How To Turn Off Touch Screen On Lenovo Laptop?

These days, there is a vast demand rising for Touch screen laptops. Because this laptop helps you be more productive in a few creative tasks, Lenovo has launched a series of touch screen laptops, and that is known as the Yoga series.

The Yoga series is built in with the High-end hardware configuration. These laptops also come up with a quick responsive touch screen.

So you can efficiently operate the app or features at your fingertips. Although, the touch screen is a good feature. But some of you might not like it for personal reasons. So you must want to turn off the touch screen on the Lenovo laptop? If you don’t know how to enable or disable it? Please follow the guide given below.

How to turn off the touch screen on lenovo laptop?

How To Turn Off The Touch Screen On Lenovo Laptop?

If you want to turn off the touch screen on a Lenovo computer, and they have windows 10 or windows 11 OS. Please follow these instructions.

  • Power on the Lenovo laptop.
  • Press the Windows + R Button on the Keyboard simultaneously.
  • Type Devmgmt.msc
  • Click on the Ok button.
  • Now you will view the device manager window on the screen, Expand the Human Interface Devices Option.
  • Right Click on the HID-Complaint Touch Screen Option.
  • Now Click on the disable Device.
  • Press the Yes button on the confirmation window.

Finally, the touch screen will be disabled. You may now operate your computer by using the Keypad & Touchpad.

How To Enable The Touch Screen On Lenovo Laptop?

If you want to enable the Touchscreen On the Lenovo laptop, and you can enable it from the Device Manager. Here are the instructions for that.

  • Press Windows + X button on the Keyboard.
  • Select Device manager from the Window Menu.
  • Go to the Human Interface Devices Option. To find the device details, you have to expand it.
  • Now Right-click on the HID-Complaint touch screen option.
  • Press The Enable Device option.

Finally, the display will be enabled.

FAQs Related To The Touch Screen On Lenovo Computer-

What are the shortcut keys for the Lenovo laptop?

Well, there are no shortcut keys for the Lenovo laptop. So you have to disable the touchscreen on the Lenovo laptop, and now enable it on your Device

How do I turn off the touch screen on Lenovo Chromebook?

If you are using the Lenovo Chromebook. Here is the guide to turn off the touch screen on Lenovo chrome. Here are the instructions for that.

  • Power On the Chromebook.
  • Click on the google chrome browser.
  • In the URL box, Type chrome://flags/#ash-debug-shortcuts 
  • Press The Enter button.
  • Enable the Debugging Keyboard shortcut.
  • After logging into the Chromebook again, you need to press the CTRL + SHIFT +T
  • Now you can turn on and Off the Screen from here.

How To Update The Touch Screen Driver In Lenovo Laptop?

If the touch screen is not working on the Lenovo laptop due to the driver issue. You can update it by following the instructions.

  • Open the Device Manager.
  • Go to the Human touch interface.
  • Right-click on HID-Complaint Touch Display.
  • Click on the update driver.
  • Select the automatically update the driver.
  • Once your Device updates, you need to click on the Finish button.

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