Fix Lenovo Laptop Internal Speakers Not Working But Headphones Are?

People who use laptops for work. They often use internal speakers to listen to the audio.

Because of which Lenovo uses a better speaker in all its laptops, which makes the quality audio tremendous and keeps the speakers more reliable.

However, in some new Lenovo laptops, especially those using Windows 7 or 10, may complain about

“Lenovo laptop internal speakers not working but headphones are working fine.”

Usually, this type of problem comes when you execute the changes in the default audio settings.

Besides this, there can be some other reasons as well, due to which internal speakers stop working.

lenovo laptop internal speakers are not working but headphones are

How to fix Lenovo laptop internal speakers not working but headphones are working fine without any interruption? 

Choose internal speakers as default playback-

If your Lenovo laptop has no sound from internal speakers, please select the internal speakers as default.

pick default speakers

  • Initiate the control panel and press the sound from the list.
  • Select the internal speaker by pressing on it and Hit the set default button available at the bottom.
  • Once you see the green check on the speaker icon, press the ok button.

Now play something on your laptop; let’s see the internal speakers are working now or not?

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Increase the output volume levels- 

volume level

  • Let’s get back to the sound using the control panel again.
  • Click on the internal speaker, and press the Properties button.
  • Press the levels tab and increase the output volume level.
  • Now Hit the Apply button to keep the default playback saved.

Enable the audio enhancement- 

Once you enable the audio enhancements, it’s time to make some changes to the advanced settings. Apart from that, you also require to modify the default format.

audio enhancement

While changing the format, please press the play button to check if you get the sound from that or not?

  • Let’s get back to the sound properties again.
  • Click on the advanced tab.
  • Choose the default format as 24 bit or higher than that.
  • Check to enable the audio enhancement option.
  • Now press the Apply button to save the audio enhancement settings.

Enable the device- 

 Sometimes, Internal speakers don’t work on Lenovo because you may have disabled them from sound settings on windows. So you need to go ahead and enable them. If the speakers are disabled, you may get no audio output device is installed on lenovo.

  • Let’s Go to the windows settings.
  • Press the system and press the sound option from the left menu.
  • Press the manage sound devices available under the output section.
  • Hit the speaker icon and push the enable button.

Once the speaker is enabled, you may play something. Now the internal speakers will work fine.

Update the audio driver- 

After making these changes, If Lenovo laptop internal speakers are not working, but headphone works fine.

You should update all audio drivers on the laptop.

While looking for automatic updates, please make sure that your laptop is reachable on the web.

If it can’t sync to the website, you may download the recent version and install it manually.

Re-install the latest audio driver- 

After updating the driver, If internal speakers are still not working, but headphone works fine on Lenovo laptop. Please remove the audio driver from the computer and then install the audio driver’s latest version.

Update the windows too- 

Apart from re-installing the driver, you should also inspect for windows update. Windows might require an update. That’s why it is not operating some functioning properly. So go to the updates & security and press the check for update button.

If you find any update, download it and install it on your computer without any delay.

Factory Reset the computer- 

If internal speakers were working earlier, but they have stopped working right after the windows update. You should factory restore your computer to back the date when the pc was working perfectly fine.

Those are the ways to fix the Lenovo internal speakers not working, but the headphone works issue.


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