Fix No Audio Output Device Is Installed On Lenovo Laptop?

Lenovo laptops are famous for ultra-performance. The corporate or developers mostly use them. Though, the laptop works fine in almost every condition. But occasionally, you can have no sound problem on a Lenovo laptop.

If you will hover the mouse pointer on the speaker icon, and it displays “no audio output device is installed on the Lenovo laptop.”

no audio output device is installed on windows 10

Normally, This error occurs in Windows 10 or other OS due to the audio driver issue. Besides this, there may be 4 other causes for no audio output device found in Lenovo laptop.

  • You may have disabled the audio device by mistake.
  • The laptop is unable to detect the driver or device.
  • Viruses or malicious programs are infecting the computer.
  • The hardware is faulty.

To fix this audio output device is not available error, you need to make few changes to the windows pc.

How Do I Get Rid Of No Audio Output Device is installed Problem Easily on Lenovo laptop? 

Run audio troubleshooter- 

If the Lenovo laptop can’t detect the audio Device, Please run the audio troubleshooter program.

  • Right-click on the speakers You will find it in the Windows taskbar.
  • Press the troubleshoot sound problemsoption from the list.troubleshooting sound problems
  • Now let it scan your device If it shows some suggestions related to the audio setting changes. Press apply to fix button.
  • Once the troubleshooting task gets completed, press the finish button.detecting audio problem

Enable the Audio Device – 

If you are getting the “no audio input or output device is installed in the Lenovo laptop” error. Please open the device manager and check that you have not disabled the audio device by mistake.

The windows may also disable the speakers automatically due to the update issue.

  • Click on the device manager by right-clicking on the windows key on windows 10. (If you own Windows 7 OS, please run the msc command).
  • Right-click on the sound driver.
  • Press enable device from the menu(if it shows the audio device disabled).

Install the Audio driver- 

If you are getting no audio output device found error after installing the new OS.

It means there is no audio driver on the laptop. That’s is showing no audio device installed error.

In that case, you should install the audio driver into your laptop.

  • Open the device managerinto your pc again using the same steps.
  • Right-click on the sound & video controller, and press the “scan for hardware changes.” Option from menu.
  • Let’s windows scan your device; once the process completes, you will see the device that needs to be installed.
  • Right-click on that device and Press install the device.

Now windows will install the driver automatically. In case if windows can’t find the driver. Please download the driver from the Lenovo website and install it manually.

Update the audio driver- 

If you see the yellow icon next to the sound driver. It means the audio device is missing some files or not installed correctly. That’s why the Lenovo laptop keeps showing, “no audio output device has been installed.” error.

At that moment, you have to update the sound or audio files on the windows.

Remove the virus from the computer- 

Sometimes, you can have the no audio output installed problem on windows 10 because of a Virus issue. Probably, the virus has corrupted the audio driver. That’s why windows can’t detect the sound device and operate it properly.

anitivirus scan

So scan your computer with a trustworthy antivirus like- Norton, McAfee, etc.

If you see any suspicious objects on the pc, please remove them immediately and then reboot the laptop.

Enable the speakers from bios- 

If you have installed the recommended audio driver into the Lenovo laptop, the “no audio output device found” message is still appearing on the screen.

The audio device might be disabled from the BIOS settings. That’s why windows can’t detect them. So you need to open the bios on the laptop and enable the speakers from there.

Update the windows- 

Once in a while, the users might be getting the no audio output devices installed on windows 10 Lenovo laptops due to the update issue.

install windows update

  1. Click to the settings by right-clicking on the windows key in the taskbar.
  2. Scroll down and press the Update & security.
  3. If there is any update pending to install, Press the install now

Once the windows update process completes, restart the Lenovo laptop again.

Reset the computer- 

If Windows cannot detect the audio driver, please reset the Lenovo laptop. Perhaps resetting the computer, you must have to back up the data stored in pc. Otherwise, you will lose everything on your device.

If you are ready to reset the device now, restart the computer and go to the boot manager.

Now click on the advanced option and pick factory reset the pc.

Hardware-related issues- 

After making these changes, if you still can’t fix the “no audio output device found” problem on Windows 10. the internal speakers might be faulty.

To clarify it, you have to install the external speakers or earphones into the laptop. Now play something on youtube.

If internal speakers on the Lenovo laptop internal speakers not working but headphones are? working well. It indicates the hardware issue.

In that case, you have to replace the internal speakers on the Lenovo laptop. If you don’t know how to replace speakers on a Lenovo laptop? You can visit the Lenovo official service center. They will replace it on your computer.

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