How To Auto Forward Emails From AOL Account?

forward email from aol mail

Is there any specific application to auto-forward emails from an AOL account to another email account. I want to forward the AOL email to my Gmail account. It is the most common question AOL mail users ask when they are using multiple email accounts on the phone or computer. Yes! Earlier, AOL use to provide the … Read more

How Do I Delete AOL Mail Account?

Delete aol mail account

The aol mail is amongst the top 10 email services in western countries. Especially in countries like the United States. AOL offers two types of service plans, the first is free service, and the second is paid service plan. To be honest, both the plans are the best; no matter which accounts you are using, … Read more

Why Is IMAP AOL Not Responding?

Imap aol not responding

When you configure AOL Mail on a third-party mail application, you also need to configure the incoming and outgoing servers. Through which that mail application can communicate with the aol server. There are 2 types of incoming servers for the communication process, IMAP and POP 3. Whenever it comes to incoming servers, most people prefer … Read more

Why Is My AOL Mail Not Working On Mac?

aol mail not working on mac

Apple mail is a fantastic email software that can help you manage all mail accounts from one place. Also, this application is compatible with every email service like- Gmail, yahoo, outlook, aol etc. So you can add any email into it and start having the best experience on the email.  But sometimes, Apple mail on … Read more

Why AOL Contacts Missing From My Account?

AOL contacts Missing

AOL mail has given a contact feature, you can easily save the contact details of a person. when you need to send them an aol, you don’t have to open the diary to see their contact details. you can easily get their contact details by logging into their aol account. But sometimes, AOL users might … Read more