Why Is My Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?

Hotmail not receiving emails is a trending issue. Whose victims are 20-30% of people every day. At the same time, they can easily send emails from their account.
If you are also one of those unfortunate customers whose Hotmail inbox is not showing new emails. Do not be afraid; you are not alone here; we are here to help you.

Can't receive emails on hotmail account , Not junk mail

Why Is My Hotmail Not Showing New Emails?  

Settings like filters or sweep rules are often responsible for not receiving emails in Hotmail. Whereas sometimes, it can also be due to the server and account settings.

  • Mail filters are diverting the incoming emails to another location. 
  • Sweep Rule is active on your Hotmail or outlook account. 
  • Emails have been routed or forwarded to another email account. 
  • You have blocked the sender or domain on the Hotmail or outlook account. 
  • Imap or pop3 settings are incorrect. 
  • The Browser or application is unable to load the Hotmail account. 
  • Application Settings are invalid. 
  • Internet is running slow on the device. 
  • The Firewall or Antivirus security is blocking the incoming port. 

 How Do I Fix Hotmail Not Receiving Emails?

When your Hotmail or outlook account is not getting emails from anyone, you should try to access your Hotmail account on another device. 

Now check whether you find the new emails in the Inbox now or not. 

If your Hotmail is not showing emails on the new device, you need to make the following changes. 

1. Check the Other Folders- 

When you are not receiving emails in the Hotmail inbox, you need to check other folders in the mailbox like- Custom, junk or trash mail etc. 

If you can see your new incoming emails there. You need to move them back into the Inbox. 

Move to inbox
  • Open the Hotmail Account
  • Go to the Mail Folder. (wherever you can find the new emails). 
  • Select the Message that you want to Move Back InTo The Inbox
  • Click on the MoveTo button available above the mailbox. 
  • Select the Inbox Folder from there. 

2. Choose the view mode as Newest On Top option- 

If your Inbox shows the old emails at the top rather than the newest ones. You need to change the view settings. 

  • Open the Outlook/Hotmail inbox. 
  • Click on the Filters button. Outlook filters
  • Hover to the Sort option. 
  • Now click on the Newest on the top choice. Newest On top, Hotmail not receiving emails

3. Mark The Emails As Not Junk- 

If New emails are coming in the Junk mail folder instead of the Inbox on the Hotmail, you should mark them as not junk. 

No junk, outlook not receiving emails
  • Open the Hotmail account
  • Go to the Junk mail folder. 
  • Select the Message that you want to mark as not junk. 
  • Click on the Not Junk.

Once you select them as not junk, you will start getting the new emails in the Inbox. 

4. Delete the Active Rules- 

Most of the time, Hotmail is not getting emails because of the outlook Rules. If you have unintentionally created an Outlook rule that changes the path of new emails, you won’t be able to receive new emails in the Hotmail inbox. So you need to delete all active rules from the mailbox. 

  • Open the Browser
  • Go to Outlook.com
  • Sign in to the Hotmail/ outlook account. 
  • Click On the settings icon available above the outlook mailbox. 
  • Now Press the view all outlook settings button. Outlook settings
  • You need to click on the Rules tab from the left menu. 
  • Here, you need to press the Delete button. Outlook rules

5. Disable The Sweep- 

Apart from the outlook rules, Outlook sweep can also be responsible for not receiving emails. Sweep is used to clean the Inbox from a specific type of Message.

But when you turn on the outlook sweep rules for all incoming emails. You will definitely go through the Not getting emails on Hotmail account problem. 

So you need to delete all sweep rules from the Hotmail/outlook account. 

sweep settings
  • Open the Outlook account on the computer. 
  • Click on the settings
  • Now click on the view all settings.
  • Here, You need to click on the sweep option from the left menu. 
  • Now click on the Delete button available next to the sweep rule.

6. Disable the Forwarding Option- 

If you have enabled the forwarding on the outlook account by mistake, you won’t be able to receive the new emails on the Hotmail account. 

That’s all because, Whenever someone sends you an email, It will be directly transferred to the given account. 

Disable the email forwarding
  • Open the outlook account
  • Go to the settings >> View all outlook settings
  • Once you get into the outlook settings, you need to click on the forwarding option. 
  • Uncheck the Enable forwarding option. 

7. Put the sender’s address or domain in the Safe-mail list- 

Some users can’t receive emails on Hotmail because they have put the sender’s address or domain in the spam list. That’s why, When the sender is sending them an email, it lands in the trash or junk mail rather than in the Inbox. 

safe sender list

To get that fixed, you have to put the domain or sender’s email address in the safe mail list. 

  • Open the Outlook settings
  • Click on the Junk mail option from the left pane. 
  • Scroll down to reach the safe sender and domains option. 
  • Now click on the add button. 
  • Here, you need to add the domain name or sender’s email address.

8. Clean up the Mailbox- 

Microsoft offers 15GB of free storage space to the Outlook/Hotmail email account. So If you do not clean up the mailbox regularly, there are chances that you will run out of storage soon. Due to this, you might go through the Hotmail not receiving emails. 

So If you are currently not getting the emails on the Hotmail /outlook account, you need to clean up the mailbox. If you don’t want to delete the emails from your email account, Microsoft also offers you to extend the storage space. For this, you have to buy a monthly subscription. 

9. Check the server storage- 

It doesn’t happen often, but sometimes, Outlook does not receive emails because of server problems. You might go through such issues when Outlook/ Hotmail servers are down due to a back-end overflow or technical glitch. 

So If you haven’t found anything wrong with the server settings, Hotmail is still not getting new emails. You should check the server status. 

For inspecting the service status, you can visit the Down detector or the Official webpage of Microsoft. 

Change the Alias Name – 

If you can’t load the Hotmail mailbox on the Browser, it keeps showing the Something went wrong error. It means It’s high time to change the Alisa name from Hotmail, MSN to the outlook.com.

To do that, you need to get into the https://account.live.com/. Here, you need to follow the process given below. 

Outlook not receiving emails, Check alias
  • Open the https://account.live.com/ page on your Browser. 
  • Click on the Your info page. 
  • Here, you need to click on the edit profile info
  • Here, you need to click on the Add alias
  • Now enter your new alias and then click on the ok button. 

10. Optimize the Browser- 

Apart from the Hotmail settings, sometimes a browser can also be responsible for not receiving emails when Browser uses an old cache to load the outlook mailbox, and it won’t sync to the mail servers.

At such point in time, you might go through for can’t receive new emails on the Hotmail account. So you need to optimize the Browser. 

11. Delete the browser cache-  

Clear cache on outlook
  • Open the Browser
  • Go to the settings
  • Click on privacy & security
  • Now click on the clear browsing data/ manage browsing data
  • Select the time range all time
  • Now click on the Clear data, Clear All or Delete all button. 

Once you delete the browsing data, you have to sign in to the outlook account again. Now check the mailbox. Do you receive the new emails On the Hotmail account now or not? 

12. Update the Browser- 

  • Open the Browser
  • Click on the menu.
  • Go to the about
  • Now let it update the browser settings automatically. 

Why can’t I receive emails on Hotmail using the Windows Mail or Outlook application? 

When the Hotmail account can’t send or receive the emails on the windows mail or outlook application, you must check the following settings. 

1- Check the Internet connection on the computer- 

First of all, You need to inspect the internet connection on the computer. If the internet is running fine, you need to ensure that the DNS servers are responsive.

If not so, you need to change the DNS to the and

2. Turn off the firewall & security applications –

Also, make sure that the firewall or antivirus is not blocking the windows mail or Outlook. If it does so, you need to turn off the computer security for 15 minutes. Now try to perform send & receive activity. Let’s see is receiving the emails now or not? 

3. Update the Password- 

Most of the time, mail applications can’t sync to the Outlook servers because of invalid credentials. To assure that you are using the current password on the mail application. If not so, you need to update the password on the Outlook application. 

4. Check the Incoming & Outgoing server settings – 

Apart from the login credentials, An incoming & outgoing server plays a vital role in synchronization. 

So make sure that you have configured the Hotmail account using the correct outlook settings. 

Imap server name – Imap.outlook.com 

Port number- 993. 

Encryption Type – SSL 

POP3 server status – pop.outlook.com

Port number- 995 

Encryption Type- SSL 

SMTP server status – Smtp.outlook.com

Port number- 465 or 25 

Encryption Type – SSL 

5. Reconfigure The account-

If you have tried all these steps but can’t receive emails on the Hotmail account on the Windows mail app, you need to delete the outlook application and then reconfigure the account. It will start working fine for you then. 

Why is Hotmail not receiving emails with attachments?

If  you can’t receive emails on Hotmail Along with an attachment, Please modify these settings in the account.

Clear the junk folder- Go to the junk folder and select all emails. now press the trash button to remove them.
The attachment doesn’t have legal extension- The attachment might have an wrong extension. Which is not reinforced by the Microsoft Outlook & it encourage the suspicious activity,
The file size is too big- The mail size is too larger than supported by the outlook live mail. So you should ask for the sender to send you a mail with small sized attachment.
Review the email rules – If you have assigned any rule on outlook or Hotmail for attachments.  please terminate that rule from the mail settings.

To fix that, you have to go to the outlook settings. Now click on the rule. Now delete the rule for the email.

Why is Hotmail not receiving emails from Gmail? 

There may be mainly two major causes for not getting mails from Gmail account on the outlook mail. The very first one is the email filters. Be certain you haven’t established some rules for Gmail root domain name.

  1. Let’s open the Hotmail settings.
  2. Click on the email rules and If you see any rule related to the outlook. Just delete it from here.

And the second one is outlook connect. If you have configured the Gmail account on the outlook mail application. You might not have configured it correctly. That’s why you have such errors. So you can to go to why does Gmail won’t connect to the outlook for more help.

What to do if Hotmail not receiving emails on iPhone? 

If Hotmail not receiving emails on the iPhone, iPad or another iOS Device, Here are the ways to get that fixed.

  • Go to the iPhone’s settings.
  • Please search for the accounts and password and tap on it.
  • Touch the Hotmail account.
  • Swipe down and touch the delete account
  • Once the account, will be deleted, you need to press the add account
  • Select outlook from the list, and type your email address and other details.
  • Now select the services, and press the done button.

Outlook Not receiving emails on android phone? 

  • Please turn on the auto sync settings on android phone.
  • Update account login credentials on the android phone.
  • Configure the account with exchange server.
  • Use outlook official application.
  • Don’t forget to check the internet connection.

Why Is Hotmail Not Receiving Emails From Certain Domains? 

Probably, you have blocked that specific domain on the Hotmail account. Due to which, you don’t get  the new messages on the Hotmail account from a certain domain. So make the following changes to the Hotmail account. 

  1. Go to the outlook (Hotmail) settings
  2. Click on the rules button. 
  3. If you see any rule for such domain. You need to delete that. 
  4. Now Jump into the junk mail settings
  5. If you see any email rule for a certain domain. Delete that junk mail rule too. 

Now Hotmail will receive the new emails from those domains without any further delay.

FAQ’s Related To The Hotmail Not Getting Emails?

Why are my emails not showing up in my inbox?

If imap is not showing in the inbox, you need to check the imap/pop3 server settings. Here are the guide to fix the problem.

Is Hotmail password same as Microsoft?

Yes! they are same. because Hotmail/outlook is a centralized platform. So it works on all kind of Microsoft services.

Why is Hotmail not receiving verification emails?

Please go to the account settings. Here you need to delete all rules available for the spam mails. now try to access the Hotmail account again. it should be working fine.

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  1. Troy M. Vandenberg

    My Hotmail account is not receiving emails from Instagram. They are sending me the verification code.

    1. Lenora k. Yager

      first of all, you should check the hotmail account address on the instagram. most often, Users don’t recognize but have registered their account with another email.
      I think you have created a rule in the hotmail account. That is marking all emails as spam, which is coming from the instagram. To fix that error, you need to go to the outlook settings and click on the rules. If you find any rules available. press the delete button.

  2. Adam J. Quevedo

    Why is my Hotmail not receiving emails from a specific person. My best friend is sending me some important pics. But they aren’t coming.

    1. Lenora k. Yager

      There may be two reasons:
      1. You have blocked your friends address- If so, you need to go to the outlook/hotmail settings and click on the blocked address. If you see your friends account address there. click on the unblock button.
      2. Hotmail is considering the attachments as spam- in that case, you need to check the attachment settings. I have already shared that in this article. so you can scroll up and check that.

  3. Wilbur J. Langlais

    Why is hotmail not receiving emails on the android phone? It is my new phone and I have added my hotmail account on it. but still don’t get the emails.

  4. Julia A. Jeans

    Hello Askprob,
    It’s been more than couple of week. I didn’t get the solution. My Hotmail is blocking all types of incoming emails.
    so far, I have checked the mail filters, didn’t find anything suspicious. I am using my account through iPhone 12 mini.
    Please give me some other suggestions, If possible.

    1. Lenora k. Yager

      Sorry for the late reply,
      Let’s open the outlook/ hotmail account on the computer. Do you see the emails there?
      If yes?
      It means, there is an issue with the account configuration on the iphone 12. So you need to remove the hotmail account from the iphone and then re-add it. It will start getting the new emails now.

  5. Michele L. Hill

    Why Are my emails coming through outlook.com? Each time, an outlook.com users sends me an email, it doesn’t come to me. While, other emails are updated on the outlook mailbox. f

  6. Jimmy V. Okeefe

    Why Is My Hotmail Emails not being updated on the iPad Pro? These emails available on the mac pc. If I open the mail app on the iPad, only few emails are available along with the authentication error.

  7. Bernardo B. Tavares

    Couple of days back, My Samsung galaxy note 10 has stopped receiving new emails from hotmail account, while I was able to get new emails through webmail. But today, new emails are not coming in my hotmail account. I have tried to open the hotmail account on couple of other devices. but they are also unable to get the new emails. Can you suggest me, what to do in this case?

  8. Roderick O. Valenti

    Finally, I have started receiving the new emails on the outlook account. After reading your blog, I realized that the problem was with in the spam settings. I had marked the .com as a spam mail. that’s why every incoming emails with the .tld was landing into the trash folder.
    So I went back to the outlook settings and deleted the .com rule from the spam settings. now my email is working perfectly fine.

  9. Rick M. Reed

    I was unable to receive the emails on the outlook webmail, while new emails were showing in the outlook 2019 application. After a 30 minutes of struggle, I found that the problem was that I had not enabled the “Leave” option in Outlook. Due to which the copy of the email was not present in the webmail. If you are also facing any such problem.

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