How To Create Email Rules In Outlook OWA?

We all know Outlook for its wonderful features. Email rules are one of them. With this feature, the mailbox will be worthy to flag or respond to the emails. So whenever someone sends you an email, The mailbox will take appropriate action as per described rules. 

So in simple words, we can also call email rules as filters. 

What kind Of Action Can I Take Through Email Rules In Outlook?

With the email rules in Outlook, you can take various actions for incoming or existing emails. Some of them are listed below. 

Flag The Emails as junk- 

If you are getting too many promotional or junk emails in the inbox, You can flag them as spam through outlook rules. So whenever someone is sending you such type of email again, It will skip the inbox and appear in the junk mail. 

Move emails To Another Folder- 

If you want to get some specific emails in the custom folders. You can create an outlook rule to move the messages into that folder. 

Email forwarding – 

outlook email rules also allow you to forward the emails to different email addresses. So if you want to receive the new incoming on another email account. You can assign an outlook rule to forward the email. 

You can also mark the message as readand Pin it to the top using the rules. 

Create outlook rules

How To Create a Rule To In Outlook To Move Email InTo Folder?

If you want to move some specific emails From your inbox to other folders in Outlook. You can easily do it by creating this rule. 

  • Open the outlook Account on your browser. 
  • Click on the settings.
  •  Go to the view all settings
  • Click on the rules button in the outlook settings menu. 
  • Now click on the Add new rule button. add a rule
  • Type any name for the outlook rule. Through this, you can easily recognize the outlook rule later. Outlook rule name
  • Choose the Condition from the drop-down menu in the add a condition section. If you want to move the emails that contain the Bank keyword in the subject or message body, let’s say. You need to select the subject or body includes. Now type the bank keyword.add an condtion
  • Choose MoveTo from the add an action menu. add an action
  • Now Select the folder where you want to move the messages. 
  • Click On the Save Button. Press the save button

How To Add an outlook Rule for a specific Sender? 

If you want an outlook rule for a specific sender, you can do that by choosing their email address in the add a condition section. 

  • Open the Outlook settings page. 
  • Click on the Rules
  • Here, you need to click on the add a rule button. 
  • Now give a name to the outlook rule
  • In the add a condition section, you need to select from option. 
  • Now enter the senders email address into Outlook. 
  • Please choose the appropriate section for their emails in the add a condition section. If you want to Delete them or mark them as junk, let’s say. You need to select those options. 
  • Now click on the Save button. 

How To create a rule in Outlook to pin an email on top?

If you want to add a rule to Pin an email on top in Outlook, you can do that by following the process given below. 

Pin on top

  • Open the Outlook Account
  • Click on the settings
  • Now press the view all outlook settings
  • Press the Rules
  • Click on the Add a new rule
  • Give a New name to the Outlook rule. 
  • In the add a condition section, you need to define the Condition to identify the email.
  • Select Pin to the top option in the add an action option. 
  • Click on the Save button. 

How To Delete the incoming emails in the Outlook by creating rules? 

If you don’t want to receive some specific kind of email in the outlook inbox. You can define a rule to delete the messages. So whenever someone sends you such messages, including the major keywords, it directly lands in the trash folder. 

delete filters

  • Open the outlook account
  • Go to the outlook settings
  • Click on the Rules
  • Now press the add a new rule button. 
  • In the add a condition section, you need to select the subject or body includes. If you want to delete the emails from a specific sender. You need to select from the section. Now enter their email address
  • Enter the common words that can help in identifying the message. 
  • Choose the Delete option from add an action button. 
  • Now click on the Save button. 

So these are some basic ways filters that everyone wants to create on their outlook account. If you need more help on email rules. Please comment down below. We will assist you in fixing the problem. 

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