[2022] Fix Gmail Account Settings Are Out Of Date Error?

Gmail settings are out of date errors frequently pop up in the windows 10 mail app. When you open the mail application on the computer, you will see this error with yellow background at the top of the mailbox.

Normally, Settings are out of date error appears on the windows 10 mail application. You may also see it on the browser or outlook application.

Why do I keep getting a message that my Gmail settings are out of date?

Generally, This error appears in the mail application when some google account info is out of date. when you have changed the password for Gmail but didn’t updated it on the mail application. Such error pops up on the screen.

Apart from this, There are several other reasons which causes the Gmail settings out of date error on the browser, outlook or windows 10 mail app.

  1. SSL certificate is invalid.
  2. Login credentials are incorrect.
  3. Gmail is blocking the mail application.
  4. The mail app is unable to maintain the connection.
  5. Mail app is unable to load the security patches properly.
  6. The Time & Date is incorrect.
  7. Windows is using the proxy or other security programs.

If you can’t access the Gmail account on the mail applications or other app due to this error. Here are the troubleshooting techniques to update the gmail settings.

gmail account settings are out of date

How to Fix Gmail account settings are out of date error in windows 10 application? 

If Gmail keeps saying, settings are out-of-date in the windows 10 mail application while the account is loading on chrome or another browser without any error. Please change make these changes to the Gmail and Mail app.

Update the login password- 

So often, The settings are out of date error appears in the windows mail because of login details. When you change the Gmail password, you have to update it on the mail application too. If you don’t do so, It won’t be able to sync the data from the Gmail server.

As a result, you will see the display settings are outdated errors on windows 10 mail.

  1. Let’s keep the computer connected to the internet and open the windows 10 mail application.
  2. Click on the Fix Account button appearing next to the out-of-date error.
  3. Now enter the Gmail address(on which you get such error) and then press the next
  4. Please Enter the Google password now and press the next If you don’t know, you can reset the Gmail password using the google account recovery form.Gmail settings are out of date

If you have entered the valid details. It will let you log into your account, and the error will be disappeared from the mailbox.

Correct the Time & region- 

The Time & Date plays a significant role in authenticating the valid SSL certificate. If the computer is setup with the invalid Time and Date or region. Then SSL certificate will decline the secure connection. So change the time and date settings on the windows 10.

gmail settings are out of date
  1. Right-click at the “windows” symbol at the taskbar.
  2. Go the settings from the menu.
  3. Click on the Time & language
  4. Turn on the Set Time automatically.
  5. keep the Set time zone automatically.
  6. Press the sync now button to update the Time and Date.

Now review the time and date on the desktop or laptop again. If it is still using the wrong time zone, you need to set it up manually.

Enable the SSL for incoming and outgoing connection- 

If you are using the IMAP or pop 3 servers for Gmail connection. Assure that you have turned on the secure SSL for incoming & outgoing servers on the mail application.

  1. Launch the Mail app.
  2. Press the settings button from the bottom menu.
  3. Now click on the manage account button.
  4. Click on the change mailbox sync settings.
  5. Put a checkmark to enable the SSL for the incoming and outgoing connection.

Now resync the email connection. I am sure the error will be gone. If it doesn’t disappear, you remove the account and configure it using the google exchange services.

Allow Less secure app on Gmail- 

  1. Open the Gmail account (On which you are getting an out-of-date error) on the Mozilla Firefox or Chrome browser.
  2. Click on the Gmail profile picture; after that, press the “manage your google account” button available below the email address.
  3. Click on the security option from the left menu.
  4. Look for the allow less secure app by scrolling down the page.
  5. If it is off, you need to turn it on by slide the toggle button towards the right side.

Generate App Password –

If you are using the Google account on the Windows 10 mail app via pop3 servers. I will recommend you to generate the app password for your Gmail account. Now configure the account using the app password.

  1. Go to the My account info page.
  2. Click on the Security.
  3. Now Click on the App password.
  4. Here, you need to sign into the Google account.
  5. Now generate the app password.
  6. Copy the password and paste it on windows 10 mail application.

Remove & re-add the Google account- 

If you have updated the Gmail password but still keep getting Gmail account settings are out of date error on windows 10 mail app.

Please delete the google account from the mail application on windows 10 pc and then re-setup it using the login details.

Steps to delete the Gmail account from the windows 10 mail app- 

  1. Enter Mail in the windows search, and hit the enter button.
  2. Push the settings symbol appearing at the bottom left side of the mailbox.
  3. Click on the manage account and then press the Gmail account from the table.
  4. Press the delete account from this device option.

Steps To re-add the Gmail account on the windows 10 mail application- 

steps to remove and re-add the gmail account

Once you remove the account, it’s Time to add the Gmail account on the windows 10 mail app again via using these steps.

  1. Open The mail application again.
  2. Go to the settings (as we went earlier).
  3. Press the manage account option from the settings
  4. Click on the add account button available bottom of the manage account
  5. Click on google from the list, and then input the login details to add the Gmail account.

In case if you can’t add a Gmail account to the Windows 10 mail application. You should recheck the password.

Reset the mail application- 

If you are still unable to update the Gmail settings in the windows 10 mail application. Please reset the mail application using this guide.

reset mail app
  1. Right-click on the windows key and press the app and features from the menu.
  2. Click on the mail and calendar option.
  3. Press the advanced
  4. Look for the reset button and Click on it.
  5. Click on the reset button shown in the popup window.

Once the mail app resets itself, you need to go ahead and re-add the Gmail account again.

Uninstall and Reinstall the mail app- 

uninstall the mail app
  1. Go back to the app and features window again.
  2. Click on the mail and calendar app and press the advanced option.
  3. Look for the uninstall button and press it.
  4. Once the windows mail app gets removed from the computer, please open the Microsoft store. (Type store in the windows search and press the enter button).
  5. Now you can install the mail application on your device.

How to fix Gmail account settings are out-of-date on any browser (google chrome, firefox, etc.)? 

If you can’t load your Gmail account on google chrome or another browser because Settings are out of date. Here are the steps to fix them.

Clear browsing data- First of all, you need to clear the cookies data from your browser and then reload the account. You can use techniques these cleaning process manually or using the Cleaner program for more help.

Update the browser- If you keep receiving the Gmail settings are out of date error after cleaning the browser. the browser might not be compatible with the latest Gmail security patches. Due to this, you may have settings are out of date. To update the browser, and then retry to open the Gmail account again.

Install the latest version of the browser- If this doesn’t let you get rid of out-of-date settings error on the browser. Please uninstall the current browser and install a more recent version of it. And then re-access the Gmail again.

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