Why Is My Brother Printer Printing Black Background With White Text ?

Brother HL & MFC printers are well known series for monochrome (black and white) printing. they are mostly used in the offices. where, employees have to print the documents in the monochrome formats only.

The advantage of using these printers in corporates is that these printers give good quality prints in very less ink, along with these printers are very reliable in terms of performance. You will not see the problems in it quickly.

But in some cases, brother monochrome printer will start reverse or negative printing automatically. in a simple word, “the brother printer will start printing black or dark background with white text on page.”

This issue has started appearing on the brother machines after a recent software update. Apart from this, brother printer printing negative pages error may occur due to the following reason.

  1. Printing settings have been changed.
  2. The driver is causing the issue.
  3. Wrong paper size also causes a negative printing issue sometimes.

If your brother printer is currently printing black pages with white text, here are the steps to fix that issue.

brother printer printing black background with white text

How do you fix “printing black background with white text on brother printer” ?

Remove the printer and re-add it- 

Recently, brother has launched an update for printer drivers. After that, a printer has automatically started doing negative printing. If your computer has also updated the printer driver. it is quite obvious to face such error.

So you have to remove the printer and then re-add it.

  1. Type ‘control’ in the search box and click on the ‘control panel’. Control panel
  2. Press the devices and printers button. devices and printers
  3. Right click on the brother printers properties and then press the remove device. Remove printer
  4. Now press the yes on the remove device popup window.
  5. Once the printer property gets removed from your printer, Press the add a printer button available at the top corner.
  6. Select your printer from the list and press the next button.
  7. Now add the printer successfully and then try to print something.

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Enable print text in black option- 

When you turn off the print text in the black feature, the machine will automatically start doing reverse printing. So you should enable it from printer preferences.

  1. Open the control panel by running the control command.
  2. Press devices & printers.
  3. Jump into “printer properties” (you can open it by right-clicking on the device).
  4. Push the advanced tab, and then hit the “print default” button from the bottom.
  5. Select the Advanced tab now. After that, Press the “print options” From the bottom.
  6. Check print text in black and press the ok
  7. Now press the apply and ok button to save these settings.

Disable the reverse printing feature- 

If your brother hl-l2351dw printer is printing the pages in reverse order. You should check the printer properties. You may have activated the reverse printing feature.

reverse printing, brother printer printing black background with white text

  1. Let’s Go to the brother printer properties again.
  2. Open the Advanced tab. After that, select the print default option from the bottom.
  3. Select the primary tab and Uncheck the reverse order option.
  4. Click on ok to save the settings.

Disable the grayscale feature- 

If the brother printer is copying or printing the pages in negative order, Please check the grayscale settings.Gray scale printing

To enable this feature on your device using the steps given below.

  1. Let’s launch the devices & Printers window from the control panel.
  2. Open the “Printer preference” tab (To get this option, you need to right-click on brother printer).
  3. Press the advance tab and untick the Grayscale option.
  4. Now press the apply and ok button to save it.

Replace the current driver- 

In case if the brother printer is prints blank pages or giving the white text as an output, replace the current printer driver from the device.

For the easy process, you can uninstall the current from your computer and install the new driver.

  1. Open programs and features window by running the appwiz.cpl command.
  2. Pick the printer driver from the list, and press the uninstall button.
  3. Push the yes button to begin the uninstall process.
  4. Now go to the official brother website and download the new driver setup for the printer.
  5. Once the setup gets downloaded, you need to run it on your device.

Once you make these changes, I am sure you will get rid of the brother printer printing black background with white text. If you still can’t get rid of Printer issues. Please tell us via comment or email.

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3 thoughts on “Why Is My Brother Printer Printing Black Background With White Text ?”

  1. during this pandemic, I bought a Brother HL-L5100DN printer. So far it has proven to be the best printer for me. but recently, I got some driver update from the brother side.
    Right after that, my printer has started printing the black background with white text. It looks very weird. How can I restore my printer settings back to default? So It will start printing the paper in the regular format.

  2. Why is my brother printer printing black background from mac computer only? while it works fine on the windows pc and iPhone.
    So far, I didn’t change any settings by myself. earlier, the brother machine was working fine from mac pc too.


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