How To Fix Lenovo Laptop Shut Down Suddenly Problem? [Easy Guide]

When you push the power button of your Lenovo laptop or desktop, the fan starts spinning. But After a minute, the Lenovo laptop gets shutdown suddenly rather than loading the windows boot manager. If your Lenovo laptop or desktop has also been stuck on restarting or shutdown unexpectedly problem. This article will assist you in troubleshooting the Lenovo laptop startup problems.

Normally. Lenovo ThinkPad does not shut down randomly. A computer keeps turning off only, it is dealing with the overheating issue, or some parts are about to fail. But the good part is that the Lenovo computer keeps turning off problem is easily fixable without seeking help from technical experts.

Why Does Lenovo Laptop Or Desktop Shut Down Suddenly For No Reason?

Generally, Any Laptop or Desktop shuts down itself to protect its parts from permanent damage due to overheating. When the laptop is heating above the damage level of hardware, The processor will automatically execute the command to shut down the computer. The computer has been caught up in heating issues most of the time due to the dust on the equipment or dirty processor fans.

Sometimes, viruses/malicious programs can force your Pc to get shut down. Several malicious scripts available on the internet will kill the kernel file. 

Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly

Apart from that, Some spyware or malware programs eat up the RAM and processor space by running unwanted scripts in the background. This unnecessary processing can hang the windows 10 OS and the processor, resulting in the pc freezing or rebooting.

Apart from the above issues, Sometimes Faulty or damaged hardware/Software (RAM, Motherboard Etc.) or windows may become responsible for the Lenovo ThinkPad laptop’s keeps turning off regularly problem. So here are the perfect way to fix the Lenovo IdeaPad or other laptop randomly shuts off.

How Do I Stop My Lenovo Laptop From Turning Off Unexpectedly?

Cleaning Dust Can Fix Sudden Restart Issue of Lenovo Laptop-

So often, We have seen Lenovo laptops shutting down problems due to the dirty fan or dust on the motherboard.

lenovo laptop shut down suddenly


As we all know, The Processor Fan inside the laptop works as a cooling machine, which helps cool down the processor. When too much dust collects on the Fan, it won’t be able to supply enough air to keep the processor cool. As a result, the processor will start heating up & your laptop starts shutting down all of a sudden. So, removing the dirt from the Fan can resolve the unexpected shutdown issue. If you don’t know how to do that? Here is the guide for cleaning the processor fan of any Lenovo machine.

  • Turn off the laptop and plug out the power adapter from your computer.
  • Now unlock the battery and remove it carefully.
  • Unscrew the back panel of your laptop. Always keep the screws in the safe place so that you won’t lose them.
  • Carefully take out the back panel carefully.
  • In some Lenovo laptop models, you won’t be able to open the back cover without removing the touchpad & keyboard. So, take care at the point of rear cover removal.
  • Unscrew the HDD.SSD, and remove the RAM from the motherboard.
  • Blow all the dust from the Fan using an Air blower.
  • Now clean up the motherboard and RAM as well. 
  • Spin the Fan by hand to check if there are any obstructions in rotation. If so, you need to check that carefully and remove the obstacles from your laptop.
  • Now install the HDD, SSD & RAM back into the laptop. 
  • Now put the back cover of the laptop & screw it properly.
  • Plugin the battery and power on your ThinkPad.

Now put your hand in front of the air vent and see if your processor fan is throwing normal air or hot? If the air is really hot, you will need to clean up the motherboard again & and apply the thermal paste to your processor. After that, restart the computer again.

Despite this, the situation remains the same; you jump to the next step; otherwise, you can start working on your computer.

Removing Junk Files Can Solve Lenovo Turn of the issue-

When you launch any program on the windows computer, it will create some temp files. So If you will run the same program after a while, it will preload it with the help of those temp files.

Generally, windows will kill these files right after rebooting process.

But Some program files may remain after performing the reboot process, which may grab memory and processing power. Due to this, the Lenovo laptop might shut down unexpectedly during the startup process. So it’s mandatory to optimize the computer regularly. First, you should try to reboot the computer in safe mode to do that. If it gets rebooted successfully in the safe mode, you need to follow the procedure given below.

Remove Junk Files-

  • Press the Windows keys + R Simultaneously to  get the Run dialogue box on the screen.
  • Type ‘temp’ and click on the ok. A window will be displayed with some folders and box on temp files
  • Pick all files by pressing the CTRL + A and then Click on the delete button.Temp files
  • Now Open Run dialogue box & enter the  ‘prefetch’ command, after that click on ok.prefetch
  • Click on ‘Continue / Yes’ and a window will pop up with some files.
  • Please select all of them and delete them permanently.
  • Now, Right-click on the ‘Recycle Bin’ icon and scroll down to select ‘Empty Recycle Bin’.

In case of your Lenovo laptop still doesn’t turn on, you should proceed to the following steps.

Remove Unwanted Application-

Never install any app or program you don’t know about on your computer. In case it’s already installed please delete by following steps.

  • Press Windows + X button and go to ‘Settings’.windows settings
  • In the settings, select ‘System’ and go to Apps & Features from the left.
  • Below you can find all the installed applications in your Lenovo ThinkPad.uninstall the application
  • Choose the unused applications and uninstall them.
  • After removing the app restart the laptop.

The virus can cause Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly issue-

If your Lenovo laptop keeps shutting off randomly after the startup process. There might be a virus or malware the computer.

These days, It is hard to keep the laptop desktop safe from malwares & spywares for a newbie. Spammers uses the smart new tricks to install the malicious scripts on the device. One of which are attaching these codes on the cracked version of software. When you download the program from untrusted source or third party. there are high chances of downloading the virus along with that file. Once these executed on the computer, It will keep turning off automatically after every few seconds. In such a situation, you have to reboot your computer in safe mode with networking & install an google antivirus on the pc.  That can remove viruses. Follow the steps below to remove the virus.

malware bytes antimalware

  • Remove the virus from a good antivirus tool.
  • Microsoft has already provided inbuilt security in Windows 10. A genuine and updated window 10 is much better than any third-party antivirus.
  • You can also the use the hitman pro and malware bytes antimalware for advance virus removal.
  • First, buy its subscription and they will guide you about their product installation.
  • Further, complete scanning removes all the viruses from your pc.

Lenovo Laptop Shut off Due To Hardware Failure-

If RAM is faulty in your laptop or desktop. your computer will start giving you the beep during the booting process and then shutdown automatically. In such a case, you should clean up the RAM using tinner, ram cleaning liquid & eraser, and restart the Pc. If the laptop or desktop keeps turning off automatically, you should replace it with a new ram.

Change Battery and Charger To avoid your Lenovo laptop shut down suddenly-

When your laptop’s battery is old, It’s will shells will start damaging automatically. Due to which, lenovo laptop does not receive the proper power supply. Your laptop keeps powering off automatically. In this case, you will be able to use the laptop only if you keep it connected to the power. Also, you can visit:  Why Is My Lenovo Laptop Battery Not Charging?  to fix troubleshoot the laptop’s battery issue.

Apart from this, always aim to use the branded power adapter for your laptop, If you are third party or repaired charger, It might cause the harm to the battery by supplying the inconsistent power  . So You can buy Lenovo Chargers from the official website.

So these are the steps to fix your Lenovo laptop or desktop shut down suddenly problem. If you have any questions, you can ask us on Askprob Twitter or via comment below.

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  1. My lenovo laptop shuts down randomly specially I play NFS game on it. Also, It is overheating a lot. Can you tell me what is wrong with the my Lenovo laptop?

  2. About three days before, I installed the Quick Heal Antivirus from unknown source. Since then, My laptop has started shutting down unexpectedly.
    Although, I have uninstalled the Quick heal from my pc, still I am dealing with the same problem. Can you tell me what should I do to stop my lenovo laptop from turning off unexpectedly.

  3. My lenovo laptop was shutting down for no reason. That was all because of the processor fan. It was not spinning. that’s why my laptop was heating and keep turning off randomly.
    Once I cleaned up the processor fan and plugin in again. Now my yoga laptop is working perfectly fine. also, It is not overheating.


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