Can’t Log Into Gmail Account | Fix Sign in Issue?

Gmail accounts can be easily accessed from any computer or smartphone through email addresses and passwords. However, some users may have trouble signing into google account.

When Users can’t sign into Gmail account they will receive one of the one of the following errors.

  • The username or Password is incorrect. 
  • This Password was changed a while ago. 
  • Can’t connect to the Google server. 
  • Can’t reach this page. 
  • Gmail temporary errors. 

I know how frustrating it is to lose access to your Gmail account. At such a point, you must want to retain access to your Google account.

So here is an easy guide to fix Can’t log into the Gmail account problem. 

Can't sign into Gmail account

Why Can’t I Log Into My Gmail Account?

In most cases, Gmail login problems appear as invalid login details. Your login credentials have been changed.

But sometimes, It can also happen because of browser/application or other issues. Some of those problems are listed below. 

  • Users are inputting expired or invalid Passwords. 
  • Auto-login settings are incorrect. 
  • Accounts have been misconfigured on the mail application. 
  • Google has temporarily blocked your Account.
  • No internet or computer settings. 

How To Fix Can’t Sign into Gmail account problem?

If you can’t access the Gmail account, you should try to access it through a different device or browser. If you are still getting the same error there. Please make the following changes to retain the access. 

Reset the Gmail account-

You cannot sign into the Gmail account due to the incorrect username or password error. I will recommend you reset your Gmail password. To do that, you can use the google account recovery tool. 

  • Open your browser
  • Go to the and press the sign in button.  
  • Enter your email address
  • Press The next button now. Enter your Gmail account address
  • Now Enter the last Password that you remember. After that, press the next button. (In case you don’t know your Password, Press the try another way button).
  • Now enter the registered phone number. In case you don’t have access to it. Please press I don’t have a phone button. Enter your phone number
  • Now enter the code you received on the registered phone number or emailEnter the code
  • Finally, create a new password now.enter your Gmail password

After resetting the google password, you should try to log in to your Gmail account.

Update the Auto Login Settings –

If you can’t log into the Gmail account using the auto login tool, you should reset the Password and update it on the Auto login settings. 

  • Launch Google chrome
  • Go to the Chrome://settingsGmail settings
  • In the Left menu of chrome settings, click on the Autofill option. 
  • Now Click on the password managerpassword manager, can't log into Gmail account
  • Please Click on the three dots icon available next to the auto password
  • Here, you need to click on the edit password button available next to the google account. edit Gmail password, can't log into google account
  • Now enter your admin passwordEnter your computer password
  • Finally, update your new Gmail password
  • Click on the Save button.

Clear The Browser Cookies –

Sometimes, users can’t sign into their Gmail account because of browser cookies or cache problems. So you should clean up the Gmail cache and other browsing data.

Here in this guide, I will show you how to clean up the Google Chrome browser. Just like that, you can clean up the browsers too. 

  • Open The Google Chrome browser. 
  • Click on the menu and Go to the settingsGmail settings
  • Click on the privacy and security option. Click on the privacy and security
  • Now Jump into the Password manager section. password manager
  • Select All options and Click on the Clear data.Clear data, Fix can't sign into Gmail account problem

Update the Browser-

Gmail will not consider it a secure browser when you are using an outdated browser. Due to this, Google might block the sign-in activities on these browsers. So go ahead and update the browser.

Update the google chrome browser to fix Gmail login problems
  • Open the browser
  • Click on the menu
  • Now click on the About google chrome browser. 
  • Finally, your browser will start updating itself.

Reset the browser –

If you have tried the above instructions but still can’t sign into the Gmail account on Google Chrome. Please use the incognito window or another browser to log into Gmail. 

If Gmail works Perfectly fine there, you need to reset the browser to the factory settings. 

  • Open the Chrome browser
  • Go to the chrome://settings/reset
  • Click on the Reset settings to their original default
  • Now press the reset button.

Change The DNS server settings – 

Suppose you can’t reach the Gmail website on the browser after optimization. You should Replace The DNS server settings with the Google DNS. 

Change DNS in windows computer- 

  • Open the Control panel
  • Type NCPA.CPL
  • Right-click on the Network adapter.Network properties
  • Click on the properties
  • Now select Internet protocol version 4. 
  • Click on the Properties button. Ipv4 address
  • Here, you need to choose the Use Following DNS server address. 
  • Enter the Primary DNS as and Secondary address
  • Click on the ok button.

Change The DNS in the MAC computer – 

  • Click on the Network Icon. 
  • Go to the Network preferences
  • Select the Network adapter
  • Click on the advanced button. 
  • Now click on the DNS tab. 
  • Here, you need to press the + button. 
  • Now enter the DNS address: and
  • Click on the OK button. 

Check Gmail services – 

If you can’t log into the Gmail account because of a temporary error. You should review the Gmail service status.  

Can't access Gmail account

There are high chances that Gmail services are down. That’s why you can’t access the Gmail account on your phone or computer. To review the Gmail service, you can use this guide. 

  • Go to the Down 
  • Click on Gmail from the table 
  • Now you can check the service status

Bypass the Two-step security –

If you can’t sign into the Gmail account and are stuck at the two-step security window. Generally, that happens when you don’t get the code on your phone. You can by password security by clicking on another way to sign in.  

Once you press this button, You will get another way to verify your Account, like- email verification or an 8-digit Google code. You can use them to recover your Account. 

Your Account has been blocked – 

When Gmail blocks your Account, you won’t be able to log in to the Gmail account anymore. Generally, Gmail blocks the Account when you violate the policies. But sometimes, they might disable the temporary access due to the many failed login attempts. 

So if you get too many failed attempts, you must wait 48 hours. Now try to reaccess the Gmail account. 

Disable The Proxy Servers –

Gmail won’t load on Google Chrome and keeps showing you the privacy error. You should check the proxy server settings. Most probably, the proxy servers are blocking the connection. That’s why you have a sign-in problem on the Gmail account. 

Can't sign into the Gmail account. Disable the proxy server
  • Go to the control panel
  • Click on the Internet options
  • Press the connections window. 
  • Now click on the LAN settings
  • Uncheck the Use a proxy server for a lan option. 
  • Now click on the ok button. 
  • After that, press the ok button again.

After doing that, you need to reboot the computer once. It will start working fine.

Enable The IMAP servers –

When Gmail is not syncing on windows 10 or outlook, the apple mail app, please check the IMAP/Pop3 server settings. They must be on. To do that, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

Can't sign into the Gmail, enable imap settings
  • Open the Gmail account
  • Click on the Settings
  • Go to the See all settings
  • Here, you need to click on the forwarding pop/IMAP settings
  • Now click on the enable IMAP or pop3, whichever service you use. 
  • Press the ok button now. 

Check the IMAP/pop3 Server Settings – 

If you Can’t log into the Gmail account on the Windows 10 mail or outlook application. It can be due to invalid login details or IMAP or pop3 server issues. 

So open the account settings page on your mail application. Now update the Google password. After that, you need to check the IMAP and pop3 server settings. It should match the following settings. 

Server NameServer Address Port NumberEncryption Type

Why can’t I access the Gmail account On iPhone, iPad, or Android phone?

When you can’t sign into the Gmail account on the iPhone, iPad or Android phone, please check the internet connection first. Now do the following thing.

Reconfigure the Google account – 

Let’s find the google password. If you don’t know that, you can reset it. You can delete the Gmail account from your iPhone and reconfigure it again. 

  • Open the Settings
  • Click on the Users & Password. 
  • Click on the Gmail account
  • Now press the delete account button. 
  • Here, you need to click on the Add account button. 
  • Now select Gmail from the table. 

You need to enter the Gmail information and click on the ok button.

Use the Gmail Official app –

If Gmail is still not working on the iPhone or android phone. You should install the Gmail official app on your device. Now sign in to your Gmail account on this application. It should be working fine now. 

Why I can’t sign into google account on android phone?

Generally, Gmail is not working on the android phone due to the outdated user details. So you need to remove the Account from android phone. now reconfigure it. for more details, you can visit: why is my Gmail not syncing on android phone?

How To Fix Google Couldn’t verify this account belongs To you Error?

Generally, this error comes up when you do not verify the account successfully. so you should try another way to verify and sign into the account.

How Can I Restore Permanently Deleted Account?

You can do recover the account only if you have deleted before 180 days. For that, you just have to sign into the account.

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    Is there any way to recover the Gmail account password?

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  7. Finally, I got the my account back because of you. I unable to log into my account because of the mail IMAP server. After reading your blog. I went into the Gmail settings, and enabled the imap servers. Now my Outlook can easily connect to the Gmail without any interruption.

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  9. Why I can’t access my Gmail account on the Internet Explorer. Whenever, I try to reach to the website. It shows me privacy error along with connection is not privacy error.

  10. I cannot log into my google account for last 3 days. It keeps showing me password was changed 3 days ago. but I did not change the google password.

    • Hi, It looks like someone has an access to your account. so they have changed the Login password. So I will recommend you to reset the password and secure your google account.

  11. I don’t know what went wrong, I cannot sign into my google account on the android phone. Whenever I tap on the Gmail application. It shows me can’t connect to this server.

    • Hi, First of all, you should check the internet connection on the phone. If you still can’t get into the Gmail account, you need to reconfigure the Gmail account.

      1. Tap on the Gmail application.
      2. Now tap on the profile.
      3. Click on the manage account on this device.
      4. Press the Google option
      5. Here, you need to tap on the Gmail account
      6. Click on the menu button
      7. Now click on the remove account button
  12. I was unable to access my google account on the Outlook 2013 application. So I removed the account from outlook. After that I reconfigured the Gmail account using the app password. Now it is working perfectly fine.
    In case, if you don’t know how generate the App password. here are the guide.
    1. Open the my google account page.
    2. Click on the security.
    3. Click on the app password.
    4. Press the generate button.

  13. HI, I am a Gmail user from Toronto CA. Earlier, I lost the Access of my google account. After reading your blog, I get to know that someone has changed my password. That’s why It was showing me password has been changed error. Also, they had the recovery options.
    But luckily, I had access to the the back up codes. So I was able to reset the password through it. now I have secured my account.
    So thank you so much for this excellent guide. I hope you will keep sharing the wonderful guide.


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