Why Is Brother Printer Leaving Black Marks On The Edge Of The Paper?

Is your brother printer leaving black marks on the edge of the paper? Generally, Brother users are getting black smudges on the paper in the winter or rainy season. When there is moisture in the environment or the ink gets spread on the roller, which causes the black roller marks on the paper.

This kind of issue is usually met at the laser printer owners only, but sometimes, it may also happen in the Deskjet or inkjet printers.

brother printer leaving black marks on the edge of paper

Why does black ink smudges on the paper in brother printer? 

Now some of you must be wondering why this issue is occurring on the printer all of a sudden? Well, here are the reasons for that.

  1. The toner is loose or not properly setup.
  2. Brother printer is currently using the third-party toner cartridge.
  3. The printer platen needs to be clean.
  4. The print head is dirty.
  5. Some particles are presented on the roller.

These are the route causes for the brother printer smudges black ink on the paper issue.

What are ways to fix the brother printer leaving black marks on the paper issue? 

Whenever your brother printer leaves black marks or lines on the paper, you should print blank pages from your brother printer in bulk (more than 20 pages).

Let’s check Is the printer still printing black spots on all of these papers?

If not? The problem has already been solved. You may skip this guide. Otherwise, follow the steps given below.

Do not use the refill or third-party toner cartridge- 

Before making any changes to the printer hardware settings, let’s ensure that you do not use the third party ink cartridge for your laser printer.

The third-party ink cartridges might be filled with low-quality ink, which may spill out from the toner and spread on the print head or corona wire.

Also, do not utilize the ink cartridge that has been refilled numerous times.

Always prefer to use the brother’s genuine toner cartridge only; you may easily get it from the brother’s store.

Clean the excess ink from the print head- 

Brother printers are often printing black smudges on the paper due to the loose ink toner issue. When it is not installed correctly, the ink will be leaking from it, which causes smudges of black or any other color on the paper.

brother printer printing black spots

  • Switch off the brother machine, and remove the power cord.
  • Wait for 2 minutes, now remove the Front case of the brother machine.
  • Take out the drum unit nice and easily.
  • Pull down the toner cartridge lock (blue color) lever to unlock the cartridge.
  • Pull out the toner cartridge gently, and install it correctly.
  • Now clean the roller using the cloth.
  • Move the green lock left to right numerous times to refine the corona wire.
  • Now install the ink toner back into the drum unite properly.
  • Place the drum unite inside the printer.

Finally, restart the printer, and give a print command again. If you get the drum unit error on the brother, you may reinstall it again.

Clean the scanner glass-

If your brother printer leaves black marks on the edge of the paper while copying any paper, you should clean the scanner glass properly.

  • Open the scanner cover.
  • Take a cloth and remove the dirt from it.
  • Now use a lens cleaner liquid to clean the scanner.

Once you clean the scanner, you may copy again; your brother printer will not print black spots.

Replace the drum- 

After cleaning the drum, if you see lots of scratches on it and still getting the smudges black spots on the paper, you need to replace the drum of your printer.

remove the drum

You may buy the drum easily from the store by telling them the printer model. once you get it, you must copy these steps to change it.

  • Power off the brother machine, and remove the drum unit, as we did earlier.
  • Please take off the ink toner from the assembly and keep it in a safe place.
  • Remove the drum carefully from the assembly.
  • Now install the new drum and then put the ink toner back into the printer.
  • Set the drum assembly back into the printer, and restart the machine now.
  • Finally, you can make a copy or print anything.

Replace the ink cartridge- 

After making these changes, if your brother printer continues leaving black spots or lines on the edge of the paper, you may replace the cartridge.

If you already have any other toner cartridge with you, then you can install it. Otherwise, you may order it from the brother’s official website.

These are the steps to fix the brother printer prints smudges black on the edge of the paper; if you have any other doubts about the brother printer, you may ask us via comment.

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