How To Update Lenovo Laptop Camera Driver?

Update camera driver on lenovo laptop

A driver is a program that instructs hardware on how to function on a user’s command. For example- whenever you want to access the camera on the Lenovo laptop. You will click on the camera app. Now a driver will activate the camera on your computer. When something goes wrong with the Lenovo camera driver, … Read more

Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Plugged In But Not Charging?

Lenovo laptop power flush

Lenovo laptops are mostly being used for business and study purposes. Because of this, the company’s focus is on making such a laptop that provides efficient power backup and charges quickly when it gets discharged. For this reason, Lenovo is using the lithium battery into their laptops and notebooks. Other than that, the company is … Read more

How do I change Lenovo Laptop Keyboard?

change the lenovo laptop keyboard

If you accidentally spilled tea or coffee while working on your laptop, due to which the keyboard is no longer working, you can easily replace it. For which you have to buy a keyboard from Lenovo store or amazon  according to your laptop model and install it. If you do not know how to change … Read more

Why Is Lenovo Laptop WiFi Not Working?

Lenovo laptop wifi not working

Lenovo laptops are built-in with the Realtek & Intel wireless adapters. Along with a static connection, it also adapts to quick wireless technology. So that as soon as you power on your laptop in a recognized network, it instantly connects to that WiFi. But due to some unusual circumstances, sometimes, Lenovo laptop does not detect … Read more

[2022*] Lenovo laptop won’t turn on | How To Fix?

In the modern tech era, Lenovo computers are setting up their footprint as reliable machines, and that’s why they are being used for business purposes.  These computers are built with good quality hardware. So helps you in reaching the goal without any performance issues.  But in odd cases, Users can have a “Lenovo laptop won’t … Read more