[Solved] Brother Printer Is Showing Paper Jam Error | How To Fix?

Are you suffering from a paper jam issue on the brother printer, and looking for the instructions on how to do you get rid of this fake paper jam error? Keep reading this article; this will help you in fixing the problem.

brother printer paper jam issue

Why is my printer saying paper jam but there is no paper jammed paper?

Before removing the papers from your brother’s machine, you should power off it for 15 minutes, so the printer’s part (drum, header) wouldn’t remain heated. Also, do not touch the ribbon (photo negative). It may disrupt the print quality later.

If you have already cooled down the printer, please go ahead and follow these steps to fix the brother printer paper jam problem.

  1. Let’s take out the document tray from that machine.
  2. If you see any paper stuck between the roller, you need to remove it gently.
  3. Now remove the ink cartridge or drum toner from the brother machine.
  4. If there is any obstructions found in the toner drum, remove it.
  5. Now install the drum toner into the assembly (do not install it into the printer yet), and remove the two sided-tray from the back.
  6. Check if there is any broken paper available there?
  7. Now you need to open the back panel of your machine and ensure that the envelopes are correctly locked. They should be in the upward position.
  8. Open the fuser cover by pulling it down gently, and remove any jammed paper.
  9. Now close the fuser cover and then close the back cover as well.
  10. Now reinstall the drum toner assembly or ink cartridge inside the brother machine and header.
  11. Finally, install the paper tray and then give new print command.

As I can guess, you will not have a paper jam error on your brother’s printer anymore.

How To Fix Brother Printer Paper Jam Error In Brother Printer? 

If you have already removed the broken paper from your brother’s machine, but it is still showing brother printer paper jam error on your machine, do not worry, you should try these methods.

Check for the obstruction- 

Lift the scanner header from the brother machine, and check carefully. If you see any paper stuck inside the machine, you need to remove it. Now pull down the header, and restart the machine.

Check the paper tray- 

First of all, you should check the paper tray, let’s ensure that you have set it up for the correct paper size. Also, make sure that the gears (PE actuator) are moving correctly if they aren’t rolling, you need to replace the tray. Now restart the brother machine once again.

Print quality check sheets to fix brother printer paper jam issue- 

Let’s give a print quality test command by following the steps given below.

  • Power on your brother’s machine and press the menu key.
  • Select the ink option and press the ok key.
  • Now Press the test print option and select the black print.

Let’s see if your brother printer is printing documents now or not? If it does, it means your paper jam issue has been resolved, but if your brother printer is still not responding, you may visit the nearest brother service center for help. 

How Do You Get rid of a fake paper jam?

After removing the papers, if you are still getting the fake paper jam errors? Please reboot the brother machine, and then retry to print something again.

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