Why Is IMAP AOL Not Responding?

When you configure AOL Mail on a third-party mail application, you also need to configure the incoming and outgoing servers. Through which that mail application can communicate with the aol server. There are 2 types of incoming servers for the communication process, IMAP and POP 3. Whenever it comes to incoming servers, most people prefer to use IMAP servers because they are faster than pop 3 and provide a stable communication process. In comparison, SMTP servers are used for outgoing processes.

But sometimes, this IMAP aol does not respond appropriately because users cannot receive emails from aol mail account.

Imap aol not responding

Why is imap.aol.com not responding on the Outlook, iPhone or Android phone? 

When the mail application shows an “imap aol not responding” error, you should check the incoming address, port, encryption type in the account settings. You have entered incorrect details during the account configuration. That’s why Outlook or other third-party mail is unable to connect to the aol mail server. 

Other than that, IMAP aol does not respond because of these reasons: 

  • The username or password is incorrect. 
  • Internet-related troubles. 
  • Firewall/antiviruses are blocking the incoming ports. 
  • Application-related issues. 

How Do I Fix IMAP aol not responding problems? 

If you are currently getting an “imap.aol.com not responding” error on Outlook or other third-party applications on the computer. Here is the guide to fix that error quickly. 

Check the incoming server details: 

When AOL IMAP is not responding on Outlook or another third-party mail app, you need incoming server details. Most probably, the incoming account details are invalid. 

you must need to be sure that the IMAP server information is matching to the following settings: 

IMAP address- imap.aol.com

Port no – 993

 SSL – Yes. 

If your aol account configuration does not match the above, you need to go to the account settings and edit the incoming server details. 

  • Open the Outlook application. 
  • Click on the files
  • Go to the account settings or account setup. 
  • Select aol account and click on the edit button. 
  • Input “imap.aol.com” in the incoming account section. 
  • Click on the more settings button. 
  • Press the advanced tab. 
  • Enter port no –993 
  • Pick encryption type as an SSL
  • Now press the ok button and then click on the test account.

If you don’t see the IMAP aol not responding, you need to click on the Next button and press the finish button.

 Update the username and password – 

If your mail application has entered the information of the incoming server correctly, but still the imap aol is not working. So you should check the username and password in the application. Most mail applications are trying to connect to the mail server through the old password, which is no longer in use.

In such a situation, you will have to go to the account settings of the Outlook mail application again and update the username and password. After which, emails will start working properly in your account.

  • Open the Outlook application again. 
  • Press the files
  • Click on the account setup or settings
  • Choose the aol mail account and click on the change or edit button. 
  • In the password section, you need to enter the aol password
  • Please enter the full email address in the username section. 
  • Now click on the next & finish to save these settings. 

Re-setup the aol account on Outlook application – 

Let’s delete the current aol mail account from the outlook application and then re-add them using the valid mail settings. 

  • Open the Outlook app. 
  • Click on the Files
  • Go to the Account Settings
  • Select aol account and click on the delete button. 
  • Once the account is removed from the outlook application. You need to reboot the computer once. 
  • Now open the outlook app and go back to the account settings
  • Click on the Add or New  button. 
  • Check, “Manually configure the email account” option. 
  • Now enter the account details. 
  • Click on the ok or finish button. 

Finally, your account you will set up the outlook account on the outlook application. If you need a brief guide for account configuration, Please visit: How to add an aol mail account on outlook 365? 

Turn off the security programs – 

If you have configured your account with correct information but still IMAP aol server is not working. So, you should check your computer’s security programs. They may be blocking incoming and outgoing ports, due to which Outlook is unable to contact the aol server.

To check this, you’ll need to disable all security programs on your computer for a few minutes. Also, if you are using any VPN & proxy, deactivate them too. Now, open the mail application and click on send/receive button. Now check whether you are now getting an imap.aol.com error or not.

Check the time and date – 

AOL requires a secure connection for the communication process. That’s why they use the SSL connection. Because of that, if your computer is showing the incorrect time and date. The SSL certificate will not authorize the connection. Due to this, you might get the imap.aol.com error, and it will keep asking you to enter the username and password on the screen. 

Update the mail application- 

Sometimes, users might get the aol IMAP not responding because of the application glitch, which can be fixed by updating the mail application if aol IMAP is not working on your outlook application. Go ahead and update the mail application. 

How do I Fix IMAP aol not responding to an error on the iphone or iPad? 

If aol mail is not working on an iphone or iPad, it keeps showing you the imap.aol.com not responding error. You should remove the account from your iphone/iPad and then reconfigure it again. 

  • Open the settings
  • Tap on the mail
  • Tap on the aol account
  • Swipe up and touch the delete account button. 
  • Press the remove button.  
  • Now reboot the iphone/iPad once. 
  • Go to the back to the settings
  • Tap on the mail
  • Tap accounts and then touch the add account button. 
  • Select AOL from the list. 
  • Enter your name, email address, and password
  • Press the next button. 
  • Select the email services and tap on done

Note- if aol mail is not working yet, you need to install the AOL application from the app store. now start using the account on it.

How do I fix Imap.aol.com not responding on the android phone? 

Some aol may have the imap.aol.com not responding error on the android phone. They should also remove the account and then reconfigure it again using the exchange server. 

  • Open the settings
  • Click on the Users & accounts
  • Tap on the AOL account
  • Press the menu button. 
  • Select the AOL mail account
  • Press the remove account button. 
  • Go back to the accounts
  • Tap on the IMAP/pop3 account
  • Enter the AOL account details. 
  • Now enter the IMAP server details. 
  • Press the Ok button. 

After that, the account will start working fine; if you are still receiving the IMAP error on the android phone, please visit: Why is my aol mail not working on the android phone? There you will find the complete guide. 

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