.
  2. Clear the yahoo bookmarks too.
  3. Reset the browser to the factory settings.
  4. Upgrade the browser(If newer version available).
  5. Use A New Browser.

Fixing Yahoo Email Reception on Outlook or Windows 10 Mail App:

If you can’t receive emails on the yahoo via outlook or windows 10 mail application, Please make these changes into yahoo account settings.

Update Yahoo Account Settings

Resolve email reception issues on external apps by updating Yahoo account settings in Outlook. Change passwords, verify server details, and ensure correct configurations for seamless integration.

  • Launch the outlook application on the pc.
  • Press the files and press the account settings.
  • Pick up the yahoo account.
  • Press Change or modify button.
  • Type the yahoo password in the password section.
  • Choose the incoming server type and enter the or (whichever server you are using).
  • Enter the Outgoing server address (
  • Now press the next button.
  • If there is no error related to the send & receive, you need to press the finish button.

Verify Port Numbers and Encryption:

Confirm correct port numbers and encryption settings in Outlook. Ensure outgoing server authentication and input the appropriate port numbers to facilitate error-free send and receive operations.

  • Let’s jump back to the account setup on the outlook application.
  • Click on the Change or modify button.
  • Press the more settings button.
  • Now Click on the outgoing server tab, and check the requires authentication box.
  • Click on the advanced tab now, and Enter these port numbers. Incoming server- 993 (imap) and 995(pop), 25 or 465 for the Outgoing server.
  • Now press the ok button.

Update Outlook Application for Compatibility:

Ensure your Outlook application is up to date by checking for software updates. Visit Microsoft’s official website or Microsoft Store to install the latest version for compatibility with Yahoo Mail.

If Yahoo Mail sync issues persist, disable security and proxy programs temporarily. Firewalls and antivirus software might hinder the secure connection between Outlook and Yahoo; turning them off for a short duration can resolve the problem.

Resolving Yahoo Mail Reception Issues on Android:

Enable the internet- 

Confirm your Android device has an active internet connection. Check mobile data and Wi-Fi settings, ensuring your device is connected for seamless Yahoo Mail reception.

  • Open the settings
  • Go to the mobile data/ WIFI. 
  • Turn on the data/WIFI. 

Sign Out and Sign In Again:

Troubleshoot by signing out of your Yahoo account on Android. Delete the account, add it again, and sign in with correct credentials to reestablish a secure connection.

  • Open the settings.
  • Click on the accounts & Password.
  • Touch the yahoo account.
  • Swipe down and click on the delete account.
  • Now press the add account.
  • Tap on the yahoo account.
  • Enter the yahoo address and password and hit the sign in button.

Update Mail Application:

Sometimes, the yahoo mail not receiving emails because of outdated emails. So you should update the mail app.

  • Open the play store.
  • Click on the menu.
  • Press the apps & games button.
  • Press the update button available next to the mail app.

If This doesn’t work, you should install the yahoo’s official application on your device.

Fixing Yahoo Mail Not getting emails Issues on iPhone:

If you can’t receive the emails on the yahoo mail on iPhone. You should configure the yahoo account.

  • Go to the settings on the yahoo account.
  • Click on the accounts & password.
  • Now tap on the accounts.
  • Tap on the yahoo account and press the delete account button.
  • Now press the yes option.
  • Press the add account button.
  • Select the yahoo from the list.
  • Put in the yahoo address and password and press the sign in button.

If that doesn’t help you, you should visit: Why am I not getting emails on yahoo account on the iphone?

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  1. Why am I receiving emails on my yahoo mail account from my sister? If she sends me the same email on my outlook account. It appears in the mailbox with in few seconds. But I have been waiting on my yahoo account for more than 20 minutes, but my email is not available there.

  2. I can’t receive the emails on my yahoo’s inbox. These new emails are available in the spam/ junk folders. Can somebody tell me why is yahoo mail is skipping my mailbox? How to get my incoming emails on the inbox ?

  3. I was unable to get the new emails on my yahoo account due to the faulty reply to mail address. so I went to yahoo settings and click on the mailbox. now select the yahoo account,
    Now click on the yahoo mailbox and then enter your email address in the reply to address.

  4. I can’t get the emails on my yahoo account since three days. When I refresh the mail application. It won’t show the new messages. Also, I can’t see any kind of error message on the mail application.

  5. Why is yahoo mail not receiving emails from instagram? Instagram has sent me the password reset links on the yahoo account but they won’t appear on my yahoo inbox. Can you tell me where are they going ?

  6. I was not getting the emails from yahoo mail account from gmail. After reading your blog, I have figured out that I have marked all incoming emails from gmail as an spam. So I went to the yahoo mail filter settings and terminated all kind of filters.


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