Why Is My Brother Printer Offline When It Is On?

Are you unable to print from your brother printer due to the offline error? Well, this is a once in a while error. That can occur due to hardware, software & Connection issues. 

Are you getting confused about it? Do not worry; let’s explain why it says my Brother printer is offline.

  • Printer and computer are no longer available in the similar network. 
  • The driver is corrupted/ outdated. 
  • Brother printer is in deep sleep mode. 
  • You are using the wrong property to print the documents. 
  • Firewall/ Antivirus software are blocking the connection. 

So you have to make changes to the printer & computer to get it back online, which are available

Brother printer says offline

How Do I Get My Brother Printer Back Online?

1. Restart the devices – 

When the brother printer is offline on the Windows computer, you should reboot the printer, computer, and router. After rebooting the printer. You should give new print command. 

2. Keep the printer active – 

Let’s ensure your printer is not in sleep/ idle mode if it is in sleep or idle mode. You need to wake it up by pushing the power button. 

If your brother printer is stuck in sleep mode, you must power it off and turn it back on. 

3. Run the windows troubleshooting program – 

Windows pc has a wonderful program to diagnose the issue. This tool is known as a troubleshooting program. So you can use this tool to find out why the brother printer shows an offline problem. 

  • Press the Windows + X button. Settings on computer
  • Go to the settings option. 
  • Click on the Bluetooth & devicesBluetooth and devices , Fix brother printer offline
  • Press the printers & scanners option. Printers & scanners
  • Click on the Brother printerSelect the printer
  • Click on the Run the troubleshooterRun the troubleshooter

Finally, it will start detecting the causes. This may take a while. Once you see any suggestions, press the apply to fix button. 

4. Check the Network connection on the printer – 

In most cases, Brother printer says offline due to the connection issue. So you need to go to the settings; here, you need to inspect the wireless settings. Suppose your brother machine is not connected to the wireless network. You need to connect it to the network. 

  • Power on the brother machine
  • Press the menu button. 
  • Go to the Network option. Network, brother printer keeps going offline
  • Press the WLAN option. WLAN
  • Click on the Setup wizard. setup wizard
  • Choose your Network name SSIDNetwork name ssid
  • Enter The WIFI passwordNetwork password
  • Press the connect or done button. 

If your brother printer is not connecting to the wifi via the setup wizard, you can use the WPS or other methods to setup with wifi

Note- you should always keep the printer and computer in a similar network. Otherwise, your brother printer will keep showing the offline error. 

5. Setup the Brother printer property as default on the windows machine – 

Sometimes, windows computers can show the brother printer offline error due to the wrong property selection.

Probably, you have given the print command to the wrong printer. That’s why it won’t print the documents and keeps showing you offline errors on your screen. 

  • Go to the settings in windows pc. Settings on computer
  • Click on the Bluetooth & devicesBluetooth and devices , Fix brother printer offline
  • Press Printers & scanners option. Printers & scanners
  • Please choose your printer from the list. Select the printer
  • Press the set as the default button. Set as default

After setting up the default printer, you should give new print command. Let’s see printing now or still showing the offline error. 

6. Discard the Use printer offline feature to print the documents – 

When your brother printer is showing offline when it’s connected to the network. You should go to the printer settings and Deselect the Use printer offline feature.

  • Open Control Panel On Pc.
  • Now click on Devices & PrintersDevices and printers
  • Right-click on the brother printer propertyBrother printer, Brother printer says offline
  • Press see what’s printing option. see whats printing
  • Now press the printer option from the left menu. Printer option, brother printer keeps going offline
  • Uncheck the use printer offline option. use printer offline

7. Update the printer driver – 

When brother keeps going offline on the windows pc, it works fine on other devices. It can happen due to driver issues. Probably, the driver is not corrupted or outdated. 

So you should update the printer driver. If you don’t know how to do that? Here is the guide for you. 

  • Press the Windows + X button. 
  • Click on the device managerDevice manager
  • Expand the print queue option. Print queue, fix brother printer says offline
  • Right-click on the brother from the list. 
  • Press the update driver option. update driver e
  • Pick up the search automatically for the driver option. search automatically for drivers
  • Once the driver gets updated, press the finish button. 

8. Update the Printer firmware – 

Apart from the printer driver, sometimes a printer firmware can have malfunctions. Due to this, you might get a brother printer that says offline error on windows 10, 11 pc. 

In such a case, you have to update the brother printer firmware. Here is a quick guide for that. 

  • Power on the brother machine
  • Press the menu/Home button. 
  • Go to the settings / Setup
  • Now click on the Firmware update
  • Press the check for update button. 

9. Reinstall the printer- 

If you have updated the brother printer & driver, it still keeps going offline on windows 10. You should uninstall the printer from your computer. You can follow the instructions below for complete uninstallation of the brother printer. 

  • Press the Windows + X button.  
  • Go to the devices and printers option. Device manager
  • Press the print queue option. Print queue
  • Now right-click on the brother printer
  • Press the uninstall deviceuninstall printer
  • Click on the uninstall device button. uninstall printer to fix brother printer offline
  • Finally, your printer will be uninstalled

Now download a new printer driver from the brother website. After that, set up the brother printer again on your pc. 

10 . Turn off the computer Security – 

Sometimes, Brother printer says offline on windows 10 because of the firewall/antivirus issue. So you should turn off the computer security programs. 

Now reboot the printer and computer once. After that, print something from your machine. Is it printing directly or not? 

11. Reset the Printer – 

If you have tried the above instructions, your brother printer keeps going offline on all devices. You should factory reset the printer

  • Turn on the printer
  • Go to the settings / Initial Setup
  • Click on the reset option. 
  • Press 1 to continue.

After resetting the brother machine, you should connect it to a similar network. Now give a new printer command. It should print fine. 

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