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We all know that Hotmail, Live Mail, and MSN Mail are all integrated into Outlook. So, whenever we need to access these accounts. We can log in to them by going to

But sometimes, some users cannot access their accounts on the Outlook OWA website. They face one of the following errors whenever they enter the login details and press the sign-in button.

  • The username or password is incorrect. 
  • Something went wrong. 
  • Sign in button is not responding. 
  • I can’t open the outlook page. 

Why Can’t I Log into My Hotmail Account Anymore? 

In most cases, users can’t sign into their Hotmail account because of incorrect login credentials. Mostly, you have misspelled the email address & password.

Fix can't sign into hotmail account

Also, sometimes, users cannot access the Hotmail account because of the browser/ application or other reasons. 

  • The username or password is incorrect. 
  • Caps lock is on while typing the password.
  • Email address have been misspelled.
  • No internet on the browser or computer. 
  • Computer settings are incorrect. 
  • Network settings are invalid. 
  • A computer is not working correctly. 

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How Do I Fix Can’t Sign in to Hotmail Account Problems? 

Reset Hotmail / Outlook Password- 

Suppose you can’t access the Hotmail account due to an incorrect username or password error. Please reset the password.

  • Go to the website.
  • Click on the sign-in button.outlook sign in page
  • Enter the email address & click on the next button.Email address
  • Now click on the forgot password.reset password
  • Pick any one recovery option like- your phone number Or email address.
  • Click on the next button.enter outlook password
  • Verify the Hotmail account by entering the Verification code. Enter code
  • Create your new password now.reset your password
  • Press the Next button.

Change Alias Name- 

When you can’t log into the Hotmail account and keep showing something went wrong, the error is reversed.

You should create an alias name for the Hotmail account. It should be rooting to the

  • Go to the
  • Click on your info section.
  • Press the Edit Account info button.edit account info
  • Please enter your Hotmail account details. Click on the sign-in button.
  • Click on the Add Email Address.add email address
  • Please enter your alias name, and click on the add alias.add outlook alias
  • Select the new email address as the primary alias.

Now you can sign out of the Hotmail/outlook account. After that, try to sign in through the outlook alias.

Check Hotmail Service Status – 

You should check the Outlook service status when Outlook won’t let me sign in. If outlook service Is down, you should wait until Microsoft fixes the bugs. This problem will be fixed within a couple of hours. But sometimes, It may take a little more time.

is outlook down

Review the autofill settings on the browser- 

When you cannot log in to the Hotmail/outlook account via autofill settings, please try to log in to your account manually on your browser.

If you can successfully sign into the Hotmail account manually. You should update the same password on the autofill settings of your browser.

Here I am showing you how to update the password on the Microsoft Edge browser.

  • Launch the Microsoft Edge browser.
  • Press the menu button shown as three vertical dots.
  • Go to the settings from the menu.Microsoft edge , Fix can't sign into hotmail account
  • In the profile section, Press the password option.
  • Press the menu button available next to the Microsoft account from the list.
  • Here, you need to click on the Edit button.edit password
  • Please Enter your Admin password.
  • Now update the New password.
  • Click on the Save button.

Clean Up The Browser- 

Now you can sign out of the Hotmail/outlook account. After that, try to sign in through the outlook alias.

Clear Cookies, Cache files- 

When you have Hotmail account login problems on a regular browser, you should try to access it through the new browser.

Clear cache on edge browser , Fix hotmail login problems

If the Hotmail account is working correctly on the new browser. It means the problem is within the browser itself. So you need to clear the cookies and cache.

  • Open the Browser.
  • Type edge://settings/sitedata in the address bar
  • Click on the Remove All button.

Just like that, you can also clear the history on the browser.

How to remove browsing data in google chrome?

How to clear cookies and cache files in Mozilla Firefox?

Delete cache and cookies from safari? 

Check The IMAP & Pop3 Servers – 

If you can’t access the Hotmail account on a third-party mail application. Please please go to the account settings. Here you need to update the username and password. Also, you need to update the IMAP settings for your outlook account.

Server AddressPort NumberEncryption
Pop pop.outlook.com995Yes

Pop 995 Yes

SMTP 465 Yes

The account has been blocked – 

Microsoft Outlook team has full rights to suspend your account. When they find any policy violation, they can immediately block your account. After which, you will no longer be able to access that account.

In such a case, you have to create a new account. Now make sure that you are following the guidelines properly.

Check The Network & Security Settings – 

You should check the network settings if you can’t access the Hotmail/outlook mailbox. Most probably, the internet is not working correctly on your devices. That’s why you are unable to access the Microsoft account. To fix that, you should update the DNS server settings.

Apart from the network settings, you should also check the network settings on your device. Make sure that your account is working perfectly fine.

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