Troubleshoot Microsoft Outlook Error 0X800CCC0E

When you launch the outlook to read some emails, it reveals Outlook Error 0X800CCC0E. May this error be a little frustrating for you? Isn’t it.

Generally, Outlook error 0X800CCC0E occurs due to the invalid incoming or outgoing server route. Due to which, Outlook application cannot connect to the mail server.

Other than that, there may be few other causes for this error:

  1. Outlook application is unable to sync to the mail server.
  2. The Firewall or antivirus is blocking the ports.
  3. Your computer is dropping the internet connection.
  4. The app is crashing or unable to process the request to the mail server.

outlook error 0x800ccc0e

Steps To Troubleshoot The Outlook Error Code 0x800CCC0E-

If you can’t send & Receive the emails through outlook app due to the this error. Make these changes into the application and computer settings.

You can use the steps given below to troubleshoot the problem; these steps are applicable for all kind of outlook versions like- outlook 2007, outlook 365, outlook 2016, etc.

Change the outlook port- 

Sometimes, Outlook is not synchronized the subscribed folder because of invalid port numbers. So you need to go to the advanced settings on the outlook and ensure that the details matches to the following one.

Imap server- 993

Pop3- 995

SMTP- 465

Here are the guide to change the port no. on the outlook applications.

For Outlook 2007- 

  • Open the outlook 2007 application (press start button >> all programs >> open outlook 2007)
  • Click on the tools and press the account settings tab.
  • Select your email account on which you are getting the error code.
  • Hit the change button and press the more settings button.
  • Push the advanced option from the more settings menu.
  • Now enter the port no: and press the done button.

For Outlook 2016, Outlook 365, And latest versions- 

  • let’s launch the Outlook application on your pc.
  • Hit the files option, and press the account settings tab.
  • Please select your account and hit the change(modify) button available on the menu.
  • Now hit the more settings button, and push the advanced option.
  • Directly change the port no and press the apply changes or ok button.

Enable the Authentication for outgoing server- 

Sometimes, Error code 0x800CCC0E appears on the outlook app due to the Outgoing server authentication issue.

As we all know, every email company is using SSL encryption nowadays. So if you forgot to enable the Authentication for the SMTP (outgoing) server, outlook won’t be able to connect with the mail server.

So you should enable the Authentication for the SMTP server using the instructions given below.

  1. Let’s go back to the account settings on your outlook.
  2. Please select your email account and push the change key.
  3. Now press the more settings button and press the outgoing server tab.
  4. Put a checkmark on SMTP requires Authentication and press ok.

Now press the Test settings button to check if your application can communicate with the mail server or not?

Restart outlook in safe mode- 

After using these techniques, if your Microsoft Outlook / Hotmail doesn’t get rid of error code 0X800CCC0E.

You should restart your application in the safe mode, now check if it is working fine or not?

  • Open the run box (press Windows + R key together).
  • Type outlook.exe /safe and press the ok button.

Finally, your mail app will start itself in the safe mode.

Reconfigure the email account- 

After making the outlook account changes, if you are still unable to access the email server. You should delete the all profiles and create a new one.

Please take these actions for deleting the email account from the outlook app.

  1. Let’s jump into the account settings on the outlook mail app.
  2. Press the email settings and delete account button.

After trashing the outlook profile, it’s time to create a new profile.

  1. Go to the account settings and press the add button.
  2. Now type your email information.
  3. Put a tick mark on the manually configure the account option and push the next or continue button.
  4. Now type your email details, incoming and outgoing server information.
  5. Let’s hit the more settings button, and press the outgoing server tab.
  6. Put a check on enabling the Authentication for the SMTP server.
  7. Now go to the advanced settings tab, and assign the ports for incoming and outgoing server and press ok.

Finally, your account will get setup again; you may start the send & receive an action to assure if the outlook is working fine or not?

Some Other Ways To Fix The Error Code 0x800CCC0E On Microsoft Outlook- 

If you are still unable to resolve the 0X800CCC0E error. You should check some different settings listed below.

Fix internet connectivity- 

As we all are aware of the scenario that the outlook demands an internet link to sync with the mail server. If you don’t have internet accessibility on the pc. you will send & receive package process will fail all time.

Turn off the security programs- 

Please turn off  the security apps( firewall, antivirus) on your device for a while, and then re access the outlook mail. Maybe the antivirus or firewall programs are blocking the route. That’s why outlook is not receiving emails and syncing to the server.

So, these are the quick tips to fix the Microsoft outlook error 0X800CCC0E if you still can’t resolve the error.

How To Fix Microsoft Outlook Error 0x800CCC0E error Gmail? 

If you can’t access the Gmail account on the outlook due to the error code 0X800CCC0E. First of all, you should check the incoming & outgoing server settings on the gmail.

IMAP Server Name-

Pop Server Name-

SMTP server name-

Port number for incoming server- 993(IMAP) and 995 (995)

Enable the Incoming server from Gmail settings –

  • Go to the Gmail settings.
  • Click on incoming and outgoing server.
  • Enable the Imap or pop server (whatever you want to use).
  • Press the save button.

Allow less secure apps-

If you have already turned on the incoming server but still getting outlook error code 0x800CCC0E, Enable the less secure apps.

  • Go to the manage your google account page.
  • Click on the security tab.
  • Press the allow less secure app option.

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