Brother Printer Prints An Extra Blank Page After Each Job?

The brother printers are solidly known for completing the print command without any disturbance. What if it will cause a weird problem like- printing extra blank pages with each print command.

As I can assume, this will be an exceptionally irritating moment for you. But don’t worry, you can stop an extra sheet of paper when printing on brother printer by making some changes to the printer settings.

Before that, you should know about the general causes behind why brother printer prints an extra blank page after each job.

brother printer prints an extra blank page after each job

  1. The print separator is on.
  2. Feed settings are incorrect.
  3. The paper is not structured accurately in the printer.
  4. Reverse printing is enabled.
  5. Printer communication issue.
  6. Printer Driver is causing the problem.

How Do I Fix the brother printer that prints an extra sheet of paper after each job? 

Turn off the print separator option- 

Whenever you are getting an extra page after each print job, you should copy something from your brother machine. If it doesn’t copy a blank page, it means, the error occurs from print settings on the computer. Otherwise, deactivate the print separator feature on the brother machine.

  • Let’s Power on the brother machine and press the menu.
  • Reach to the paper tray option using the down arrow key and hit the ok button.
  • Now Select separator page option by pressing the down key again and hit the ok button.
  • If It is currently, please turn it off Using the Arrow button and press the ok key.
  • Now exit from the paper tray option and try to print something from the brother machine.

Check paper feed mode settings on printing preference- 

When a brother printer keeps printing blank page after each job, please change the following settings  on the printing preference.

  • Open the settings by right-clicking on the windows key.
  • Hit the devices option from settings
  • Go to the printers and scanners from the left menu.
  • Pick the brother machine and press the manage button.
  • Let’s press the printing preference option from the print settings.
  • Under the from feed option, select end of page retracts option from the drop-down menu.

Now Click on the apply and ok key to save the feed settings, and then do a test print.

Now let’s see does your brother printer prints extra blank page after each job or not?

Disable the reverse printing too- 

Apart from the print feed, the reverse printing on brother printer can also print the extra pages. So, you have to turn it off from the print copies option.

Reverse printing on brother printer

  1. Let’s Get back to the printing preference option.
  2. Under the basic tab, uncheck the reverse order option.
  3. Now hit the ok key to save the changes.

Now make a test print again. Let’s see what does it say?

Reinstall the brother driver- 

After changing all these settings, if you can’t stop your brother printer from printing an extra blank page after each job. Please uninstall the brother software from the computer.

Uninstall the brother printer software

  1. Let’s Go to the program and features window (press the windows key—>> run –>> enter appwiz.cpl à hit the enter button).
  2. Select the brother software and hit the uninstall button available at the top.
  3. Press yes to begin the uninstallation process and hit the next button.

Once the driver gets uninstalled, let’s download the latest driver from brother’s website, and install it on your computer.

Check the USB- 

In some cases, we have seen, “brother printer prints extra pages problem after each job”. Because of USB cable. When the cable is not functioning correctly, It might create a communication gap between the printer and computer.

In that case, The brother printer might print an extra sheet of paper after each job.

First, you should inspect that the USB wire is in working condition. Now  Disconnect the printer from the computer and then reconnect it again.

Paper is not setup correctly- 

When you don’t set up the paper in the tray correctly, it doesn’t cause the paper jam issue on the brother printer only but also prints the extra blank sheet.

So fix up the tray as per the paper size. Usually, it comes up with the A4 paper size settings.

After changing all these settings, you should have fixed the brother printer prints an extra sheet after each job problem.

If the printer doesn’t operate for you, please be more precise about the issue in the comment. I will share other techniques to get rid of it.

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