Where To Find The WPS Pin Code On Brother Printer?

Whenever users want to connect a Brother printer to a wireless network through the WPS method, they mostly prefer the push button method. You can also connect your printer to the wifi through the Push button because that’s a quick and easy way to set up wifi on the brother machine. If you also use the push button method for the wireless setup. 

However, If the brother printer can’t connect to the wireless network using the WPS button, you can use the WPS Pin method for the connection setup purpose. 

In this method, you need to generate a pin on the printer and enter it on the Router to join the wireless network. If you are a new brother printer user, you may not have an idea about.

Where to find the wps pin on brother printer

Where to find the WPS pin on the brother printer? 


How to connect a printer to the wifi using a WPS pin? 

To help you in this situation, I have written a separate article, a complete article on WPS-related queries. So you can read this article to find the answers related to the WPS pin button. 

What is the WPS pin? 

A WPS pin is a unique pin code generated by the device. It is a 6 or 8 digit number that helps authenticate the wireless connectivity on the printer or other device.

When you connect a device to the wireless access point through WPS, you have to generate the WPS pin on that device. Now enter that code in the WPS settings of the Router. Once you press the Ok button after entering the pin, the Router will sync the connection. 

 Where Can I Find The WPS Pin On the Brother Printer? 

If you don’t know how to access the WPS Pin on the brother printer? You can easily find that using the instructions given below. 

  • Power on the brother
  • Once the printer displays the home/ ready screen. Press the menu button. 
  • Go to the network and click on the ok button. 
  • Select the WLAN using arrows or touch buttons and then press the ok.
  • Pick the WPS Pin option; after that, press the ok
  • Now you will see the 8 digit code on the printer screen. That is your pin code for WPS. 

How To Connect Brother Printer To the wifi Using WPS pin? 

If you want to connect the brother printer to the Router using the WPS pin. Here is the wifi setup guide through WPS Pin, and you can apply it to your device. 

  1. First of all, keep the printer within the wifi range. 
  2. Power on the brother printer
  3. Press the menu button.
  4. Go to the network using the arrows button and click on the ok button. 
  5. Select the WLAN setup and then go to the WPS pin
  6. Once you see the pin code on the screen, you need to leave it as it is. 
  7. Now open the router admin panel. 
  8. Go to the wireless network and click on the WPS connection. 
  9. Select the WPS pin method. 
  10. Enter the pin code that is appearing on the printer screen. 
  11. Press the OK button now. 

Once you press the ok button, your Router will start syncing to the printer. It may take up to 2 minutes. So do not turn off the printer or Router until the connection process finishes. 

What is the difference between WPS Pin & Wireless Password? Are they similar? 

First of all, They are not WPS pins; wireless passwords are not similar, and they are very different. If you try to connect to the wireless network using the WLAN setup guide, you must enter the network password. Meanwhile, the WPS pin helps connect a device through the WPS standard. 

Can I Change My WPS Pin On the Brother Printer? 

The WPS pin is a self-generated pin code. So you won’t be able to make your pin. However, if you want to change the pin, you can simply reset the network settings. 

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