Why Is My Brother Printer In Error State On Windows 10 Pc?

The brother printer are often known for it’s superior performance. As soon as you setup the printer in the home or office network, It will be active to complete the print command.
But sometimes, the brother printer denies the print command from windows 10 pc.
When a user gives the print command, it will show them brother printer error state message on the windows 10 pc.

Why does my brother say error state in windows 10 pc?

Normally, Printer in Error state message pops up on the windows 10 pc, when it is unable to find the printer. Specially, it happens with the USB Or wired printer.
Besides this, there can be several other reasons for printer in error state, which are listed below.
  • The USB cable has been broken down.
  • Papers are not ordered in the tray.
  • Printer spooler services are not responding on the windows 10 pc.
  • USB drivers are outdated.
  • UPNP detection issue.
  • The windows or driver need to be update.
  • Malware or virus are blocking the communication.
  • Printer hardware issue.

brother printer is in error state

How Do I fix brother printer in error state Problem on Windows 10 Computer- 

Here, we are going to talk about “how do I get my brother printer out of error state?.” Well, that quite easy to fix, you just need to make several changes into the printer and computer.
If you own a windows 7 or 8 computer, you can still follow the steps.

Run printer troubleshooter- 

If you are unable to get the brother printer out of error in state mode on windows 10. Please run the windows troubleshooting program to identify the root cause of the issue.

brother printer troubleshooting

  • Let’s open the control panel on the windows 10 pc. (type control in the search box >> click on the control panel).
  • Look for the troubleshooting option and click on it.
  • Press use a printer option available beneath the hardware and sound
  • Press the next key to detect the problem.
  • If you see any suggestion, you need to press the “apply this to fix” button.
  • Now your printer will automatically try to resolve the error. Once this process completes, you may press the close button.

Cancel all print jobs- 

  • Double click the Printer icon available in the windows taskbar menu.
  • Right-click on the print jobs waiting to be print, and click on cancel.
  • Do the same for other documents as well, if available.

Inspect the USB Connection- 

Let’s look over the connection between the brother machine and pc. They must be attached via USB wire. If your printer is connected to the pc but it keeps showing can’t recognize this device or brother printer in error state; please change a few settings into the printer.

  • Restart the Windows 10 Pc and brother printer once.
  • Remove the USB wire and connect it again.
  • Confirm that the USB wire is not defective.
  • Try to connect the printer with different port on the pc.
  • Change the USB wire if you have an extra wire.

Enable the pnp detection to get your brother printer out of error state-

Sometimes, plug & play functionality doesn’t work on the printer because of the pnp socket error. So you should enable the PNP settings using the steps given below.

  1. Open the devices and printers on the computer. (Open run box >> type Control >> press the ok button. )
  2. Right click on the brother printer and click on the printer properties.
  3. Here, you need to click on the ports tab.
  4. Now Chick on the LPT 1 port and press the ok button.
  5. Finally, reboot the printer.

Once you will reboot the computer and printer again.

Update the Universal drivers- 

If windows 10 keeps displaying brother printer in error state message after using the new USB cord, you should look for the update of USB driver.

  • Go to the  device manager. (in windows 10, Type device manager in the search box >> press the enter button).
  • Expand the Universal serial bus controller.USB driver
  • Right-click on the USB driver and click on the update driver option. 
  • Here, you need to click on the “search automatically for the driver update” button.update usb driver

Finally, your windows 10 pc will start looking for the USB driver update. If windows will find any update, it will be installed on the device.

After updating the driver, You can attach the printer through USB wire.  If your brother printer is not responding via USB wire. You have to reboot the printer & computer.

Check for the paper jam issue- 

Sometimes, brother printer is in an error state message appears on the windows because of the paper tray. When papers are not properly organized in the tray, the error in state message can appear on the screen. So make sure that the tray is attached to the printer properly and papers are also organized.

Along with that, check there should be no broken paper inside the printer. So remove the paper tray and check the printer carefully.

if you see any paper inside it, you may take it out. For more help, you may visit: how to fix the paper jam issue on brother printer? 

Clear the pending Print Jobs In Spooler –

Sometimes, Brother printer shows error in state because of the spooler issue. so you should clear all pending print jobs from the print spooler.

  • Open the Run box. (Press Windows + R key).
  • Type C:\Windows\System32\Spool\Printers in the run box.
  • Now select all files by using the CTRL + A button.
  • Press the Delete button.

Restart the spooler services- 

In some cases, brother users get the printer in error state message because of the spooler services. You should go to the service manager and reboot this service. Now re-print something.

brother printer spooler

  • Let’s jump into the windows service manager (input services in the windows search box >> click on the services option from the result).
  • Look for the printer spooler service, select it, and press the stop
  • Right-click on the printer spooler service, and click on the properties.
  • Select the service type automatic and push the start
  • Now click on the ok

Once you reboot the spooler services, you may retry to print the test-page.

Computer is using the wrong driver- 

About a month back, I have to go through brother printer in error state issue on windows 10 because of the wrong driver. I had installed the wrong driver for my printer. that’s why my pc was showing error state message.

To fix that, I had to uninstall that driver and installed the valid driver for my printer. So make sure that you are also not repeating the same mistakes.

Scan the computer- 

Sometimes, A driver or virus can also cause the error in state problem in windows 10. so you should scan the computer with a legit antivirus. If you find any virus on the computer, please remove it, and then retry to access the printer again.

Update the printer drivers- 

If the brother printer is yet keeps showing the error state message, you should restart the printer settings. you have to update the printer driver settings.

Or you may also uninstall the current printer driver from your printer, Go to the brother’s official website, download the recent version, and install it on your pc.  how to install brother printer on windows? 

Check for the windows update- 

Sometimes, the windows might be unable to detect the brother printer due to the patch issue. If it gets updated, the error state message will disappear from pc.

check for windows update

If there are any updates pending, please go to the settings and look for the windows update.

To update the windows,

  1. get into the windows settings.
  2. Click on the updates and security.
  3. Press the check for update button.

So this is the complete guide to fix the brother printer in error state problem in windows 10. In case, if brother printer keeps showing errors. please let us know.

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