Why Does My Brother Printer Won’t Turn On?

When you plug in the Brother printer to the power outlet, It will start functioning immediately. However, the Brother printer won’t turn on in rare cases while the power adapter is connected to the printer.

Generally, the power outage issue on the Brother printer occurs because of a loose power adapter or some technical faults in the printer or power supply unit. These problems are easily fixable from the user’s end, and you don’t have to seek help from a technical expert.

Brother printer won't turn on

If you don’t know how to fix the Brother printer has no power problem? Here are the articles to resolve such issues: you can fix the power supply issue on the printer.

What causes a Brother printer not to turn on? 

Generally, a Brother printer won’t turn on because of faulty power adapters, so you need to check that first. Apart from this, some things can be responsible for the brother printer not turning on, and some of them are listed below.

  • Inconsistency in the power supply.
  • The power adapter is broken or not capable of supplying the required power.
  • The Power socket is damaged.
  • No power in the power outlet.
  • The printer has been stuck in sleep mode.
  • The power button or board is faulty.

What do you do when your Brother printer Won’t turn on?  

When a Brother printer does not have power on after plugging in the adapter, you should remove the power adapter once and reconnect it. If that does not work, you need to follow the instructions below.

Check the power supply outlet- 

When your printer does not have power, you should check the power supply status in the outlet. Make sure that the power outlet has a consistent power supply. You can use the power tester to check the power supply. If you don’t have that, you can disconnect the printer from the power outlet and connect it to any other device.

Let’s check Is it supplying the power to that device or not?

check the power socket

If other devices are getting the printer won’t turn on, the problem is within the printer or adapter. So you need to follow the next step. Otherwise, you need to check the following things on the power outlet.

  • Ensure that the power socket is in working condition.
  • Check the electricity voltage and ampere on the power outlet.
  • Make sure that the switches are on.
  • Disconnect the printer from the current power outlet and connect it through another power outlet.

Make sure that the printer is not in sleep mode- 

When you see the blinking power light on the printer, don’t get anything on the screen. You should ensure that the printer is not in sleep or hibernate mode—so often when a printer doesn’t show anything on the screen. The brother users think that the brother printer has no power.

Meanwhile, it can happen when the printer is in a sleep state. To wake it up, you need to press the power button once.

check the power socket

If your printer shows the blinking light on the printer, but the display won’t come up. It means the printer has been stuck in sleep mode. So you have to reboot the printer.

Check the power adapter- 

So many times, the Brother printer won’t turn on because of the faulty power adapter issue when the power adapters are broken or not in working condition. It won’t be able to supply the power to the printer. So you should scrutinize the power adapter.

If It is broken or burnt, you need to replace the power adapter on your printer. Before replacing the adapter, you should make sure that the new adapter should supply the output of 12V 2Aor it can vary according to your printer model number.

So you should choose the power adapter according to the printer’s need.

Restore/flush the power to the machine- 

If you have replaced the power adapter, the brother printer won’t turn on yet. There might be a problem with the power ic or printer memory. So I will recommend you restore or flush the existing power setting on the printer. Now try to reaccess the printer. Let’s see what it shows on your device now.

  • Disconnect the power cord from the printer for 20-30 seconds.
  • Press & Hold the power button, and then insert the power adapter.
  • Do not release the button for 15 seconds after connecting the power cable.
  • If your printer is turning on now, then remove it. Otherwise, perform the same steps on the printer three times.

So These are the steps to fix the Brother printer that won’t turn on. If your brother printer still does not have power, there might be a problem with the printer’s power supply or PCB. To fix that fault, you can visit the nearby brother store.

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