Fix: Lenovo Laptop Camera Not working |[Best Guide*]

Are you having trouble accessing the Camera on your laptop? Well, this is the most common error on a Lenovo laptop. When users try to join through skype, zoom, or google meet, they might see one of the following errors. 

  • We can’t find your Camera. 
  • The Camera is turned off. 
  • An unexpected error occurred. 

In most cases, the Camera is not working on a Lenovo laptop because of the windows settings or driver issue. 

When the Camera is turned off from the settings, it won’t be able to function. Besides this, If your camera driver is outdated or corrupted. It will also cause such a problem. 

Lenovo laptop camera not working

How To Fix Lenovo laptop camera not working problem? 

You should restart the computer once when the webcam is not working on the Lenovo laptop. Now launch the zoom or camera app.

Is your Camera capturing the picture now or not? If the Camera is still not functioning on the laptop. Please make the following changes to the computer. 

Enable/ Disable the Camera- 

When the Camera is not working on the Lenovo laptop and getting enable the camera message. You should check the camera settings. 

Most probably, the Camera is disabled. So, you need to enable the Camera

  • Press the Windows + X button. 
  • Now click on the settings
  • Here, you need to click on privacy and security. 
  • Now click on the Camera
  • If the camera access is disabled, you need to enable it. 

Unblock the Camera- 

The company has provided the camera shutter in the latest Lenovo laptop models. You can physically lock the Camera when you are not using it. So you can be safe from hacking activity. 

When the Shutter is on, your Camera will show you a black screen. Also, you might see the Camera is disabled error. So, you need to remove the Shutter from the Camera to capture the picture. 

Check the camera privacy settings – 

If the Lenovo camera is not working in the zoom, google chrome or any specific app. You should enable camera access to that specific app. To do that, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  • Go to the settings on windows pc. 
  • Click on the privacy & security option. 
  • Now click on the Camera
  • Here, you need to look for zoom or a specific app. if the camera access is off, you need to enable it. 

 Enable The Camera from Device Manager- 

Sometimes, the Camera is disabled by the device manager. That’s why it stops working on the laptop. So, you need to go to the device manager and enable your device. Here is the guide for that. 

  • Open the run box
  • Type Devmgmt.msc 
  • Press the ok button. 
  • Right-click on the Camera
  • Now click on the Enable device

You need to scan for hardware changes if you can’t see the Camera in the device manager. After that, you will start seeing the Camera in the device manager list. 

Update the Camera Driver – 

Sometimes, Lenovo laptop Camera is not functioning because of a Faulty or outdated driver issue. So, you need to update the driver. After that, your device will start working fine. 

  1. Go to the device manager (run >> devmgmt.msc >> ok).
  2. Expand the Camera
  3. Now right-click on the Camera
  4. Here, you need to click on the update device
  5. Now click on the automatically download and install updates
  6. Once the update process finishes, you need to click on the finish button. 

Reinstall the Camera driver – 

If you tried to update the driver, that didn’t fix the camera issue. Please uninstall the current version of the Camera from your phone. Now install a newer version of the Camera. After that, your device will start working fine. 

  • Open the device manager
  • Expand the Camera
  • Right-click on the Camera
  • Now click on the uninstall device
  • Here, you need to click on the ok button. 

After uninstalling the driver, you need to reboot the laptop once. Now, you should check the Camera now. It should be working fine currently. 

Update the Windows- 

Apart from the windows pc, sometimes a problem can be related to the OS side. Probably, there is a bug in the Windows os. That’s why the Camera is not functional on the Lenovo laptop. So you need to download and install the windows update

  1. Go to the settings on windows pc. 
  2. Click on the Windows update
  3. Now click on the check for update button. 
  4. If you find the new update, you need to click on the download and install button. 

Reset The Pc – 

If you have tried to make the above changes, the Lenovo camera is still not working. You should reset the computer to the factory settings

  • Go to the settings
  • Click on the system
  • Now click on the recovery
  • Here, you need to click on the reset this pc
  • Now follow the instructions to reset the pc

Once you reset the pc, you can configure the computer again. It will start working fine on your devices now. 

 The Camera is faulty – 

If you have tried everything, the Camera is still not working on the Lenovo windows 11 laptop. It means there is a hardware problem. Probably, the Camera is faulty, or it is not connected to the motherboard. 

So you need to visit the Lenovo service center and ask them to fix it. They will set the Camera for you. 

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