How To Replace The Ink Cartridge & Toner In Brother Printer

If you are a brother printer user, you must know about replacing the ink cartridge. Each ink cartridge or toner has a limited amount of ink that can print hundreds of papers.

Once the ink cartridge gets empty, the brother machine will start printing completely blank pages.

Once the ink cartridge empties, you have to buy a new cartridge and install it on your brother machine.

To keep the printer working flawlessly, you must be a genuine cartridge from the brother store or other places. Do not go for refilling the cartridge or buying a local cartridge. It may damage your printer.

Along with this, you should also choose the cartridge, which is compatible with your printer model.

The process to replace the ink cartridge in Brother MFC printer- 

replace ink cartridge on brother printer

Remove the ink cartridge- 

As we all know, to install a new cartridge, we must have to remove the empty cartridge from the printer. So here is the guide to change it. Here, I am replacing the black cartridge; If you have any other color to change, you may use the same tricks.

Make sure the brother machine is on, and you are at the home screen.

Open the cartridge cover.

Press down the lock, which is available up to the black cartridge.

Now pull the ink cartridge nice and easy.

Do the same with other ink cartridge cartridges as well, if need to replace on your brother printer.

in case, if you are getting the black spots after installing the cartridge, you may visit:  how to fix Brother printer black smudges on paper

Install a new ink cartridge in brother printer- 

Right after removing the cartridge from the brother printer, installing the cartridge into the printer is a time.

Unbox the new ink cartridge.

Remove the green protected cover from the cartridge nice and easy. Please do not force it. Otherwise, it may damage the cartridge.

Once the protected cover is removed, install the ink cartridge into the brother MFC printer.

If the cartridge gets installed correctly, you will hear a click sound, and the lock lever will pull up automatically.

Now the brother printer will detect the changes and Press 1 to save these changes.

Congratulations! the cartridge has been successfully installed into your printer. You may print or copy something from your printer. Let’s see if your printer is printing faded pages or dark text.

How to replace the ink toner in the Brother DCP or other printer? 

Apart from the Brother DCP printers, some MFC models are also using toner cartridge rather than a simple ink cartridge. The laser printer mostly uses toner cartridges.

If your brother printer is again using the toner, you may easily replace the toner cartridge by following the steps given below.

  • Switch off the brother laser printer. Take out the power wire from the socket.
  • Now open the cartridge cover, and pull out the drum unit.
  • Press the lever down to unlock the cartridge, and remove it nice and easy.
  • Now Place the toner cartridge on the drum unit, and push down to get it locked. Once the cartridge is closed, the lever will be up automatically, and you will hear the click sound.
  • Now place the drum unit into the printer, and lock the cover.

Finally, switch on the printer and printout something. Let’s check if it is printing successfully or not?

If your brother printer is giving you a drum error, you need to remove the drum unit and check the green lock and corona wire status.

Some common errors you may get during the ink or toner cartridge replacement.

Some users might fall in trouble while replacing the ink or toner cartridge on their brother printer.

Why is my printer not detecting the ink cartridge? 

It would benefit if you made these reforms to fix the printer, if not detecting ink.

  • Let’s open the ink cartridge cover and ensure that all cartridges are appropriately locked.
  • Take out the cartridge from the brother machine again, and install the cartridge in the correct position.
  • Once you install the ink cartridge, it will also ask you to verify the new ink cartridge; you need to press 1 to confirm.

Why is a cartridge error appearing on the LCD screen? 

This error generally appears when the cartridge is not installed correctly? in such a scenario, you need to extract the ink cartridge and install it back in.

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