How do I change Lenovo Laptop Keyboard?

If you accidentally spilled tea or coffee while working on your laptop, due to which the keyboard is no longer working, you can easily replace it. For which you have to buy a keyboard from Lenovo store or amazon  according to your laptop model and install it.

If you do not know how to change the keyboard in Lenovo laptop, then this tutorial will help you to do that.

Change the Lenovo Laptop Keyboard From Outside-

Few Lenovo laptop keyboards connected from outside and easy to replace. Follow the steps to replace the keyboard without opening Lenovo laptop-

  1. Use a paper clip or screwdriver and remove the keyboard socket.
  2. Remove the Keyboard Strip & jacks from the Motherboard.
  3. Now connect the new keyboard data strip on the motherboard using the same way as you have removed.
  4. Softly push the keyboard on laptop bezel to place in the socket.
  5. Start the laptop and check the keyboard is working or not.

change the lenovo laptop keyboard

Change the Lenovo Laptop Keyboard From Inside-

Most of the laptop keyboard won’t come out due to the internal screw. These types of keyboards by unscrewing the Internal screws. So, it is obligatory to open the laptop’s back panel.

  • Power off the Lenovo laptop and unplug the adapter.
  • Take out the battery from the laptop.
  • Turn upside down  the laptop and unscrew all the screws.
  • Carefully remove the backlit cover and find the screw which is for the keyboard.
  • Further, Take out the screws from laptop and flip the laptop towards the front again.
  • Take out the keyboard bezel from the laptop by through the screw driver.
  • Slide the keyboard little bit and then take it out from the laptop gently. if it won’t come out, check that it is not locked.
  • Now, Unplug the keyboard’s cable strip from the motherboard.
  • Connect the new keyboard’s cable strip into the motherboard.
  • Push the keyboard gently, so it’s nozzle can get locked into the laptop’s slot.
  • Flip back cover and screw the keyboard properly. do not leave it loose or too much tight.
  • close the back cover.
  • Insert the battery into the laptop
  • Finally, Power on the Lenovo laptop to check if it is detecting the new keyboard or not?

Repair Lenovo ThinkPad Keyboard:

If your laptop keyboard is not working due to spilled tea, coffee or water on it. So the first thing you should do is try to repair it. For this, you have to dry the liquid present on your laptop. Some people also call this technique dehydration or drawing.

  • Power off the laptop and remove the battery, Place your the laptop into the container filled with the dry rice for 2 days. the Dry rice are good in observing the all moisture.
  • Take a hairdryer & blow hot air on the laptop’s keyboard . Don’t use dryer on very hot air, Keep it on the medium hot.
  • Put your laptop on the terrace in a place that gets good sunlight. Leave the laptop on for the whole day, then plug in the battery and power it on..

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If you don’t want to change or repair the keyboard due to some personal reasons. I would Suggest you to use the external USB keyboard. Which you can use through the USB ports available on the laptop. These keyboards are plug & play keyboards. Once you connect them with the computer, they will start functioning.

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