[Solved] Fix Outlook Won’t Connect To Gmail Account Problem

The outlook App have been a big advantage for professionals. Especially for People, who are managing multiple accounts every day. With this app, they can easily handle the multiple emails.

When you configure any email account on third party application. It won’t ask to enter the password to access the mail account. That’s why, Some big email service providers like- Gmail, Yahoo, and AOL etc., do not consider it a secure platform.

Due to Which, When you add the Gmail account on the windows 10 mail or outlook app. It will not connect to Gmail and keeps urging you to enter the username and password of the google account. Even you will be typing the correct email password.

outlook won't connect to gmail account

Why Does Outlook won’t connect to a Gmail account?

In most of the cases, Outlook won’t connect to Gmail account due to the following reasons:

  • IMAP/ Pop 3 servers are inactive.
  • Gmail login details are invalid.
  • Gmail is not authorizing the outlook app to sync with the server.
  • Incoming/ outgoing addresses or emails are incorrect.
  • Internet accessibility issue.
  • Outlook app-related issues.

How do you fix Outlook cannot connect to Gmail account problem? 

Before you change the outlook or Gmail settings. You should check a few basic things.

  1. Verify the internet accessibility on the computer.
  2. Disable the firewall & other security apps.
  3. Correct the time zone & date as well.
  4. Check for an app update.

If you have already reviewed these settings, but the outlook isn’t working yet. Please make these changes to your email or app.

Check login details- 

If you cannot log into the Gmail account from the outlook application, please check the login details. There are high chances of wrong username or password stored in Outlook. Due to this, it can’t sync to the Gmail servers.Imap-pop-server

So you should update the password in the application.

  • Let’s open the outlook application on the computer.
  • Please click the files from the menu.
  • Now push the account settings button.
  • Select your Gmail account.
  • Press the modify or edit button(whichever button you can see).
  • Now remove the password from each box, and enter the current Gmail password.

Allow third-party apps or less secure apps – 

As we earlier said, Gmail doesn’t consider third-party apps as the secure app. because of this, the accessibility to these apps is disabled by default.

So before configuring the Gmail account on any mail app, it is important to allow the third-party mail apps from less secure apps.Allow less secure app

  • Let’s log in to https://myaccount.google.com/using your favourite web browser.
  • Press the security option from the left pane.
  • Click on the allow less secure app option.

Now retry to sync the Outlook with the Gmail account. Let’s see if it is allowing or not.

Enable the IMAP/ pop 3 servers – 

While connecting a Gmail account to Outlook or other mail application, you should enable the pop 3 or IMAP (whichever incoming server you are using)server on the Gmail.

Enable the imap server

  • Let’s open your Favorite Browser.
  • Log into your Google Account.
  • Press the Settings button on the icon and press the See All Settings.
  • Please select the Forwarding and Pop/IMAP tab.
  • Click on the enable IMAP or enable pop (whichever server you are using for Gmail).
  • Now press the save settings button.

Now go back to the account settings on the IMAP server and make sure the information matches the following one:

IMAP server name – imap.gmail.com

Pop 3 server name – pop.gmail.com

SMTP server name- smtp. gmail.com

Generate an app password (100% Working)– 

If you can’t connect the outlook app to the Gmail account, you should generate an app password for Outlook from Gmail. And then try to communicate with Gmail using this password. To do that,

Gmail won't connect to outlook

  1. Let’s go back to the https://myaccount.google.com/on the browser.
  2. Press the security options from the left pane.
  3. Now click on the app password, and log into the google account.
  4. Select Mail from the drop-down menu and then select your device.
  5. Press the generate button.
  6. Now you will see the app password.

Please copy this password and paste it into the account settings or configure the Gmail account using this password on Outlook. Now retry to sync the Outlook app to the Gmail account.

Check the port no and encryption settings- 

While checking the IMAP and pop 3 server settings, you should also ensure that the encryption type and port no. are correct.imap server port no

If they are incorrect, you need to modify them with the following one.

Port no for IMAP- 993

Port no. for pop – 995

SMTP port no – 465 or 25.

SSL should be enabled on incoming and outgoing servers.

You need to follow these techniques to modify the ports and encryption settings.

  1. Please launch the Outlook app.
  2. Proceed to the Account settings.
  3. Click on the Gmail app.
  4. Press the modify button.
  5. Press the more settings button.
  6. Click on advanced settings.
  7. Now check the ports and encryption; if they need to change, please do them, otherwise press the ok button.

Remove and re-add the account- 

After changing these settings, If outlook won’t connect to the Gmail account. You should remove the gmail account from the app and then reconfigure it on your desktop app.

reconfigure the outlook application

  • Launch the Microsoft outlook app and click on the files.
  • Click on the Account settings.
  • Select the Gmail account.
  • Press the Delete button.
  • Now press the Add account button.
  • Enter the Email Address and other required information, and then press I will configure my Account Manually button.
  • Enter the account server information and press the Next button.

factory reset the outlook app- 

After re-adding the outlook account, if the outlook is still not connecting to Gmail. You should refresh, or factory reset the app. so remove all kind of outlook profiles from the computer.

  1. Let’s open the control panel on the windows app.
  2. Click on the Mail.
  3. Press the show profile button.
  4. Select the Mail Profile.
  5. Press the Remove button.
  6. Now do the same thing with other profiles too.

Once you remove these profiles, you need to press the ok button and reopen the outlook app. Now set up the Gmail account on it again.

Frequently Asked Questions about outlook:

How do I reset the outlook app in windows 10? 

  1. Let’s go to the settings on the Windows 10 computer.
  2. Click on the apps and features.
  3. Pick up the outlook app.
  4. Click the reset button.
  5. Now press the ok button.

Why Is Hotmail not receiving emails on desktop or phone? 

There can be many reasons, but filter and forwarding issues are one of the most apparent causes. You need to visit: why is my Hotmail not receiving emails for more help

How to fix outlook cannot connect to your outgoing (SMTP) email server Gmail? 

It clearly shows that the SMTP server settings are incorrect. So you should verify the SMTP settings first and then check these settings.

  1. Let’s open the Account Settings window.
  2. Click on the Gmail account.
  3. Press the Modify button.
  4. Now Press More Settings.
  5. Click on the Outgoing servers tab.
  6. Put a check on SMTP requires SSL authentication.
  7. Select use the Same settings as the incoming server.
  8. Finally, Press the Ok button.

Now test mail settings; it should be connecting to Gmail without SMTP error.


If you want to allow the access to outlook application on the Gmail. simply go to the Security page in the manage my google account.

Now click on the app password. here you need to generate the password for your outlook application.

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    • You must have enabled the 2-Step security on your google account. That’s why you can’t see the less secure access on your device. in case, if you are having trouble in connecting the outlook to gmail. you can generate the the app password and try to access the account through it.

  1. Today I too am no longer able to login to my google account via Outlook 2021. The ‘error’ code is the standard, “Enter you account user name and password” prompt. Nothing has changed with my account. I can still log into the google account with the same password as always. All POP setting are correct. In short, nothing has changed. All other accounts connected to Outlook 2021 work without a problem (but no other google account being used).


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