Fix Something Went Wrong Error On Hotmail / Outlook Account?

Microsoft Hotmail/ MSN mail users are dealing with the most generic error with their accounts. An error appears on their Browser instead of the mailbox when they login to their account. This error will show the following headline with a bunch of coding language.

  1. “Something went wrong error on Hotmail” mailbox couldn’t find. 
  2. Something went wrong; we couldn’t complete your request. 

This error mostly appears on the older versions of browsers. However, It can also appear on the latest browsers.

Why does Outlook keep saying something went wrong?-

Hotmail something went wrong mailbox couldn't find

If you can’t log into the Hotmail account because of mailbox couldn’t load error. These can be reasons for that.

  1. You are using the Older alias name like-,, etc.
  2. The Browser does not support the latest Outlook security patches.
  3. Browser Cookies/ Cache are blocking the connection.
  4. The network/ Firewall is blocking the connection from the outlook server.

So we know the root cause of something that went wrong error on the Hotmail account. Now it’s time to fix this bug on your email account.

How Do I Fix Something went wrong error mailbox couldn’t be found in the Hotmail account.

When you see something went wrong mailbox couldn’t find an error on a browser. You should try to access your account with another browser.

If the same error keeps coming on the other devices/ browser. Please make the following changes.

Create An Alias name with –

In 2016, Microsoft merged all its email domains with So if you are currently using any email with an older domain name like- or, the outlook server may generate the mailbox couldn’t load error due to the syncing issue.

That’s why you should create a new alias name with on your Hotmail account.

  • Go to the
  • Click on your info option available on the top menu.your info
  • Click on the edit account info option.edit account information
  • Let’s sign into the Outlook account.
  • You need to click on the Add Email address in the Account alias section.
  • Please Enter Your Username here.
  • Click on the Add Alias button.add alias
  • Click on the Make Primary option available next to the Outlook alias.Make primary
  • Finally, Press the Yes button.Click on yes button

Now Let’s sign out from your Microsoft account. After that, you need to log in with the new alias. It should not be showing the something went error anymore.

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Delete the Browser Data- 

If you are already using the alias but still can’t access the outlook account, The web browser might not be loading the data properly. So you should clean the Browser.

Remove cookies to fix

Here, I am sharing the instructions to clear the browsing data on the edge browser:

  • Open the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Type edge://settings/siteData in the address bar.
  • Click On the Remove all.
  • Now restart your Browser and then retry to access the mailbox again.

Just like that, you can also clear the cache of your other Browser. For example- how to clear the cache on google chrome? 

Check Outlook Service Status –

Sometimes, Hotmail users get something went wrong due to the service error. When outlook services are down. So you should check the Outlook server status. 

If Outlook services are down, you should wait until the services will start running fine. 

Outlook service down, Hotmail something went wrong error

Upgrade the Browser-

Several times, People are getting something went wrong error message on the Hotmail account due to the old version of Browser.

The internet explorer 7.0 and safari 10.0.0 browsers are no longer compatible with Microsoft Outlook.

So if you can’t load the outlook mailbox on these browsers, you should try to upgrade it.

If your pc is not supporting the latest version of this Browser, you should install Google chrome. Now access your Hotmail account through this Browser.

Reinstall the Browser-

If you have tried the above guide but still getting the something went wrong with the Hotmail account. you should uninstall the current browser from your computer.

Now Install the latest version of same browser on the pc. after that, you should try to access the mail account again.

Change The DNS Servers- 

add DNS
  • Reopen the Run window.
  • Enter the NCPA.CPL.
  • Click on the Ok button.
  • Right-click on the adapter, and click on the properties.
  • Choose the TCP/IPv4, and Click on the Properties button.
  • Pick the second option.
  • Enter and and Push the ok button
  • Press the ok button to close the internet protocol window. Now press the ok button again to close the network properties.

Turn off the windows defender firewalls- 

Also, sometimes the Outlook or Hotmail account doesn’t work because of a firewall or antivirus issue. So you should Disable the firewall and then retry to access the mail account.

  • Launch the ‘control panel.’
  • Choose the ‘windows defender & firewall.’
  • Turn on or off the ‘windows defender.
  • Click on the ‘Disable firewall.’

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