How To Print From iPhone To Brother Printer?

Smartphones are not limited to phone calls, messaging, and gaming only in the modern tech edge. Besides this, you can also do many official tasks like – creating documents, reports, etc. Every smartphone company (especially- Apple inc.) is trying to revolutionize the tech industry. So their smartphones can replace the computer.

In short, iPhone can do all those essential tasks for which you use the computer. Not only this, but now you can also connect your printer with your iPhone and scan and print files. If you want to print some essential documents from iPhone to a brother printer, you can easily do it without using the computer.

There are printing apps available on the app store. That will make your iPhone eligible to print the documents from a brother printer. Wanna know how? Here is the complete guide for that. You can use this guide to connect the iphone to the brother printer and print from it.

How to print from iphone

How To Print From iPhone To Brother printer?

1. Use the iPrint App To Print The Documents –

iPrint is an official app provided by apple to print the documents. If you use the iPhone, iPad, or iPod, you can use the iPrint app to print pictures and documents.

Step 1- Install the iPrint app & connect your iphone to the brother machine- 

  • Open the App Store.
  • Type iTunes in the search box.
  • Now tap on iTunes from the search results.
  • Press the install button.
  • Once the app gets installed on your smartphone, you need to press the open button.
  • Here, you need to connect the iPhone with the Brother machine.

Step 2- Print The Documents- 

After connecting a device to the iPhone, it’s time to print the documents. So you need to follow the procedure given below.

  • Open the iPrint app. if not opened.
  • Tap on the Print option.
  • Now select the print document type like- Photos, documents, cloud services, etc.
  • Select the document that you want to print.
  • Finally, press the print button.

2- Use The AirPrint Feature-

Airprint is a built-in feature in every iOS device. Through this, you can easily print the document without installing any print app.

  • Unlock the iPhone.
  • Open the Photos or files that you want to print.
  • Press the share icon available below the file.
  • Now tap on the print option.
  • Here, you need to select the number of copies and printer.
  • Press the print button now.

Finally, your printer will start printing the documents.

How Do I Scan the documents from brother printer To iPhone?

If you want to scan some documents, pictures, or other types from brother printer to iPhone. You can easily do it by following the steps given below.

  • Put the documents in the brother printer scanner unit.
  • Turn on the brother printer.
  • Now open the iPrint app on your iPhone.
  • Select your Brother machine.
  • Now tap on the scan button.
  • Here, you need to select the file format and tap on the done or scan button.
  • Once your document is scanned, you need to tap on the save to photo album option.

Why Is my iPhone not recognizing the Brother printer?

Generally, iPhone or iPad can’t detect the printer when they are not in a similar network. So go ahead and connect your brother’s printer to a similar wifi network. Through which your iphone is connected. Now open the iPrint or AirPrint app on your device, and it should recognize the printer. It is still not recognizing the printer; you need to reboot the iPhone and printer once.

How do I disable the Air Print In The iPhone?

Airprint is a built-in technology in iOS. You can’t enable or disable it on your iphone. So by default, it will always be on if you are having trouble using the AirPrint technology. You can reboot the iPhone. If that does still not work, you need to update the iPhone.

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