How To Recover Missing Emails On AOL Account ?

Is Your AOL Account Automatically Deleting Emails From Inbox? Are you missing certain emails from your AOL emails when you haven’t deleted them?

This is a very intractable problem caused by a technical glitch in the server or the account settings. Apart from this, your AOL Mail account can also be a victim of hacking activity.

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If you have lost emails from your AOL Mail account and want to know how to recover them? Please read this article till the end and apply the given steps to your AOL account.

Why Did email disappear from my AOL account? 

Usually, the AOL emails are missing from the Account due to technical glitches on the server side or incorrect spam settings. However, sometimes, It can also happen because of the following other reasons. 

  1. Filters are landing the emails in another place. 
  2. Spam bots have marked all emails as Spam and deleted them. 
  3. Someone has deleted the emails. 
  4. Server glitches at the backend. 
  5. The Account is not syncable on the mail application. 

How do I recover the Lost email on the AOL mail account? 

Restore the emails from the trash folder – 

When AOL mail is missing emails from the inbox, you should go straight to the trash folder. 

Now check if you can see the missing emails there. If yes, you need to restore them to the AOL mail account. 

How to retrieve deleted emails on aol mail account?
  • Open the browser
  • Go to, and sign into the AOL mail account. 
  • Click on the trash folder. 
  • Select the emails that you need to restore
  • Click on the More button. 
  • Select the restore folder location from the move to section. 

Check the other folders, including Spam – 

You should look into other folders when AOL emails disappear from the inbox folder. 

Can you find the missing folders? If yes, you need to restore them to the inbox. After that you should check the spam & filter settings.  

Check the Mail Filters – 

If AOL mail is missing some old or specific emails from the Account, you should look into the account filter settings. Most probably, you have activated some filter that is marking the emails as Spam. 

Mail filters , recover aol missing emails
  • Let’s open the AOL Mail Account
  • Click on the Options
  • Click on the Mail Settings
  • Click on the filter settings
  • Here, you need to click on the filter settings
  • Now delete the filter

Check the Recent Activity – 

If you don’t find any filters, but AOL mail is still deleting some of your emails. You should take a look into the recent activity. You need to go to the mail settings >> Click on the recent activity to do that. 

If you find anything suspicious here, like- some unauthorized login or other activity. It means someone has access to your AOL mail account and is deleting the emails. 

In such a case, you should change the password and secure your Account. Now call the AOL support team and ask them about your situation; they will restore the permanently deleted emails. 

Check the Server status – 

It does not happen often, but sometimes mail disappears because of server issues when some glitches are running on the AOL mail servers. 

It will start deleting the emails automatically from the AOL mail account. 

So you have to wait until AOL confirms that the bug has been fixed. 

If you cannot retrieve the missing from the AOL mail account now. Please get in touch with the AOL support team. 

Fix the browser – 

Sometimes, AOL mail disappears because of browser issues. When you are using the old browser or the cookies cannot load new data. You might see an empty inbox. 

You can access the AOL mail account on another device or browser to confirm that error. If you find the missing emails, it means the problem is within the browser. You need to make the following changes to the Account. 

  1. Clean up the browsing data, Cookies or cache issues. 
  2. Update the extensions & Addons. 
  3. Update the browser as well. 
  4. Reset the browser. 

Check mail Settings – 

You should check the account settings if AOL mail disappeared on the application. Most probably, the IMAP or pop3 server settings are incorrect. That’s why the mail application sync with the mail servers, and some emails are missing from the AOL mail account. 

How Do I Fix AOL Mail Disappeared from iphone? 

If your AOL emails have disappeared from the iphone. You should check the Account syncing settings. Most probably, AOL mail is not synchronizable on the iphone.

That’s why some emails are missing on the iphone or iPad. To fix this error, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  1. Go to the settings
  2. Now click on the Accounts & password. 
  3. Tap on the AOL mail account
  4. Press the delete account button. 
  5. Now Tap on the Add account
  6. Here, you need to select AOL from the email server option. 
  7. Enter your AOL mail account details. 
  8. Press the done button. 

Once you press the done button, your AOL mail account will be added to the mailbox. In case, If AOL mail is not working on the iphone, you should update the password and account settings. 

Why Are my AOL mail folders missing on outlook or iphone? 

If some of your mail folders are missing from the outlook mail or iphone. You should ensure that the Account is not configured with the pop3 servers. If so, you won’t be able to download the custom folders from the web server. 

That’s why they might be disappearing from the Account. 

To fix that, you need to delete the current Account from the mail application. Now re-add the AOL account on the mail application using the IMAP server. 

Why Are My Old Mail Missing From The AOL Spam Folder? 

AOL keeps Spam mail for 30 days only. If any email is available in the spam folder for more than 30 days, it will be automatically deleted from AOL.

So if you want keep them for a longer period. Let’s go to the spam folder and mark those emails as not spam.

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