How To Fix Brother Printer Says Offline On iPhone?

Recently, my Iphone was disconnected from the Iphone. Due to this, I was trying to print something; my Iphone was showing a brother printer offline status. Although, I got it online after 15 minutes of Hussle. 

Later, I thought to write an article about brother printer offline problem on Iphone or iPad. So anyone of you is juggling the offline printer issue, you can use this guide to get it back online. 

Why is my Brother printer offline on my iPhone?

Brother printer offline on iphone

Ideally, the brother goes offline on Iphone due to the connection problem. So you should check the connection between the printer and iPhone/iPad. Generally, a connection problem appears because of the following reasons. 

  • The printer is not connected to the WIFI. 
  • Printer & Iphone are not available on a similar network. 
  • The Air Print feature is off. 
  • Brother App requires an update. 

How do I get my printer back online with my iPhone?

Reboot the devices- 

When your Iphone is showing brother printer offline status, you should begin with rebooting the device. 

So go ahead and reboot the brother printer first. After that, reboot the Iphone. 

Check The Connection –

Let’s check the connection between Iphone and the computer. Be sure that your brother is available in the network. If your brother printer is not connected to the WIFI, you should go to the WLAN settings. Now connect it to the WIFi

If your printer is showing a connectivity error, you should reset the network settings and reconnect it to the Wireless network. 

Also, be sure that your iPhone is connected to a Similar network. In case, If you are using iPhone on cellular data, you need to turn on the WIFI and connect it to the WIFI now. 

Connect the Brother printer using WIFI direct Feature- 

When brother printer says offline on Iphone while using it through WIFI Network, you should use the WIFI direct feature to print the document. In this case, you have to enable the WIFI direct feature. Now connect the Iphone to the WIFI by using the following instructions. 

Step 1: Enable The WIFI direct- 

  • Power on the brother machine
  • Press The Menu button. 
  • Now Go to The Network Setup or Network settings
  • Click on the Wireless Settings or WLAN settings
  • Now Click On the WIFI Direct option. 
  • Please turn it on now. 

Connect the iPhone to the brother printer- 

After enabling the WIFI direct feature, It’s time to connect the brother printer to the Iphone. For that, you need to follow the instructions given below. 

  • Open the settings
  • Tap on the WIFI
  • Click on the Brother printer name from the network list. 
  • Now enter the WIFI direct password
  • Press the connect button. 

After connecting a printer, you may now print from Iphone. It will start printing fine.  

Use The Brother Printer App- 

Sometimes, an Air Print can cause the brother printer offline problem on Iphone, which can be fixed by rebooting or updating the Iphone. Somehow, If your printer is still not coming online on the Iphone.

You should install the brother’s official IOS app on your iPhone. Now add your printer to this app. after that, try to print the documents through this app.  

Update The Iphone – 

Sometimes, Iphone does not print due to the issue of the internal file. Due to this, you will get the Brother printer offline error on Iphone.

To fix this error, you have to update the IOS. Also, update the printing app to the recent version.

Update the Printer- 

Apart from the Iphone, sometimes a problem can be on the printer side, and that’s why it won’t show online on the Iphone. So you need to update the brother printer firmware. 

After that, you should try to print the documents again, and it should be working fine on your devices now. 

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