Fix Brother Printer Faded Print Problem | Not Printing Clearly

What to do?

  • When brother printer is not printing clearly, you need to turn off the toner save mode.
  • If faded print coming out from the brother printer, you need to increase the print density.
  • Do not use the refilled ink cartridge/ toner on your brother printer. It might create lots of trouble for you including the faint printing issue.
  • When brother printer is not copying faint, you need to clean the ADF Unit and scanner glass.


In the current era, brother LaserJet and other printers are generally known for giving the finest printout. So, users can print good quality images or documents in fewer efforts. Although the brother machine prints in perfect quality, sometimes users might get faded print from their brother printer.

brother printer faded print

Why is my printing coming out faded From brother printer?

Usually, it happens when they install a new cartridge on their printer, their brother printer will start printing a blank page or start giving a blurry image. Apart from this, they might get a faded print due to some other technical faults.

  • Ink volume is low on the cartridge or toner.
  • Save toner mode has been activated on the brother machine.
  • Print Density is too low.
  • You are using the cheap quality of ink into the printer.
  • Corona wire is dirty.
  • Drum unit is faulty.

How To Fix Brother Printer Faded Print Issue- 

If your brother printer is printing faded text or images. you should make the follow changes into the printer drum/ ink cartridge unit.


Step 1- Use the branded cartridge only- 

When ink cartridge/ toner is empty, So many brother users believe in refilling it rather than replacing. These cartridges/toner are not good for the brother machine at all. These types of cartridges or toner are filled with low-quality ink. Due to which, brother printer starts printing faded paper.

install ink cartridge or toner

Not only this, third party ink cartridge are not properly sealed, that’s why it might get leaked into your printer and damage the print header or other hardware.

So, whenever you need to replace the cartridge, you should order a branded cartridge only. You can quickly get brother’s original ink cartridge/toner from brother’s official website or store.

In case, if you are using the LaserJet printer, you need to replace the cartridge toner on your brother machine. 

Step 2- Disable the toner save mode- 

Toner saves mode is a feature in a brother printer, which helps in saving the ink while printing if this feature will be enabled on the brother printer, your machine will always make an effort of printing a doc with less link. That will decrease print quality.

To get high-quality printouts, It should always be turned off. If your brother printer prints faded page, you should disable the save toner option using the details given below.

Disable the toner save option using printer panel – 

  • Turn on the brother machine and push the menu button.
  • Select settings from the menu with the help of up & down key, and push the ok button.
  • Now press general setup option >> ecology and then select the toner save option.
  • Turn off the toner save feature, if it is enabled and then press the home menu button.

Disable the toner save feature from windows 7 or other versions- 

  • Let’s open the printing preference tab on your pc. (control panel >> devices & hardware >> right click on the printer property >> press the printing preference).
  • Press the advance tab, and untick the save toner option.
  • Press the ok and apply changes button.

Disable the toner save feature on mac pc- 

  • Let’s open the print dialog option and select print settings.
  • Expand the advance option, and click on the toner save mode.
  • Untick the toner save mode and press the print option.

step 3- Adjust print density to the +6 darkest – 

A print density can be one of the most common reasons for brother printer faded print issue when print density is set up on the auto-density mode or on the less than 3. A printer will give you the output of faint or light text on the paper only.

Print density

If your brother printer is not printing clearly, you may change the print density by applying these methods.

  • Let’s go to the printer preferences and click on the advanced tab.
  • Press the other print button and select the other density option.
  • Untick the print default option, and increase the density bar to the +6 (darkest).
  • Finally, press the apply and ok key to save settings.

Adjust the print settings on the Mac pc- 

  • Let’s open any document which you want to print.
  • Click on the files and print option, and press the Show details button available below.
  • Select copies and pages from the preset drop-down menu and hit the print settings button.
  • Now select the density adjustment option and select it towards darkest.
  • Push the ok button to apply new settings.

Right after saving the these settings, you may go ahead and save other settings too.

Step 4- Clean the printer drums- 

Sometimes, brother printer might not be printing clearly due to the drum issue. When the users are using the third-party cartridge, the ink might spill on the drum due to the leaking issue.

In such a case, the brother printer will start printing a black background or any other colour. Also, brother printer will start giving the  the faded print.

You can also visit: why is my brother printer printing black background with white text? 

In such a case, users must have to clean the print header, then only their printer will start printing clearly.

  • Discard the front panel of the Brother machine.
  • Remove the ink toner assembly, and pull down the lock to unlock the toner cartridge.
  • Now takeout the drum from your brother machine.
  • Now clean the roller on the toner gently with the help of wet cloths.
  • Use the white gear to move the toner and clean it gently.
  • Now, wait until the water from the toner gets dry off.
  • Once the toner dries off the water, clean the corona wire gently.
  • Finally, install the ink toner back into your machine.
  • Pull the green lock to lock the ink toner and press the delete button.
  • Install the ink toner into your printer and lock the front panel.

Now print something, if you get the drum error on brother printer, you should reinstall it.

Step 5- Clean the Corona Wire-

When corona wires are dirty, you will start getting the black streaks on paper or faded print from the printer. In both cases, you have to clean the corona wire. right after that, your device will start printing the documents properly.

  • Open the printer front panel.
  • Take out the drum unit assembly.
  • Unlock the Drum remove it carefully.
  • Now Move the green lock from left to right twice.
  • Leave the green lock back into the same position.
  • insert the drum unit into the assembly.
  • Now Install it back into the printer.
  • Reboot the printer now.

Step 6- Drum unit is faulty –

When drum unit is faulty, you won’t be able to get the clear printout from the brother machine. In such a case, you have to replace the drum unit to get the clear printout.

When you go to buy a drum unit, always go for the branded one. for installation process, you can visit: how to install the drum unit on brother printer?

Step 5- Print settings report- 

  • Let’s jump into the settings on your brother machine and press all settings option.
  • Go to the print reports with the help of up and down key, press the print settings.
  • Now find the printer settings and press the ok button.

Now let’s check, if the faded print still coming out from the brother printer, you need to clean the drum unit again.

So, these are the manual ways to fix the brother printer faded print, if your machine is still not printing clearly, please inform us via comment, we will share some more tricks to fix the faint print issue.

Frequently asked questions related to the brother printer not printing clearly-

How do I make my Brother printer print darker?

If you want to print darker, you need to go to the printer preference settings and adjust the print density to the darkest level (That is 6 +). apart from that, you should also disable the save toner mode.

Why is my brother printing faded on the left side? 

First of all, check that the Toner save mode is not turned on. If toner save mode is off, but faded printing coming out on the left side of the paper. There might be a problem with the mirrors or scanning lamps. probably, the mirror or scanning lamp glass is dirty. so you need to clean the ADF unit properly.
  1. Power off the brother machine.
  2. Lift the scanning glass carefully.
  3. Now take a cotton or soft paper.
  4. Clean the ADF unit (lens, mirror, scanning lamp) etc.
  5. Now place the scanning glass properly.
  6. Power on the printer now.

Why is my brother printer not copying clearly while it prints in fine quality?

When your brother printer is not copying properly, You need to clean the scanner glass first, and then retry to copy something. If you are still not getting the clear print, you need to increase the density to the +6. Apart from that, sometimes printer doesn’t copy properly because of the ADF unit. so you need to clean that too.


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