How To Fix Unable To Print ZC Error On Brother Printer?

Brother printers are always built with a durable power supply. So that the problems related to power do not come in the printer.

Whenever you press the power button to print, it simply turns on and is ready to handle your print request. But still, in some printers, users may have to face some common problems with power. Brother printer unable to print ZC error is one of them.

Generally, unable to print zc error on brother printer appears due to the improper supply. When a printer is not properly connected to the power outlet (interver, Power socket) or the Printer source is unable to process the request. Printer will not be able to function properly. 

unable to print zc error on brother printer

But the good part is that this problem is easily fixable. You have to follow the techniques given below to get out from being unable to print zc error on brother printer. 

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How to fix the brother printer unable to print zc error ? 

When a printer is showing unable to print Zc error, you should reboot the printer once. So unplug the power adapter from the printer. now wait for a minute. now plug it back into computer. After that, you need to follow the instructions given below.

Check the power adapter- 

Mostly, brother printers run on the 12V and 3A Dc power adapter. When your printer is unable to print due to the zc error. You should power the wire. Make sure, You are using the required power adapter. 

 Also, Check the health of the power adapter. It should not be broken and functioning properly. 

Use the printer directly to the power socket- 

If your printer is currently connected to the specific power source like- UPS or inverter. Please disconnect it from a specific power source and connect it directly to the wall socket. 

Now install the new cartridge into the printer and run it on your computer or network. 

Put a filter on the power supply- 

If your printer is still suffering through irregular power supply. There might be an issue with the unwanted periodic ripple and spikes with the device or power source. Which is also known as power noise

To fix that, you have to install the power noise filter on the power supply. The filter should consist of L2 and C3.

Use the voltage stabilizer- 

If you have already tried all these steps but can’t get away from being unable to print zc error on the brother printer. Please use the Voltage stabilizer into the printer. 

You can choose any type of stabilizer for the network but IC (integrated circuit) stabilizer is the ideal choice. 

So these are the steps to fix the ZC error on the brother printer. In case, if you are still dealing with the irregular power issues on the brother printer. Please tell us in the comment below. 

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