cannot install brother printer driver windows 10

I am trying to set up a new brother MFC printer at the home. Each time, When I try to install the printer driver. it stuck in the middle.

Please tell me, Why I cannot install brother printer driver in windows 10 pc. if there is any solution for it. please let me know.

if you cannot install brother printer driver into windows 10 computer. It can be due to the several basic reasons like-

  1. Compatibility issue.
  2. Performance Issue.
  3. The driver is corrupted.
  4. Firewall or antivirus problem.

These are four basic reasons. that might stuck driver installation process in any computer.

Let me go ahead and give you a solution about how can you fix this kind of problem.

Driver Compatibility issue – 

First of all, you should begin by checking the compatibility issue. you might have downloaded the incorrect version of the brother printer driver. that’s why you are unable to install it into your pc.

When you download the driver from the internet. you should choose the operating system carefully.

You can download the brother printer driver easily by using the link given below.

there you need to choose your machine model number and select the operating system type.

Performance Issue- 

Before installing the printer driver. you should check the computer performance.

be sure, your computer is running fast and it is not infected with any kind of virus or malware.

To make your computer virus free. you can run an antivirus. this will help you in cleaning your computer.

After removing the viruses from your computer, you need to check the computer performance from task manager.

The driver has corrupted files – 

If you’re using an old driver setup. it can be the main reason behind “cannot install brother printer in windows 10 computer.” because an old driver might be got corrupted.

so you should avoid using an old brother printer driver. always download the new driver.

Firewall & antivirus might be blocking the installation process- 

sometimes, the antivirus might block the installation process into the computer.

so you should disable the antivirus and firewall for a while and then begin the installation process.

in case, if you get some other errors with your brother printer. you can visit the following links:

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